The Listener 2009 | TV Show Watchlist

Sat Apr 18 11:00pm
Dancing With the Enemy(Season 5, Episode 3) ION

Corruption at a dance academy leads to the kidnapping of a ballerina.

Sun Apr 19 12:00am
Smoke and Mirrors(Season 5, Episode 4) ION

The team investigates the death of an investment expert who was killed during a magic stunt gone wrong. Meanwhile, Toby's secret is threatened due to Becker's scrutiny of him.

Sun Apr 19 1:00am
Game Over(Season 5, Episode 5) ION

A video-game developer is found dead the day before his newest title is released.

Sun Apr 19 2:00am
Man in the Mirror(Season 5, Episode 6) ION

A psychiatrist is murdered, leaving Toby to deal with a mentally unstable suspect.

Tue Apr 21 11:00pm
White Whale(Season 5, Episode 8) ION

A mayoral candidate is suspected of murder; Becker becomes obsessed with Toby's gift.

Wed Apr 22 12:00am
The Fugitive(Season 5, Episode 9) ION

Oz's neighbor is murdered, and the investigation reveals that the victim was involved in a legendary coin heist.

Wed Apr 22 1:00am
Amuse Bouche(Season 5, Episode 7) ION

A cooking-show contestant is poisoned on live TV.

Wed Apr 22 2:00am
Family Secrets(Season 5, Episode 10) ION

Sibling rivalry becomes a major factor in the case of a playboy billionaire's murder, and the investigation makes Toby wonder about his own family.

Sat Apr 25 11:00pm
Zero Recall(Season 5, Episode 11) ION

Toby experiences memory loss after being drugged, and he's accused of participating in an armed-kidnapping incident.

Sun Apr 26 12:00am
An Innocent Man(Season 5, Episode 12) ION

Toby goes undercover in a prison to investigate a man he believes is being framed for a murder.

Sun Apr 26 1:00am
In Our Midst(Season 5, Episode 13) ION

In the Season 5 finale, Toby, Michelle and Dev investigate after Becker is implicated in a criminal conspiracy.

Sun Apr 26 2:00am
I'm an Adult Now(Season 1, Episode 1) ION

Telepathic paramedic Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) struggles to save a missing boy in the series premiere. By using his gift, he learns about the boy while treating an accident victim: the child's mother, who's too traumatized to speak.

Tue Apr 28 11:00pm
Emotional Rescue(Season 1, Episode 2) ION

Toby rescues an old friend from a building fire and begins hunting a serial arsonist.

Wed Apr 29 12:00am
A Voice in the Dark(Season 1, Episode 3) ION

Visions of a missing girl prompt Toby to pursue a homeless man, who he thinks has information on her location. Soon, Toby begins to suspect that the man may also have psychic abilities.

Wed Apr 29 1:00am
Some Kinda Love(Season 1, Episode 4) ION

Toby becomes a murder suspect after he leaves a nightclub with a woman who turns up dead the next day.

Wed Apr 29 2:00am
Lisa Says(Season 1, Episode 5) ION

A troubled boy runs away from the hospital after narrowly escaping a gang beating. While trying to find him, Toby encounters a group of runaways and discovers that a young girl is also missing.