The Last Resort

  • 2002
  • TV Show
  • None

Couples travel to a Hawaiian resort to decide whether to rekindle their love or move on.

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Last Resort Season 1
Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam Kend (more…)
Last Resort Declassified: The Mole
04:00 — Jessica Camacho peels away the layers surrounding Cortez's undercover role aboard the USS Colorado.
Last Resort Declassified: Epilogue
04:00 — Cast and crew recount the harrowing events in "Controlled Flight Into Terrain" and speculate on where the characters would go from here.
Last Resort Declassified: Serrat???s Lair
04:00 — A look inside the ornate and elaborate estate that serves as Serrat's island compound.
Last Resort Declassified: Anatomy of an Episode
04:00 — From grenade to gravesite, cast and crew recount filming the pivotal moments of "Voluntold"