Young produced, hosted and often acted in this long-running anthology, which, following her gliding (and, later, much spoofed) entrance through a doorway, wearing a dress unfailingly fashionable, often presented stories with uplifting messages. In its first season, the series was titled `A Letter to Loretta' and the stories were based on mail she had received soliciting her advice. Among those who made multiple appearances: Ricardo Montalban, John Newland, Eddie Albert and Hugh O'Brian.


Guest Stars

John Newland
Alex Stark, Creighton, David Harrison, Dr. Norton, Jim Macklin, Robert Gray, Stephen, Victor Conrad
8 Episodes (2002-2002)
George Nader
Austin, Barry Kendall, Charles, Newton Ralston, Robert
6 Episodes (2002-2002)
Jock Mahoney
Andy, Jim, Mike, Ryan
6 Episodes (2002-2002)
Ann Doran
Anne, Felice, Ginny Tucker, Helen Miller
Don Haggerty
Bill Rogers, Bud, Joe Wilson, Mike Prichett
4 Episodes (2007-2007)
Hugh Beaumont
Chris Palmer, Jack, Nicholls
Kitty Kelly
Amy, Gloria, Marie, Nurse
4 Episodes (2002-2002)
Ricardo Montalban
Gino, Nemo Rustin
Ross Elliott
Father Pius, Harmon, Ned Tucker, Tuttle
Dabbs Greer
Blanchard, Chester Ives, Dr. Baker, Mason
James Parnell
Fred, Harry, Smitty, Whitey
4 Episodes (2002-2002)
Addison Richards
Craigie, Mr. Abbott, Verdeen
Barry Atwater
George, Mayfield, Mitchell
Frances Bavier
Aunt Marty, Mag, Mrs. Logan
3 Episodes (2002-2002)
George Keymas
Haridass, Lorenzo, Potter
3 Episodes (2002-2002)
John Eldredge
Grady Smith, Mayor, Tad Miller
Regis Toomey
Father, Father Middleton, Sullivan
Richard Garland
Collier, David, Randolph Kirk
Vaughn Taylor
John, Mr. Ashley, Mr. Atherton
3 Episodes (2007-2007)
Barney Phillips
Brock, Dr. Temple, Williams
John Munro
Armstrong, Clerk, Max
3 Episodes (2002-2002)
Carl Crow
Peter White, Steve
Chick Chandler
Jack Robbins, Robbins
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Don Beddoe
Barton, Bill Holmes
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Elizabeth Harrower
Miss Himbler, Mrs. Sims
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Jimmy Baird
Mickey, Philip
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Lewis Martin
Frederick Vail, Weldon
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Mary Young
Birdie Pennybaker, Sarah Wynn
2 Episodes (2007-2007)
Norma Varden
Head Nurse, Mrs. Masters
Paul Picerni
Darius, Stanley Reed
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Walter Coy
Mr. Longman, Wally Mitchell
Joe Maross
David, Woodrow Blake
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Cheryl Callaway
Pam Vernon, Sandy
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Jon Lormer
Doctor, Dr. Gibbs
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Mary Alan Hokanson
Dickie Sharp, Mrs. Seller
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Mary Carroll
Bertha, Bess
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Dayton Lummis
Commissioner Blackburn
1 Episode (2007)
Judith Ames
Nurse Holste
1 Episode (2007)
Robert Foulk
Parole Officer
1 Episode (2002)
Tom Helmore
Dr. Dale Sargent
1 Episode (2002)
Gil Rankin
Father Fitzsimmons

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