The Late Late Show With James Corden

Each week night, James Corden invites the audience to join in on the ultimate late night party with a mix of celebrity guests, musical acts, games and sketches.

Stage 56 Bar Tricks: Underwear Removal, Forever Fart


James welcomes people to perform their unusual bar tricks, and the audience decides whether they stay to watch the show or are immediately thrown out of the building.

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Harry Styles Carpool Karaoke
13:38 — As part of his duties for #LateLateStyles week, Harry helps James get to work, singing songs off his new album, trying out some aggressive outfits and (more…)
Harry Styles: Kiwi
03:01 — Late Late Show music guest Harry Styles wraps up #LateLateStyles week with a performance of "Kiwi."
Michael Fassbender & Benicio del Toro Are Cool Enough to Catch Flies
01:19 — James asks Benicio del Toro about the essence of cool and how he learned it from a book, and Benicio shares even the art of catching a fly can be cool (more…)
Heineken Commercial Parody w/ Benicio del Toro
01:35 — Playing on Benicio del Toro's new Heineken ad, James, tending the bar, can't help but catch Benicio's striking lok in his direction and lets his emoti (more…)
Diane Lane Once Committed Grand Theft Auto
01:56 — James asks Diane Lane about her behavior as a child and learns she was quite the wild child, stealing a car when she was 14-years-old with California (more…)
Welcome to the Circus, Robert Mueller
01:53 — James looks at the news of Robert Mueller being named special counsel for the Donald Trump-Russia probe and a woman who is on the run, accused of stea (more…)
Billy Crudup Has Mastered the Roller Coaster Photo
01:48 — James asks Billy Crudup about his passion for roller coasters, and learns he has a wide array of themes for the photo op -- everything from sleeping t (more…)
James Reveals EXPLOSIVE Upcoming Guest Lineup
03:50 — Riding the wave of #LateLateStyles week, James is excited to announce a slate of upcoming guests that's truly unbelievable, including Spongebob Square (more…)
Ewan McGregor's Aggressive Carpool Karaoke Audition
02:42 — When James asks Ewan McGregor about a photo he posted of himself in the car, Ewan gives James an incredibly hard sell on why he's ready for his editio (more…)
Harry Styles & James Corden Have a Singing Problem
05:19 — Before they found their way into entertainment, James and Harry Styles had a long history of messing up employment opportunities when the need to sing (more…)
2017 Prom: Even Coffins Are In Play
04:25 — James looks at a roundup of stories including a Trump pinata at an elementary school, The Rock as president and a very unusual plan for one prom-goer.
Harry Styles: Two Ghosts
04:00 — Late Late Show music guest Harry Styles performs his new song "Two Ghosts" for the audience. Get the debut album here
Side Effects May Include w/ Harry Styles
03:48 — Special Late Late Show host Harry Styles shares the side effects of starting a solo career and having a secret juggling talent. Get the debut album he (more…)
James's New Girlfriend Is the 'Alien' Xenomorph w/ Billy Crudup & Kristen Schaal
06:08 — James is excited to introduce his new girlfriend to Billy Crudup and Kristen Schaal, but the dinner is thrown when Emma shows up and demonstrates some (more…)
Jason Derulo Has Serious Michael Jackson Moves
02:16 — After James asks Ice Cube and Jason Derulo about the first albums they bought with their own money, Jason shows some of the moves he learned after pur (more…)
Harry Styles: Carolina
03:16 — Late Late Show music guest Harry Styles performs "Carolina" off his new album. Get the debut album here
Ice Cube & Jason Derulo's Mothers Had Some Music Concerns
02:15 — After James presses Jason Derulo on the theme of "Swalla," Jason shares his mom's apprehension over his hit "Talk Dirty To Me," and James asks Ice Cub (more…)
Harry Styles' Late Late Show Monologue
04:16 — Harry Styles surprises everyone by walking out from the curtain and delivering the monologue, touching on the latest Donald Trump headlines and a man (more…)
Talking Harry
02:01 — Show writer Lauren Greenberg, attorney Diane Robertson, and super-fan Emily recap the first night of Harry Styles' Late Late Show residency.
Basketball Lessons from Ice Cube Get Physical
03:45 — When James asks Ice Cube about some of the rules in his new Big 3 basketball league, Ice Cube shows James the art of hand checking, and James demonstr (more…)
Flinch w/ Harry Styles & Aaron Taylor-Johnson
05:44 — James invites Harry Styles and Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play a game of Flinch -- with a British twist. Each man must maintain a stiff upper lip while e (more…)
Harry Styles: Sign of the Times
05:31 — Late Late Show guest Harry Styles performs "Sign of the Times" off his new album to kick of #LateLateStyles week. Get the debut album here (more…)
Harry Styles Can't Get Into The Late Late Show
01:50 — #LateLateStyles week gets off to a bumpy start when Harry Styles is held up at CBS security for not having a badge until he realizes a sure-fire way t (more…)
Harry Styles' First Stage Dive Didn't Go Well
02:16 — James asks Harry Styles about his recent surprise show and learns his first -- and likely last -- stage dive wasn't as glorious as one would imagine. (more…)
Can You Guess Next Year's Hot New Baby Name?
04:08 — James looks at some weekend headlines including a widespread cyber attack, Drake attending his cousin's prom and how Kylo Ren checking in as the hot n (more…)

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  • Premiered: March 24, 2015
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Each week night, James Corden invites the audience to join in on the ultimate late night party with a mix of celebrity guests, musical acts, games and sketches. (more)

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