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The Loop Wow, considering last...

The LoopWow, considering last night’s main plot point, I’m gonna have a little trouble keeping this thing PG-rated. What’s that you say? You missed the episode? Well, suffice it to say it involved Sam suffering a groin injury and a treatment method that prompted Lizzy to ask, “You want riverboat-style or regular?” That’s the line, folks. I ain’t crossing it. Besides this little bit of naughtiness at the hands — ha! — of the smokin’-hot Sarah Mason, last night’s ep was so-so, mostly because the show seems to be repeating itself. Sure, all TV shows have a formula to which they adhere pretty consistently, but the whole “Sam screws up big, then saves the day completely unintentionally” thing has officially become old. This is goofball comedy, people! Must it be this predi read more

The Loop There are many reasons...

The LoopThere are many reasons why I like this show, Sarah Mason's booty dancing on the bar being only one of them. But oh, what a reason. Fanboys, you with me? Of course you are — I've read the message boards. Fangirls, how about you? No? OK then, moving on…. Week 2, ladies and gentlemen! I say Sam and the gang deserve a hearty round of applause for making it this far — mad props to Fox for keeping a non-megahit on the air — it's pretty refreshing. More importantly, it allowed us to answer the age-old question: If I were made entirely of smoked-turkey cold cuts, what would I look like? The answer: disgusting, yet attractive to wild felines. Sully's turning out to be the Gob of the piece, which is definitely not a complaint — someone's gotta deliver th read more

The Loop If I ran TV — and I eventually...

The LoopIf I ran TV — and I eventually will, so treat me nice — I'd always air the second episode the night after the premiere, just like Fox did with this little gem. You can't go wrong! The folks who liked it in the first place get an immediate second helping, the fence-sitters don't have to wait a week to get a second look, and the naysayers... eh, who needs 'em. Me, I was happy to jump back into The Loop, and not just because I'm totally crushing on Darcy the overqualified assistant. I hear ya, sister. (Note to boss: Don't fire me.) More importantly, last night's episode brought the funny in a big way. The "Jack" ads cracked me up, Philip Baker Hall's prom-queen metaphor was priceless, but the Joke of the Night award definitely went to foxy read more

On the Bubble
The early word on what the networks will renew next season

Kevin James, The King of Queens

This week the networks began meeting with ad-agency execs to talk about what's in development for the 2006-07 season. That means it's time for producers of current shows with less-than-robust ratings to start worrying about getting picked up for next season. Here's what industry insiders are telling the Biz. ABC: The network's comedies are having a tough year in the ratings, but you can't cancel all of them. Rodney, Hope & Faith, Crumbs and Less than Perfect aren't likely to make the cut. According to Jim, George Lopez and Freddie have a chance of returning. Since ABC has two more hours to program in the fall now that football has moved to NBC, shows that would otherwise be doomed have a chance. We're talking Invasion and Commander in Chief. Their survival depends on the strength of the network's new-program development. CBS: Another season of The King of Queens depends on whether the n read more

The Loop This show made me think....

The LoopThis show made me think. Really. It made me think that if I hadn't moved in with my buddies Dave and Jeremy right after college, I too might have ended up sharing a sweet, spacious apartment with two buxom lasses who parade around in little tank tops and are prone to fits of giggles. And that perhaps I overvalue Dave's and Jeremy's friendship. But enough about my problems — we're here to talk about The Loop, Fox's latest foray into the magical land of Quirk. Come, come, friends! Into the Quirk! I'm happy to say that last night's premiere exceeded my expectations — though, to be honest, they weren't sky-high (did you see The War at Home? Yeah.). But The Loop has plenty going for it: It's genuinely funny (a scarce commodity these days), employs read more

Tryout Time
Mid-season highs, lows and so-sos

March Madness isn't confined to the NCAA's countdown to the Final Four. Nearly every night this month, we've seen the premiere of some new show getting a mid-season test run on network or cable. (Some are shorter than others: ABC's The Evidence is only scheduled for four episodes until Invasion thankfully returns April 19.) Here's a quick look at some of the more notable newcomers and a gauge of their long-term potential. It's worth remembering that ABC didn't introduce Grey's Anatomy until the last week of March a year ago, and we all know how well that turned out. The Loop Thursdays, 8:30 pm/ET, FoxWhy to watch: To see if Fox can launch a new noncartoon hit comedy.The lowdown: Not qui read more

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Premise: Sitcom about a young airline exec named Sam and his efforts to balance a career with a social life. Complicating matters are his three twentysomething roommates, one of whom is Sam's longtime secret crush. Set in Chicago, the series charts the constant battle between work and play.



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