The Lawrence Welk Show Episodes

1971, TV Show

Episode Detail: Thanksgiving - The Lawrence Welk Show

A Thanksgiving celebration includes "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays"; "A House With Love in It," with Guy Hovis and Ralna English; "Be Thankful," with Joe Feeney; "Back in Your Own Backyard," with Ken Delo and Arthur Duncan; "Baby Face," with Bob Lido and the Hotsy Totsy Boys; and "We Gather Together."

Episodes: The Lawrence Welk Show (785)

3/28/2014: Springtime in the Rockies    Season 14, Episode 27
3/21/2014: Spring    Season 14, Episode 26
3/14/2014: Irish Show    Season 14, Episode 25
3/7/2014: Time Was    Season 14, Episode 24
2/28/2014: Mardi Gras    Season 14, Episode 23
2/21/2014: Salute to Sinatra    Season 14, Episode 22
2/14/2014: Music, Music, Music    Season 14, Episode 21
2/7/2014: 200 Years of American Music, Part 2    Season 14, Episode 20
1/31/2014: Season Premiere, 1976    Season 14, Episode 19
1/24/2014: Tour of Southern California    Season 14, Episode 18
1/17/2014: Salute to the Working People    Season 14, Episode 17
1/10/2014: A Pretty Girl    Season 14, Episode 16
1/3/2014: Winter    Season 14, Episode 15
12/27/2013: New Year's    Season 14, Episode 14
12/20/2013: Christmas    Season 14, Episode 13
12/13/2013: The Music of Harry Warren    Season 14, Episode 12
12/6/2013: Tribute to Hoagy Carmichael    Season 14, Episode 11
11/29/2013: Roses    Season 14, Episode 10
11/8/2013: Tribute to Irving Berlin    Season 14, Episode 9
10/25/2013: Halloween Party    Season 14, Episode 8
10/11/2013: Salute to Kathy Lennon    Season 14, Episode 7
10/4/2013: Say It With Music    Season 14, Episode 6
9/27/2013: Salute to Nashville    Season 14, Episode 5
9/20/2013: Salute to the Big Bands    Season 14, Episode 4
9/13/2013: Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer    Season 14, Episode 3
9/6/2013: We Can Make Music    Season 14, Episode 2
8/30/2013: Carnival    Season 14, Episode 1
8/10/2012: Small Town, USA    Season 13, Episode 42
7/20/2012: The Great Gershwin    Season 13, Episode 41
7/6/2012: America on the Move    Season 13, Episode 40
6/29/2012: Country & Western    Season 13, Episode 39
6/22/2012: Harry Warren Salute    Season 13, Episode 38
6/15/2012: My Blue Heaven    Season 13, Episode 37
6/8/2012: Famous Resorts    Season 13, Episode 36
5/25/2012: Something About a Hometown Band    Season 13, Episode 35
5/18/2012: Salute to Cole Porter    Season 13, Episode 34
5/11/2012: Mother's Day Show    Season 13, Episode 33
5/4/2012: Great Entertainers    Season 13, Episode 32
4/26/2012: Sights & Sounds of L.A.    Season 13, Episode 31
4/12/2012: April Showers
4/5/2012: Easter    Season 13, Episode 30
3/29/2012: The Norma Zimmer Show    Season 14, Episode 29
3/22/2012: The Irish Show    Season 13, Episode 28
3/15/2012: Keep a Song in Your Heart    Season 13, Episode 27
3/8/2012: Grammy Award Songs    Season 13, Episode 26
3/1/2012: Big Band    Season 13, Episode 25
2/23/2012: Salute to New York City    Season 13, Episode 24
2/16/2012: Mardi Gras    Season 13, Episode 23
2/9/2012: Love Songs    Season 13, Episode 22
2/3/2012: The Italian Show    Season 13, Episode 21
1/27/2012: Memories of Nat King Cole    Season 13, Episode 20
1/20/2012: 200 Years of American Music    Season 13, Episode 19
1/13/2012: Top Songs From Broadway Musicals    Season 13, Episode 18
1/6/2012: Movie Songwriters With Henry Mancini    Season 13, Episode 17
12/30/2011: New Year's    Season 13, Episode 16
12/23/2011: Christmas    Season 13, Episode 15
12/16/2011: Songs of the 70's    Season 13, Episode 14
12/9/2011: Do You Remember?    Season 13, Episode 13
12/2/2011: Highways & Byways    Season 13, Episode 12
11/25/2011: Youmans Salute    Season 13, Episode 11
11/18/2011: Thanksgiving    Season 13, Episode 10
11/11/2011: Tribute to Fred Astaire    Season 13, Episode 9
11/4/2011: You're Never Too Young    Season 13, Episode 8
10/28/2011: Halloween Party    Season 13, Episode 7
10/21/2011: Tribute to Disney    Season 13, Episode 6
10/14/2011: County Fair    Season 13, Episode 5
10/7/2011: Salute to Our Senior Citizens    Season 13, Episode 4
9/16/2011: Down on the Farm    Season 13, Episode 3
9/9/2011: Songs From the Movies    Season 13, Episode 2
9/2/2011: Lawrence Welk's Premiere Show    Season 13, Episode 1
8/26/2010: Country & Western    Season 12, Episode 37
8/19/2010: Tour of Southern California    Season 12, Episode 36
8/13/2010: Can't Help Singing    Season 12, Episode 35
8/6/2010: Pleasant Dreams    Season 12, Episode 34
7/30/2010: Songs by Johnny Mercer    Season 12, Episode 33
7/23/2010: Something About a Hometown Band    Season 12, Episode 32
7/16/2010: Tahoe '73: That Big Band Sound    Season 12, Episode 31
7/9/2010: From Polkas to Classics    Season 12, Episode 30
7/2/2010: Hawaii    Season 12, Episode 29
6/25/2010: Strike Up the Band    Season 12, Episode 28
6/18/2010: Famous Resorts    Season 12, Episode 27
6/4/2010: Occupations    Season 12, Episode 26
5/28/2010: Music of Irving Berlin    Season 12, Episode 25
5/21/2010: Childhood Memories    Season 12, Episode 24
5/21/2010: Childhood Memories
5/14/2010: Great Entertainers    Season 12, Episode 23
4/30/2010: Grammy Award Songs    Season 12, Episode 22
4/23/2010: Big Band Days    Season 12, Episode 21
4/16/2010: Top Songs From Broadway Shows    Season 12, Episode 20
4/9/2010: The Songs of Jimmy McHugh    Season 12, Episode 19
4/2/2010: Easter    Season 12, Episode 18
3/26/2010: 25th Anniversary Show
3/19/2010: Tribute to Jerome Kern    Season 12, Episode 17
2/26/2010: Rhythm Is Our Business    Season 12, Episode 16
2/19/2010: Fashions & Hits Through the Years    Season 12, Episode 15
2/12/2010: Love Songs
2/5/2010: Youman's Salute    Season 12, Episode 14
1/29/2010: Tribute to the Big Bands    Season 12, Episode 13
1/15/2010: Keep a Song in Your Heart    Season 12, Episode 12
1/8/2010: County Fair    Season 12, Episode 11
1/1/2010: Tribute to Disney    Season 12, Episode 10
12/18/2009: Christmas Reunion    Season 12, Episode 9
11/13/2009: Movie Songwriters    Season 12, Episode 8
10/30/2009: Halloween Party    Season 12, Episode 7
10/23/2009: Songs of Perry Como    Season 12, Episode 6
10/9/2009: Highways and Byways    Season 12, Episode 5
10/2/2009: Season Premiere    Season 12, Episode 4
9/18/2009: Do You Remember?    Season 12, Episode 3
9/11/2009: Salute to the Swing Bands    Season 12, Episode 2
9/4/2009: Salute to the USA    Season 12, Episode 1
8/29/2008: Carnival    Season 11, Episode 46
8/22/2008: Hawaii    Season 11, Episode 45
8/15/2008: A Pretty Girl    Season 11, Episode 44
8/8/2008: Farm Show    Season 11, Episode 43
8/1/2008: Transportation    Season 11, Episode 42
7/25/2008: Tribute to the Big Bands    Season 11, Episode 41
7/18/2008: Tribute to Bing Crosby    Season 11, Episode 40
7/11/2008: Broadway Musicals    Season 11, Episode 39
7/4/2008: California Show    Season 11, Episode 38
6/27/2008: Caribbean Cruise    Season 11, Episode 37
6/13/2008: Mancini-Mercer    Season 11, Episode 36
5/30/2008: Songs From the Classics    Season 11, Episode 35
5/23/2008: Occupations    Season 11, Episode 34
5/16/2008: Big Band Sounds    Season 11, Episode 33
5/2/2008: Pleasant Dreams    Season 11, Episode 32
4/25/2008: Music of Irving Berlin    Season 11, Episode 31
4/18/2008: Spring    Season 11, Episode 30
4/11/2008: Tribute to Swing & Sweet Bands    Season 11, Episode 29
4/4/2008: Musical Memories    Season 11, Episode 28
3/28/2008: Roses    Season 11, Episode 27
3/21/2008: Easter    Season 11, Episode 26
3/7/2008: Los Angeles    Season 11, Episode 25
2/29/2008: Big Band Memories    Season 11, Episode 24
2/22/2008: Academy Awards    Season 11, Episode 23
2/15/2008: Songs of the South    Season 11, Episode 22
2/8/2008: Tribute to Irving Berlin    Season 11, Episode 21
2/1/2008: Time Was    Season 11, Episode 20
1/18/2008: French Show    Season 11, Episode 19
1/11/2008: All Time Favorites    Season 11, Episode 18
12/28/2007: Tour of Southern California    Season 11, Episode 17
12/21/2007: Christmas    Season 11, Episode 16
12/14/2007: Winter    Season 11, Episode 15
12/7/2007: U.S. Tour    Season 11, Episode 14
11/30/2007: Songs By Johnny Mercer    Season 11, Episode 13
11/23/2007: Southern Show    Season 11, Episode 12
11/16/2007: Thanksgiving Special    Season 11, Episode 11
11/9/2007: Salute to Sinatra    Season 11, Episode 10
11/2/2007: Southtown USA    Season 11, Episode 9
10/26/2007: Halloween Party    Season 11, Episode 8
10/19/2007: Hooray for Hollywood    Season 11, Episode 7
10/12/2007: Fashion & Hits Through the Years    Season 11, Episode 6
10/5/2007: Musical Masterpieces    Season 11, Episode 5
9/28/2007: Say It With Music    Season 11, Episode 4
9/21/2007: Songs of Jimmy McHugh    Season 11, Episode 3
9/14/2007: Big City, USA    Season 11, Episode 2
9/7/2007: Season Premiere    Season 11, Episode 1
12/1/2006: Weather Show
9/1/2006: Salute to the Working People
8/18/2006: New York Show
8/11/2006: Salute to Nashville
8/6/2006: Summer Sounds
7/28/2006: Music Memories
7/21/2006: Los Angeles
7/14/2006: Music Music
6/30/2006: Indiana
6/23/2006: Salute to Famous Musical Families
6/16/2006: County Fair
6/9/2006: A Vacation Show
5/26/2006: Salute to the Armed Forces
5/12/2006: Salute to Irving Berlin
5/2/2006: Easy Listening
4/21/2006: America at Play
4/14/2006: Easter
3/31/2006: Lawrence Welk Family of Nations
3/24/2006: Backstage with Our Musical Family
3/17/2006: Springtime
3/10/2006: Show Stoppers
3/3/2006: To America with Love
2/17/2006: Tribute to Hoagy Carmichael
2/10/2006: Musical Tour of Europe
12/2/2005: Lawrence Welk Family Christmas
9/23/2005: Mancini-Mercer
9/3/2004: Salute to Working People
7/23/2004: A Country Fair Show
7/9/2004: Springtime in the Rockies
6/25/2004: Vacation Songs
6/4/2004: Concert in the Park
5/28/2004: Family of Nations
5/14/2004: Salute to the Armed Forces
5/7/2004: Big Bands
4/30/2004: Salute to Nashville
4/9/2004: Easter Show
3/26/2004: Salute to Kathy Lennon
3/5/2004: From Lawrence Welk to America with Love
2/20/2004: This Colorful World
1/30/2004: Show Stoppers
1/9/2004: Salute to Famous Musical Families
12/26/2003: New Year's
12/12/2003: America's Wonderland
11/21/2003: America the Melting Pot
9/19/2003: School Days
9/12/2003: History of the Lawrence Welk Musical Family
7/27/2002: I've Heard That Song Before
7/20/2002: 200 Years of American Music
7/13/2002: Themes from the Classics
7/6/2002: Songs of the Sun and Moon
6/28/2002: Songs of Cole Porter
6/21/2002: Songs of the Islands
6/14/2002: Father's Day
6/7/2002: Songs of the '40s
5/31/2002: Tribute to Disney
5/24/2002: Timeless Musical Treasures
5/17/2002: Island Show
5/11/2002: Mother's Day
5/3/2002: Salute to Spring
4/26/2002: Wunnerful Hit Songs
4/19/2002: Music of Harry Warren
4/12/2002: Country Hoedown
3/29/2002: Easter
3/24/2002: Musical Memories
3/16/2002: America the Beautiful
3/10/2002: Strike Up the Band
3/3/2002: Champagne Toast to the Big Bands
2/23/2002: Salute to Male Singers
2/16/2002: Hits by Famous Groups
2/9/2002: Favorite Love Songs
2/2/2002: Morning-Noon-Night
1/27/2002: Italian Special
1/19/2002: Salute to Nashville
1/13/2002: Musical Tour of the U.S.
1/5/2002: Musical History Makers
12/29/2001: Tribute to the Sweet Bands
12/22/2001: Christmas Show
12/1/2001: Christmas Special
11/25/2001: Salute to the Ladies
11/10/2001: Thank You, America
11/3/2001: Those Were the Days
10/20/2001: Time
10/13/2001: New Season
10/6/2001: We Believe in Music
9/29/2001: Gold Record Hits
9/22/2001: Harvest on the Farm
9/15/2001: County Fair
9/8/2001: Spotlight on Our Musical Family
8/18/2001: 3 Rs
7/15/2001: Famous Themes
6/30/2001: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
5/27/2001: Songwriting Performers
5/19/2001: Music in the Skies
4/14/2001: Salute to Gershwin
4/8/2001: Academy Awards
3/25/2001: Friends and Family
3/12/2001: Roaring '20s
3/3/2001: Memories and Milestones
2/25/2001: The Lawrence Welk Show
2/18/2001: Tribute to Irving Berlin
2/11/2001: This Colorful World
1/29/2001: By the Numbers
1/21/2001: 200 Years of American Music
1/14/2001: Country and Western
1/7/2001: Flower Songs
12/31/2000: Salute to Senior Citizens
12/24/2000: Smalltown, USA
12/18/2000: Christmas
12/4/2000: California
11/19/2000: Thanksgiving
11/12/2000: The Big Bands
10/29/2000: Halloween Party
10/22/2000: In the Alps
10/15/2000: American Pastimes
8/27/2000: Behind the Scenes with Our Musical Family
8/14/2000: Summer by the Shore
8/2/2000: 50th Anniversary Special
7/29/2000: 1958 Silver Champagne Special
6/17/2000: Salute to Broadway
6/10/2000: Tribute to the Fabulous Dorseys
6/3/2000: June Night
3/8/1984: Musical Tour of Europe
3/7/1984: Easy Listening
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You're Never Too Young or Too Old
A-1, A-2
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The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
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In Love with Love
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The Lawrence Welk Show
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Milestones: 200 Years of American Music
Music in the Skies
Music of Many Countries
The Lawrence Welk Show
Musical Greeting for the New Year
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Musical Tour of Big Cities
Musical Tour of the South
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
Salute to Nashville
Silver Anniversary Show
Small Town, U.S.A.
Songs of the Islands
The Lawrence Welk Show
South of the Border Songs
St. Patrick's Day
Sweet Band Sounds
Thanksgiving Party
Thanksgiving Holiday
This Colorful World
Top Songs of the '70s
The Lawrence Welk Show
Warm, Wunnerful, Winter Evening
100 Years of Phonograph Invention
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
All Blues
All-Star Male Singers
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All-Time Music Greats
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The Best of New Songs
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Concert in the Park
Country Club Village Music
Every Tune a Winner
Favorite Songs
Flower Songs
Gold Strike of Million Sellers
Good Old Showboat Days
The Lawrence Welk Show
Halloween Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
Hit Songs of the '70s
Mack David and America's Lyric Writers
Melange of Musical Merriment
The Lawrence Welk Show
The Lawrence Welk Show
Variety Special
A Tribute to the Movies
The Gypsy Show
September at Home
September Swing
The in Crowd Special
Stephen Foster Tribute
Veteran's Day Show
Variety Special 2
Valentine's Day
Christmas Show
Christmas Special
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Premise: Welk's `champagne music' made for one of TV's most beloved series, first running on ABC from 1955 to 1971, then bubbling along in syndication until 1982. Older viewers in particular embraced his straightforwardly square show, which featured his own band as well as a `family' of regular performers (the most famous being the Lennon Sisters). Some may have poked fun at the stiff, seemingly uncomfortable bandleader, but Welk gave his fans what they wanted and proved to be an enduring TV icon.



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