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  • 2004
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Late-night talk series featuring interviews with celebrities and music performances.

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Sex Scene Experiences w/ Patricia Arquette, Matt Walsh & Jeremy Irvine
04:21 — After James asks Jeremy Irvine about his sex scene with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Stonewall, Patricia Arquette and Matt Walsh share their tales from the (more…)
Long Story Short: London Edition
02:11 — Late Late Show writer Louis Waymouth begins the legend of King Ethelred the Rambunctious, and members of the staff must carry on the tale, only hearin (more…)
The Dame Judi Dench Challenge - #LateLateLondon
03:33 — After a grueling two weeks in London, staff writer Ian Karmel created a game for the staff to play: say 'Dame Judi Dench' as many times as you can, as (more…)
#LateLateLondon Studio Timelapse
01:05 — An accelerated peek at just a fraction of the hard work that has gone into getting ready for the Late Late Show's week in London.
Boyce Avenue's Late Late Show Promo
00:14 — Don't miss Boyce Avenue's late night debut on The Late Late Show on Friday, August 21 at 12:37/11:37c on CBS.
James Corden: West Wing Fan Boy
05:35 — James doesn't hide his excitement to have The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin and Bradley Whitford, who played Josh Lyman on the show.
Reggie Watts' Scary Roommate
02:08 — Reggie recalls a scary encounter with a former roommate who wouldn't pay his rent. Have a roommate story of your own? Tell us about it at (more…)
Kick It Out, Bring It Back: Restaurant Specials
05:27 — James says goodbye to things he feels have dominated the pop culture landscape recently and welcomes back things we've neglected, like boomboxes.
Warm Kiss: Recapping the Third GOP Debate
03:51 — James looks at the highs and lows of the third GOP Debate, including the low-light of Jeb Bush's "warm kiss" reference.
Making Sense of the 1,200+ Presidential Candidates
04:32 — After learning anyone can submit a petition to run for president, James looks at some of the more special candidates, including Deez W. Nutz.
Matt Damon Discovered His Fear of Heights at 34
01:56 — Matt Damon tells James how he learned he has a phobia of heights after a trip to Dubai with his wife.
Speaking Bulgarian, Accents & Voice Warm-ups w/ Nina Dobrev & Chris Parnell
02:53 — After asking Nina Dobrev to say a "Bump N' Grind" lyric in Bulgarian, James and Chris Parnell go toe-to-toe over the quality of their accents, and Chr (more…)
Hot Coffee
03:49 — A group of office workers isn't amused at one colleague's attempt at current event humor about Caitlyn Jenner, the Harvard debate team and other headl (more…)
Ben Carson Halts Campaign; Santa Claus Wins Election
05:11 — James looks at some recent political headlines including Ben Carson's decision to put his campaign on halt for a book tour and a politician from North (more…)
The Reggie Watts Instagram Quiz
03:58 — After noticing scores of famous people posting Instagram photos with Reggie Watts, James puts his band leader to the test and quizzes him on some of t (more…)
Face Your Roommate
06:46 — James welcomes two audience members and their roommates, via Skype, and quizzes the group on their shared living space and habits.
Colin Hanks, Juliette Lewis & Matthew Fox Talk First Albums
01:07 — Colin Hanks, Juliette Lewis & Matthew Fox discuss the first music albums they ever bought.
Ben Carson Tried to Stab His Friend
04:30 — After hearing Ben Carson recall an attempted stabbing of his friend, James and his team cook up the perfect Ben Carson attack ad.
Jenna Marbles' ASMR Late Late Show Promo
00:19 — Jenna Marbles does her best ASMR voice in a promo for her appearance on The Late Late Show, this Friday, August 21 at 12:37/11:37c on CBS.
Jessica Alba Has a Tramp Stamp
01:35 — After Ben Schwartz comments on an interesting fan tattoo, Jessica Alba talks about the tattoo of a bow she got on her lower back.
Celebrity Noses: Debate Edition
03:27 — James again tries to do a new comedy bit taking a closer look at celebrity noses before things go array when Reggie streams on Periscope.
Is Jerrod Carmichael the Funniest In His Family?
03:09 — James asks actor and comic Jerrod Carmichael who in his family is the funniest before Mel Brooks remembers growing up in Brooklyn.
NASA's Lame Mars Announcement
03:28 — While many spent Monday celebrating the discovery of water on Mars, James wants news from the Red Planet only when NASA discovers aliens.
Side Effects May Include: Cracking Knuckles, Alone at a Party
03:07 — James shares the hidden side effects of things you do and people you meet every day.
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  • Premiered: September 1, 2004
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Late-night talk series featuring interviews with celebrities and music performances.