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Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke OUTTAKES
04:31 — James Corden had such a good time with Stevie Wonder doing carpool karaoke he shared some of the moments that didn't make the original piece. Stevie W (more…)
Luke Wilson Gambles His Shoes Away on Set
02:52 — James and Luke Wilson wager their shoes over whether Michael Caine appeared in third or fourth installment of the Jaws series.
Drive Thru Food Fight w/ Joe Theismann
03:19 — James and Super Bowl champion Joe Theismann take turns throwing fast food items at each other as a stunt driver whips them around a restaurant.
Nitro Circus Takes James Corden for a Ride
04:59 — Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus stop by CBS with their dirt bikes, ramps and a quad and ask James to join them for an extreme stunt. The 25-city (more…)
Zachary Levi Is Ready for the Earthquake Matt Damon Survived
02:09 — James asks Zachary Levi about the steps he's taken as a prepper in advance of a disaster scenario, like the Northridge earthquake Matt Damon recalled (more…)
Zachary Levi Throws a Mean Party
01:23 — Zachary Levi, celebrating his birthday on the show, talks about his love for karaoke at his parties, despite having an interesting machine.
Ghost Hunting with James Corden & Reggie Watts
07:58 — James invites the guys from 'Ghost Adventures' to explore CBS Television City for paranormal activity.
Tyler Oakley: Unboxing A Late Late Show Promo
01:03 — We had Tyler Oakley unbox something to promote his appearance on The Late Late Show on Friday, August 21 at 12:37/11:37c on CBS.
Taylor Swift Soap Opera w/ Julianne Moore & John Stamos
04:12 — Julianne Moore, John Stamos and James Corden act out a soap opera break-up set to Taylor Swift lyrics in The Bold and The Lyrical.
Jeremy Irvine's Swingers Club Prank Backfired
02:30 — After talking about growing up in a small town in England, Jeremy Irvine shares how pranking his community by opening a swingers club gave him way inf (more…)
Bank Robbers Brag on Facebook
03:38 — In the wake of Facebook outages the last few days, James highlights a couple that posted the spoils of their bank robbery to the social network which (more…)
Touchy Feely Couch w/ Sharon Osbourne, Elyes Gabel & Jamie Lee Curtis
01:41 — Jamie Lee Curtis, Sharon Osbourne and Elyes Gabel get very comfortable during their interview with James.
Luke Wilson Is Ready for Legally Blonde 3
02:22 — After Mary Lynn Rajskub and Luke Wilson talk about Legally Blonde 2, Luke offers the big reason why they should green light a third.
Kandee Johnson's Incredible Transformation: Late Late Show Promo
00:21 — Kandee Johnson pulls off an amazing transformation to promote her upcoming appearance on The Late Late Show, this Friday, August 21 at 12:37/11:37c on (more…)
Nathan Lane Finds Oprah, Kathie Lee Intimidating
02:47 — A veteran of talk shows, James asks Nathan Lane about his most intimidating experience.
Matt Bomer Stayed in a Haunted Hotel
01:30 — American Horror Story: Hotel star Matt Bomer tells James about one eerie night in a hotel and what he did to sleep soundly the next night.
Face Your Mother
09:18 — To celebrate Thanksgiving, James welcomes two audience members who link up with their moms on Skype for an embarrassing bout of trivia.
Are We Taking Comfort Animals Too Far?
03:13 — After seeing headlines about a pig on a commercial flight and a kangaroo in McDonalds, James wonders if some comfort animal owners might be pushing th (more…)
Inappropriate Musicals w/ Nathan Lane & Rachel Bloom
05:08 — James Corden, Nathan Lane and Rachel Bloom transform classic scenes from The Terminator, The Exorcist and Se7en into musical theater.
Tipping Is Out Of Control
04:47 — James Corden thinks Americans have gone overboard with tipping.
A Lonely Halloween (Adele 'Hello' Parody w/ Billy Eichner & James Corden)
02:45 — It's Halloween, and James Corden calls his friend Billy Eichner to tell him he misses the times they would trick-or-treat together in a way that's str (more…)
Epic Rap Battles of History: Late Late Show Promo
00:24 — Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd will be performing on The Late Late Show on Friday, August 21 at 12:37/11:37c on CBS!
Jessica Alba Prank Calls Her Company w/ Ben Schwartz & James Corden
05:09 — After learning Jessica Alba's The Honest Company accepts product ideas from consumers, James and Ben Schwartz convince Jessica they should call a cust (more…)
John Stamos Passed on Disneyland w/ Michael Jackson
02:38 — After James asks John Stamos about his Disney memorabilia collection, John recalls getting a call from Michael Jackson inviting him to Disneyland.
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