The Mighty Jungle

  • 2008
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Puppets perform for preschoolers in this jungle-themed children's series.

Rhonda's Candy
11:40 — When Babu and Bruce discover that Rhonda has a stash of candy they expect her to share it. But Rhonda has other ideas, until a nightmare of an adventu (more…)
Mighty Jungle Unicorn
11:40 — Bruce and Babu think that playing tricks on Rhonda is hilarious. Then a Magical Unicorn shows up and starts to play tricks on them. Luckily, some tric (more…)
Being Stinky
11:40 — Bruce makes a new friend in the Mighty Jungle–a very smelly flower named Glinda. He can’t smell her because he’s got allergies. Babu and Rhonda think (more…)
Jungle Campout
11:40 — Babu leads Bruce and Rhonda on their first campout. When they finally fall asleep, Bruce and Rhonda wake up and think they hear and see all sorts of s (more…)
The Magic Hat
11:13 — Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are chasing butterflies in the jungle when Bruce discovers he’s being followed by a magic hat. Babu and Rhonda don’t believe th (more…)
Babysitting Kico
11:40 — Rhonda is practice babysitting Babu’s little sister, Kico and gets Babu to help out. Babu doesn’t think that sounds like any fun at all, and in fact i (more…)
All That Sparkles
11:40 — Babu and Bruce are up in the trees looking through a spyglass when they see a strange thing: An island with an “X” on it for buried treasure! This beg (more…)
Mighty Jungle Safari
11:40 — Bruce and Babu set off on a safari to look for four-headed dragons, but Rhonda would rather spend time with butterflies. At first, the boys think she’ (more…)
The Wishing Star
11:40 — A wishing star that falls to the Jungle isn’t making wishes come true until Bruce, Rhonda and Babu use a bouncy trampoline to get it back into the sky (more…)
Monster Tea Party
11:40 — Bruce and Babu meet a mean monster who turns Bruce into a frog and generally wreaks havoc by casting magical spells. But instead of being scared of th (more…)
11:40 — Bruce is horrified to be given the part of Cindergorilla when the Jungle friends play Fairy Tale. At the Prince’s Ball, Cindergorilla is granted her m (more…)
Jungle Picnic
11:40 — Babu, Bruce and Rhonda are going on a picnic. Or are they going to the beach? Or the playground? When they finally get it settled, it’s not surprising (more…)
Babu’s Missing Ball
11:40 — Babu loves his favourite ball and doesn’t want to lose it, so he decides not to let anyone else play with it. Then it mistakenly gets lost in a dark, (more…)
Watch That Egg!
11:40 — Babu and Rhonda find a large, strange-looking egg in the jungle. With guidance from the kids, they decide that they need to hatch the egg. Or more acc (more…)
Under the Mighty Sea
11:40 — Bruce gets a little nervous when he and Babu and Rhonda go on an undersea adventure. Especially when a big purple octopus shows up! But the octopus is (more…)
Dressup Tea Party
11:40 — Rhonda gets a fabulous idea with help from the kids and invites Babu and Bruce over for a dressup tea party, with a contest for the best costume. But (more…)
Mighty Banana Shortage
11:40 — Babu and Bruce have just the thing for zipping around the Jungle as they do chores, a banana-powered car! But the bananas they use for fuel are too mu (more…)
Tag that Sloth
11:40 — Babu and Bruce and Rhonda are playing tag in the jungle and they meet up with Wendel the Sloth–the slowest creature in the jungle. He wants to play wi (more…)
The Mighty Jungle Club
11:40 — Babu and Bruce find a treehouse and decide to start up a club. Babu is convinced he’s the boss of the club and he gets to make all the decisions. But (more…)
Babu and the Giant
11:40 — A glowing beanstalk leads Babu and Bruce on an adventure to the clouds, where they meet a Giant! At first, they are afraid, but Lionel is a friendly g (more…)
11:40 — When Babu and Bruce find a magic wand that Mr. Bristle has told them about, Rhonda thinks she can use it to become a great ballerina. But with the hel (more…)
Babu and the Tooth Fairy
11:40 — Babu is determined to get a prize for a lost tooth from the Tooth Fairy, but there’s a problem–he doesn’t have any teeth to lose! After he puts some f (more…)
Planet Crazy
11:40 — Babu and Bruce hear a very strange sound in the jungle! When they investigate, they discover a spaceship landing right in front of them. The alien tha (more…)
Babu and the Itch
11:40 — A game of Prince and Princesses threatens to reveal Babu’s secret–he can’t dance! He goes to such great lengths to hide his fatal flaw, that he takes (more…)
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  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: Puppets perform for preschoolers in this jungle-themed children's series.