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March 25, 2007: Season Finale Season 4, Episode 12

"What are the steaks for?" That had me rolling on the floor laughing. One of my favorite scenes from tonight was definitely the "sign kidnapping." Great scene for Bette, Alice and Shane, and a perfect way to show just how crazy Bette is for Jodi. Or is she?Tina, Bette and JodiTina and Bette. It's obvious that they each want each other to be happy, but then again, they also seem... to want each other. But why? Is it because they're comfortable in their history, in the way that they share a child together, or in their codependent dynamic? Then again, since they've been apart, Tina has grown to be very strong in her own way, and she really doesn't take any crap from Bette anymore, so in a sense, Tina is also growing into somebody who's on an equal plane with Bette now. I feel really torn after tonight... after seeing Bette and Tina together, but then also after seeing Bette go to such lengths to get Jodi back. I like it that I'm now torn between Jodi and Tina. It's always good when a s... read more

March 18, 2007: At a Crossroads Season 4, Episode 11

Goldfrapp. Awesome.Guest.Appearance. Definitely the best since Heart played an acoustic "Crazy on You" last season. Surprisingly, my favorite scene of this evening was the main Tina-Bette scene. As bitch-on-wheels as they've both been throughout the last two seasons, I enjoy any minute we get that reminds us why we've loved both these characters since Season 1. I'm also happy that they were able to be really candid with each other and for once not have the scene break into hostility and a parting of ways. I don't know that I ever want them to get back together, but I do enjoy them as... well... as family. They share a child, they share a very complicated history, they're family forever because of Angelica. So I'm glad to see that they're working past the hurt and bitterness and treating each other more like family now.Also, Tina was right about Bette and Jodi; I do believe they're the perfect match. It's good that Bette feels challenged by a partner that is so strong, but it's also ... read more

March 11, 2007: B is for Bette Season 4, Episode 10

This episode turned into the Bette hour, didn't it? After watching Bette go through her ups and downs over three seasons, I have to say, I'm siding with Jodi in this fight. Bette is a control freak, and even though she may have had the best intentions in planning the party for Jodi, it turned out to be a bizarre validation device for Bette, and not really at all about Jodi. It's so ironic. Bette kept trying to interpret for Jodi regardless of Jodi's wishes, and Bette's reason was that she didn't want Jodi to "miss anything." Well, as far as dinner-party banter, sure, Jodi missed some things. However, what Jodi did not miss out on was the one thing that Bette would have wanted her to miss, namely Bette's need to control. When it comes to reading people, Jodi has a keen sense of character judgment, and that didn't work so well for Bette tonight. Jodi read Bette like a book, but Bette didn't want to hear anything that Jodi had to say about it. Being deaf has nothing to do with how much... read more

March 4, 2007: Heartbreak HoteL Season 4, Episode 9

It's been pretty light and fun for most of this season's L Word, so it seems natural that with only four episodes left, it would be time for some heartbreak. The biggest heartbreak of the night fell on Shane, and I felt so devastated for her, especially as the camera revealed her face literally falling to the floor as she hugged Shay goodbye. She kept it together for Shay, which was the right thing to do for him, and she was the epitome of grace in the situation. I just hope that Shane learned it is worth it to be responsible and devoted to somebody. One thing for certain is that while she took care of her brother, we got to see Shane's true colors, and they were very different than the person we witnessed leaving her bride at the altar last season. She's really grown as a person. She made a damn good big sister, and she's a wonderful friend. I hope that even though Shay wound up leaving, that Shane remembers who she really is... and that she truly is not like her father... not anym... read more

February 25, 2007: And the "O" Goes To... Season 4, Episode 8

Steamy, steamy night tonight! We haven't had an episode like that in quite a while. *fanning myself off*Now then."Oh, Sounder, am I going to burn in hell?" Uh... yes, Jenny, you are.Jenny's even more obnoxious as a hot Hollywood commodity now. I love how Bette was able to impress Jenny's agents on behalf of Tina, and I also enjoyed seeing Tina's humanity return to the story. I really felt for her, and found the opening scene between she and Bette to be particularly sensitive and beautiful. That's the Tina I always liked, and I hope that they'll continue moving her into a softer, more sympathetic direction throughout the remainder of the season.It seems that our new "dragon lady" is Cathryn. It feels like she's the person that Helena used to be, and I fear that her influence on Helena is dangerous. I couldn't believe it that Cathryn was able to talk Helena into canceling her "date" with the kids. Even back when Helena was "the" official ice queen of the L Word, she loved her kids mor... read more

Lesson Number One Season 4, Episode 7

Hollywood producers express interest in Jenny's story about her friends; Helena finds a way out of her poker debt; Alice's new girlfriend has troubling flashbacks to the war in Iraq; Phyllis is consoled by Bette and her new girlfriend; Paige and Shane address a grade-school class about intolerance. read more

February 11, 2007: For Your Consideration Season 4, Episode 6

I am absolutely floored by tonight's L Word. How floored? Well... let's just say that if I were one of the show's "Powers That Be," this would be the episode I'd send out to the Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes)and ATAS (Emmy Awards) members. From the opening "real time" sequence with all of the different phone calls and the editing with the various split screens, to the amazing music, to the juxtaposition between Papi's poker lessons and Jenny's mind games. Brilliant, subtle and absolutely brilliant... a stunning episode that I could easily watch over and over again.I'm really pleased that Bette wound up talking to Angus about Hazel and Kit... just like I said I would do if I were in her shoes, eh? And see? It did get him shaking in his boots and got him to decide what to do pretty damn quick. Go, Bette! One thing I'm not so sure about is Bette's insistence that Angelica attend an Ivy League pre-school. Pre-school? Ivy League pre-school? Do you think she's being overly select... read more

February 4, 2007: The (Other) L Word Season 4, Episode 5

I couldn't believe my ears the first time Phyllis said, "I love you" to Alice on voicemail, but then to Alice's (and my) horror, she had to go and say it again and again while desperately clutching Alice's arm. Yikes. I really didn't want Phyllis to become so desperate and clingy; I just wanted Phyllis and Alice to have lots of fun scenes together so that we could enjoy Leisha Hailey and Cybill Shepherd's brilliant comedic skills. [Sigh] Oh well, as cringe-inducing as Phyllis' affections are becoming, it is great drama, and it tells a lot about how lonely she's been for so many years. I just hope that Phyllis comes out of this relatively unscathed and that she and Alice can maintain a friendship.I'm relieved that Helena was able to find a way to save her catering job, except do you think that her caviar purchase may have actually taken the money right back out of her pocket? The sad thing is, the whole time she was prepping the food in the apartment kitchen, and then in Phyllis' kit... read more

January 28, 2007: Like a Fine Wine Season 4, Episode 4

The opening scene of tonight's L Word had to have been one of the funniest “O” scenes ever, even funnier than "Sally's" "I'll have what she's having!" Once Alice and Phyllis' explosive uh... lesson was over, I thought to myself, "OK, they're my favorite couple now!" Unfortunately, Alice is just playing to play and not for keeps. This makes me sad for Phyllis, nervous for Bette and a little bit peeved at Alice. But I'm holding out hope that we'll get some more great scenes with Alice and Phyllis together. Of course, Helena came through once again with a perfect comedic comment on the situation.I really hope that we'll get to see Helena cater Phyllis' event, and that maybe Helena will kick some major booty at it, too. I want her to suddenly realize that she's gifted at something really amazing (beyond "backwards basketball") and catering could possibly be it. I mean, as "Miz Peabody," she knew how to coordinate amazing parties and events; maybe she could actually be good at ... read more

January 21, 2007: Hot for Dean Porter Season 4, Episode 3

Wow, I laughed out loud so many times during tonight's L Word, I lost count! I never thought I'd see Helena wearing hot pink and blue hair extensions. I really wish that she'd been able to "cut it" like Shane's receptionist at Wax, but just as Bette pointed out, she's reinventing herself; it's going to take time for somebody as pampered as Helena to figure out who she really is. That's what I love about this story line, too: it's as humbling as it is humorous, and the elitist witch that Helena once was is now the sympathetic person that I find myself cheering for with each episode. She already started to evolve into a more gracious and generous person last season, even though she was still filthy rich. I'm sure she's in for a lot of ups and downs in this new phase of her life, and I really hope that she finds a way to make it on her own. I believe she will do wonderfully eventually, and Shane gave her the right advice: She does have at least one thing that she can do well, and she j... read more

January 14, 2007: Who's Your Papi? Season 4, Episode 2

Oh my Goddesses, what a hilarious L Word! I am loving this season so far; everyone is getting her chance to shine in both comedic and dramatic capacities more than ever. Even Tina had some funny scenes this episode, which is a welcome change, because she's really been quite the b-word lately. But bitch or not, the "firing of Helena" scene was classic. Helena is just classic. I never thought I'd like her as much as Alice, but I do! I want to see Alice and Helena in their home environment as roommates, though. I hope that some "fly on the wall" scenes in the apartment may happen soon, because I'm sure they are quite opposites when it comes to um... housekeeping. And how 'bout that Papi, eh? Papi's hot stuff. She gets around and she knows her "circles." I wonder if she'll wind up "with" everyone in this circle by season's end? I am very curious about how the situation with Max and the boss' daughter is going to pan out. You know, when I put myself in the boss' daughter's shoes, it isn... read more

Legend in the Making Season 4, Episode 1

Bette takes it on the lam with Angelica; Helena has a tough time adjusting to being “poor”; Shane has a drug-and-booze-fueled breakdown; Max seeks help from a transgender support group; a pregnant Kit has a frightful experience at a women's health clinic; Carla leaves a surprise for Shane at the house. read more

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