The proper role of SCOTUS?
Some Republican presidential candidates have a conflicted relationship with the U.S. Constitution and the role of the Supreme Court especially when (more…)
Trump signs GOP pledge, gets taunted by Jeb
After flirting with the idea of running as a third party candidate, Donald Trump finally signs on the dotted line of a GOP pledge. Trump says he got n (more…)
Some GOP candidates defend Kentucky clerk
Some 2016 Republican candidates are condemning a decision from a federal judge to hold Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt of court for refusi (more…)
USA’s only female Medal of Honor recipient
Dr. Mary Walker became the first & only woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, America's highest military award, at the age of 32. Walker' (more…)
Savage: Anti-gay marriage argument is ‘crap’
Dan Savage responds to a suggestion by The Daily Caller s Matt Lewis that holding Ky. County Clerk Kim Davis in contempt of court over her fight again (more…)
Disaster politics: Trump style!
The Donald has a lot to tackle to make America great again.
Robert Randolph (The Last Word)
07:57 — Robert Randolph talks about his craft and his new album
Marky Ramone & Andrew W.K. - The Last Word
08:09 — Interview discussing Andrew W.K. singing for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg
GOP candidates VS. grieving father
The father of Alison Parker, the WDBJ reporter murdered on live television, is pushing for strong gun control legislation. But on the campaign trail, (more…)
Ashley Madison & digital privacy hypocrites
The NSA's collection of metadata on private citizens is very similar to the Ashley Madison hack. Lawrence explains why that matters with The Week's R (more…)
Univision anchor kicked out of Trump presser
Jorge Ramos is thrown out of Donald Trump's press conference in Dubuque, Iowa for asking a question out of turn. Lawrence is joined by Kasie Hunt, Zek (more…)
Group of BLM activists unveil policy plan
BLM activists and co-founders of Citizen Zero, Brittany Packnett and DeRay Mckesson, explain their 10-step plan to Lawrence.
Carter's 'grace' v. Trump's 'egoism'
In an historic press conference, Fmr. Pres. Jimmy Carter announced that his cancer has spread to his brain. Fmr. Carter speechwriter Walter Shapiro jo (more…)
Ted Cruz's Trump strategy
Have Donald Trump's poll numbers hit a ceiling? Is Ted Cruz just waiting to take his supporters if and when Trump drops out? Lawrence discusses with T (more…)
Bernie Sanders and #BlackLivesMatter
Bernie Sanders gains ground in a new national poll. But how important will the Black Lives Matter movement be in the 2016 race after Sanders said he d (more…)
Dick Gregory: 50 years after the Watts riots
Dick Gregory was a pioneer among black comedians not only for being one of the first, but for his activism in the civil rights movement. Watch him ta (more…)
The GOP's war on Donald Trump
Conservative columnist George Will calls Donald Trump a 'counterfeit Republican' in his new column, saying Trump should be excommunicated from the GOP (more…)
Sanders camp calls Trump attack ‘meaningless’
Msnbc's Lawrence O Donnell talked with Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver about the attacks his candidate is getting from Donald Trump.
Jeb Bush’s ghostwriter
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants to increase American influence in Syria to fight ISIS. However, when it comes to Iraq, Jeb Bush s pl (more…)
Sandra Bland's sister discusses lawsuit
In an exclusive interview, Sandra Bland's sister, Sharon Cooper, talks about the wrongful death lawsuit her mother filed today. The family attorney, C (more…)
Trump supports a government shutdown
Donald Trump said he would support a government shutdown as a way to defund Planned Parenthood, joining fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz. Lawrence (more…)
Trump leads 3 latest polls before 1st debate
Donald Trump has a commanding lead over his Republican rivals in new polls 3 days from the first 2016 GOP debate. What's behind Trump's surge? And wh (more…)
Trump leads 3 latest polls before 1st debate
Donald Trump has a commanding lead over his Republican rivals in new polls 3 days from the first 2016 GOP debate. What's behind Trump's surge? And wh (more…)
Where GOP candidates learned to exaggerate
Republican candidates didn t learn hyperbole from Donald Trump. Ronald Reagan taught the GOP to scare voters and Reagan began in 1961 when he warned A (more…)
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