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May 21, 2014 Season 5 Episode 23 watch on (Paid)

After winning a trip in the "Hands on a Hard Body" contest, Sue counts down the days until the Hecks depart on their road trip to Walt Disney World. Meanwhile, Brick begs his parents to take a detour to North Carolina so he can meet his online girlfriend, and Axl anxiously awaits the posting of his final grades as a college freshman, in the first part of a two-part season finale.

The Graduation [HD]

May 15, 2013 Season 4 Episode 23

Tension builds between Frankie and Axl as graduation nears, and Brick's Vice Principal reminds him that he's responsible for a four year photo slideshow as class historian.
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Hallelujah Hoedown

May 08, 2013 Season 4 Episode 22

As Mother's Day approaches, Frankie wants to ensure that Mike gets her something she actually wants for a gift and informs all of the kids of her wish so that at least one of them will clue in a clueless Mike. Meanwhile, Sue asks Reverend TimTom (recurring guest star PAUL HIPP) for advice when she begins to resent her friends' happiness over getting their driver's licenses after she has repeatedly failed the test, and Cassidy stuns Axl with some bad news during the prom.
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The Middle: Dollar Days

Apr 03, 2013 Season 4 Episode 19

Frankie struggles to land a dental assistant position with a potential boss (JACK McBRAYER), while Sue offers unsolicited advice to Darrin and Axl's band.
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Winners and Losers

Feb 13, 2013 Season 4 Episode 15

Frankie frets when Brick informs her of his three-day school bus trip to Chicago, while Sue tries to find out if Axl's friend, Darrin (JOHN GAMMON) has actual feelings for her.
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Valentine's Day IV

Feb 06, 2013 Season 4 Episode 14

Axl & his pals take the romance out of Valentine's Day by offering to help guys break up with their girlfriends, while Mike accidentally sends a romantic text to a quarry co-worker.
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The Middle: The Smile

Jan 23, 2013 Season 4 Episode 13

While other kids begin receiving college acceptance letters and Axl doesn't, Frankie and Mike begin to worry that their son's chances for a sports scholarship have passed him by. Meanwhile, Sue is determined to prove that smiling is contagious as a hypothesis for a school science project, and a relentless Brick begins pestering his parents for an iPad.
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Life Skills [HD]

Dec 12, 2012 Season 4 Episode 10

Axl is mortified when he is assigned to be Sue's partner on a "Life Skills" project at school; while Brick's school therapist (DAVE FOLEY) attempts to teach him how to make friends.
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Christmas Help

Nov 14, 2012 Season 4 Episode 8

Christmas finds a clueless Mike helping his brother Rusty (NORM MacDONALD) move some stolen furniture, while Frankie takes a part-time holiday job for the employee discount.
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The Middle: Halloween III: The Driving

Oct 17, 2012 Season 4 Episode 5

As Halloween approaches, the Hecks get quite the scare when Sue receives her learner's permit, and it's time for Frankie and Mike to teach her how to drive. But when a freaked-out Sue loses her nerve, she ends up running over Axl's foot, which could put an end to his high school football career. Meanwhile, Axl looks forward to voting in his first election, and Brick undergoes an unexpected transformation when he eats too much Halloween candy.
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The Hose

Oct 10, 2012 Season 4 Episode 4

Rita Glossner (BROOKE SHIELDS) promises to make Frankie's life miserable when she accuses her of stealing her hose; and Sue is shocked when she takes a peek at Mike's paycheck.
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The Middle: Last Whiff of Summer Part 1 & Part 2

Sep 26, 2012 Season 4 Episode 1

Frankie's plans to recreate the magic of her childhood summers are foiled when Mike lets it slip that Axl is his favorite child, and Frankie tries to coax the kids into telling them who their favorite parent is. When Frankie and Mike discover that Axl failed English they force him to make it up in summer school, otherwise he could jeopardize any chance of getting a college sports scholarship; Brick takes up growing a tomato for his summer project; and Sue tries to bond with a reluctant Mike.
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