One of the medium's most beloved, sharply written and performed sitcoms, about the newswoman who could turn the world on with her smile. A winner of nearly 30 Emmys over its seven years, it consistently produced witty, sophisticated episodes, including the celebrated `Chuckles Bites the Dust,' which was No. 1 in TV Guide's ranking of the `100 Greatest Episodes of All Time.' Members of the extraordinary ensemble cast moved on to three spin-off series: `Lou Grant,' `Phyllis' and `Rhoda.'


Guest Stars

Chuckles the Clown, Dino, Howard, Paul
Ida Morgenstern, Mrs. Morgenstern
Charlie's Voice, Harry, Mr. Hartunian
Andy, Andy Grissom, Andy Rivers
Announcer's Voice, Bartender, Pat
Penny Marshall
Paula, Paula Kovacks, Toni
Walter Richards
Delivery Boy, Mailroom Boy
Judy's Dad, Morton
Harold Gould
Martin Morgenstern, Morgenstern
Barry Barlow, Eldon
Wes, Wes Callison
Dottie Richards
Mrs. Marshall, Nun
Congresswoman Geddes, Mrs. Geddes
Attendant, Tim
Doreen Skinner, Margaret Kellogg
Clock Man, Stage Manager
Waitress, Woman in Restaurant
Anesthesiologist, Rob
Officer Tully
B.J. Smathers
Doris Roberts
Helen Farrell
Father Brian
Henry Winkler
Steve Waldman
Father Flint
John Ritter
Rev. Chatfield
Doug Slaughter
Barbara Coleman
Mary Kay Place
Sally Jo Hotchkiss
John Corcoran
Loretta Khune
Robert C. Brand
Mark Williams
Wild Jack Munroe
Lazlo Kralic
Mr. DeForest
Officer Jackson
Walter Ellis
Allen Stevens
Michael Lee
Brian Nordquist
Cleaning Man
Doug Kellum
Jed Allan
Rod Porter
Eve Bayless
Nice Little Man
Mr. Baxter
Norris Bender
Ronny Williams
Nightclub Manager
Big Voiced Man
Xerox Repairman
Man in Audience
Phone Girl
Award Presenter
Woman from Audience
Everett Edwards
Bonnie Slaughter