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Game of Thrones

HBO's Boss on Game of Thrones' End, Jon Stewart's New Series and a Female-Led Talk Show

Game of Thrones is officially ending with Season 8. HBO's president of programming Casey Bloys announced during his first presentation for the Television Critics Association fall previews that Game of Thrones will definitely end after the next two se… Read more

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Hey Now Season 1, Episode 13 Nov 7, 1992 Paid

When his announcer Hank Kingsley falls asleep during an interview, late night talk show host Larry Sanders wonders just how committed his sidekick is to the job. After asking his producer, Arthur, to speak with him about the problem, Larry also discovers that Hank owns an expensive home in a neighborhood where he and his wife Jeannie are also looking for a house. Curious as to how he could afford to live in such a high-priced area, he is reminded by Jeannie of all of the commercials that Hank appears in. Returning the next day to find that Arthur has not met with Hank, Larry decides to speak with Hank directly. Upset that his friend is making so much money, Larry chooses to get back at Hank by asking him to stop using his trademark phrase, "Hey Now," on the show anymore. Meanwhile, when pop superstar Janet Jackson is scheduled to appear, Larry worries that she won't make it from the airport in time for the show. Though he tries apologizing after being so harsh, Larry only makes matters worse by continuing to complain about Hank's commercials distracting him from their show. But, while waiting for Janet Jackson to arrive, Larry struggles to stretch out an interview with a dog trainer until Hank bails him out with a series of jokes. After their guest star finally appears, Larry apologizes to Hank and, thanking him for helping save the show, is invited to join him for some of his personal appearances.

A Brush With the Elbow of Greatness Season 1, Episode 12 Oct 31, 1992 Paid

While watching the local news, Larry is surprised to learn he has been accused by a woman of rudely pushing her in a supermarket checkout line. Though admitting that he was at the market when Carol Biederman was shoved into a magazine rack, Larry denies having anything to do with the episode she described. Meanwhile, as reporters besiege the show office searching for stories of more rude and violent behavior by Larry, Hank asks to plug a product during the show in order to impress the company's owner. When videotape from the market shows that Larry unknowingly pushed Carol while waiting in line, Larry and Arthur call on Norman Litkey, the show's publicist, for help. Although Larry worries about the damage it could do to his reputation, Norman insists the controversy will only help the show's ratings. However, after listening to the negative news coverage of the event, Larry bemoans his status as a celebrity and hides out in his office. Criticized by Jeannie for feeling sorry for himself, Larry is coerced to come out and do the show, deciding to apologize to Carol on the air and put an end to the entire episode. But, after introducing Carol to his audience, Larry is shocked to discover that she has sued other celebrities after chance public encounters and accuses her of being a professional victim out to take advantage of his bad publicity. When she is finally thrown off the show by Larry, Carol turns to the press to complain about how badly she was treated, and the resulting controversy causes Hank to lose a potential commercial endorsement.

Warmth Season 1, Episode 11 Oct 24, 1992 Paid

After an emotional moment on the air with Richard Simmons to discuss the progress of Hank's new diet, Larry comes across a report on his show's ratings in Arthur's office. Although concerned by the low numbers compared to his competitors, Arthur insists that they mean nothing and insists that Larry forget all about them. However, asked about his image, Jeannie claims it is the hostility bubbling beneath Larry's surface that viewers find attractive. Returning to work the following day, Larry is surprised when a new security guard asks to see his identification before allowing him into the studio. Already uncomfortable with his "angry" image, when Larry is told that the guard has been fired for the mistake, he insists that he be given his job back. Unable to shake his concerns about his "likability factor," Larry asks Arthur for a focus group test to find out what his viewers really think of him and the show. Advised by Arthur not to do anything different because of the focus group, Larry cynically insists that all of his shows are absolutely typical. Then, while secretly watching their reactions after the show, Larry is shocked by the group's responses, but is counseled by Arthur to stop worrying about what other people think and to start liking himself more. Finally, though told by Larry that the focus group hated him, Hank discovers that he is one of the best-liked parts of the show.

Party Season 1, Episode 10 Oct 17, 1992 Paid

During a visit to the set, Larry's wife Jeannie invites Arthur and his wife over to their home for dinner the following night. Taken aback by the offer, Arthur asks for some time to consult with Elaine, mindful of the fact that Larry and Jeannie have never once invited them over to their home. Larry insists it will be in reality, he is really uncomfortable with the thought of entertaining Arthur and Elaine, he asks Beverly over for dinner as well to diffuse the tension. When Beverly bows out of their women's group meeting because of the dinner, Paula and Darlene are convinced it is because she is getting promoted. Told about the party, Hank begs Larry for an invitation, and then insists that Darlene come along, too. After cornering Larry in his office to complain about Beverly's "promotion," Larry is forced to invite Paula, and while warning Hank against inviting anyone else, ends up extending an invitation to Phil. So, with virtually the entire staff coming to dinner, Larry hurriedly puts away the things in his house that he would rather they not see, while Jeannie insists he relax and enjoy the party. Surprised to find that Phil has brought Jerry as his date, Larry is shocked when neighbor Martin Mull arrives to find out what is going on. Inviting him to stay, Larry becomes increasingly worried that the staff is learning too much and warns Jeannie to not be so revealing about their personal lives. However, angered by his reprimand, Jeannie locks herself in the bedroom and leaves Larry alone with their guests, forcing him to admit they are fighting when the party comes to a close. At work the following morning, Larry's paranoia increases when he happens upon his staff discussing the party.

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