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John Leguizamo To Star in ABC Comedy Project Based on His Life

John Leguizamo

ABC really wants to be in the John Leguizamo business. Just days after it passed on the pilot Kings of Van Nuys, which had starred Leguizamo, the network has picked up another project based loosely on the actor's life.

The new untitled Leguizamo comedy script... read more

Did anyone out there in TV ...

Question: Did anyone out there in TV land watch the Spike TV miniseries The Kill Point? I loved it and was hoping there would be talk about it but can't find anything. I guess I'm the only one who saw it! Answer: Blame the busiest summer in TV history for this enjoyable thriller getting lost in the shuffle. If it helps ease your mind, it didn't go entirely unnoticed: I gave it a short rave review upon its premiere and included it in a recent Dispatch roundup of summer finales. If it's released on DVD, which I imagine it will be, I highly recommend it, despite a little sagging in the middle. John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg were terrific as the lead hostage-taker and lead negotiator in this bank-robbery standoff, which almost make up for what happened to The Nine ... read more

I enjoyed TNT's The Company ...

Question: I enjoyed TNT's The Company and am currently catching up on ESPN's The Bronx Is Burning. My question is, why did TNT have to inundate its presentation of this otherwise serious program with crawling advertisements for other shows? I'm aware that I can also catch Saving Grace on TNT — the network takes every opportunity during the commercial breaks to let me know. Why do I need to see a miniature Holly Hunter walking around at the bottom of the screen during The Company? By comparison, ESPN, a network that arguably doesn't need to take itself as seriously, presents The Bronx Is Burning with only a small network logo in the corner of the screen. TNT had every reason to treat The Company with respect — the show was well executed on many levels. But even the failure to let the ending credits play uninterrupted for a few seconds got on my nerves. Decisions like these indicate that TNT was far more interested in using every imaginable opportunity to shove obnoxious ads down ... read more

Finales: Big Love, Army Wives, Kill Point

Bill Paxton and Jeanne Tripplehorn in Big Love by Lacey Terrell/HBO

Sundays are seldom as busy during the regular TV season as was the case this weekend, with season and series finales all over cable. So much for summer being the sleepy season. If you'd been watching any of these shows this summer, you wouldn't have wanted to miss the payoffs.Big Love: So much drama and trauma on HBO's increasingly addictive domestic melodrama about a family man and the three wives who alternately adore and tolerate his whims, schemes and transgressions. One reason I love the show is that it has lines of dialogue you could never hear anywhere else. Here’s Nicky: “Our husband’s dating life is none of our business.” Bill to Barb: “There are two other people in this marriage.” Bill to Margene: “You are not having the neighbor’s baby!” Barb to Bill: “I don’t want a fourth [wife].” Margene: “Boss lady outed us to the neighbors!”So twisted, and yet presented in such a way that it almost seems normal. Th... read more

I am so pleased with the ...

Question: I am so pleased with the programming offered this summer. In fact, I think a lot of this summer's shows are better than the regular fall lineup (with a few exceptions). Wouldn't it be interesting if next year's Emmy nominations were filled with more summer candidates than fall ones? I can't believe the acting from the likes of Damages, The Kill Point, Mad Men, Big Love, Californication, etc would be overlooked. In the past, they've thrown a bone to a few summer favorites, recognizing Monk, The Closer and Weeds. But there are only so many spots available. I think the writers and producers of this fall's programming had better step it up a notch. What do you think the chances are that next year's Emmy nominations will be filled with a lot of these summer hits instead of fall shows? Answer: It would be gratifying, but don't hold your breath beyond some of the no-brainers (like, say, Glenn Close). I'm thinking newfangled miniseries like Kil read more

I've been watching TV for so ...

Question: I've been watching TV for so long, I remember when test patterns were "must-watch TV." Critics fondly reminisce about the golden years, and there were some truly great years. But am I wrong to think that we are now in the platinum age of television? As this past winter season wound down, this DVR viewer was bummed by the thought of a long summer season of reality shows, relieved only by Rescue Me. To my surprise (and here's a plug for TV Guide), I learned about some of the new series that would be flung all over the cable globe: Mad Men, The Bronx Is Burning, Damages, Kill Point (episodes piling up as I try to catch up with other shows) and now I hear buzz about The Company. Add to that So You Think You Can Dance (far superior to American Idol), Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen, and my personal addiction The Daily Show, and I just can't find enough hours to watch. So my question is: Why don't the networks just give up the full season philosophy (usually thrown in with repeats or as ... read more

It seems strange to be saying ...

Glenn Close, Damages

Question: It seems strange to be saying this, but I think I'm actually enjoying summer TV much more than I enjoyed regular-season TV this year. And it's all because of cable. I have a show to watch every night that is really good: Mondays have My Boys (and Greek isn't bad), Tuesdays have Damages, Wednesday has Rescue Me and Thursday has Mad Men. They are all really good, well-acted, well-written shows. During the season I was really having trouble finding shows I enjoyed (Heroes, The Office and Friday Night Lights were about all). I don't remember ever really watching any scripted TV during the summer in the past, besides maybe the occasional show (The O.C. comes to mind). I'd assume it has a lot to do with cable networks putting out really good original TV, since I'm not watching anything on network TV. So, is this really the best summer TV schedule ever? Answer: It's certainly the busiest TV summer ever. But yes, it's also shaping up to be among the very best. The fall season would be ... read more

Top Chef, Larry David Divorce and More Short Cuts

Top Chef by Glenn Watson/Bravo Photo

Bravo's Top Chef delivered its most-watched episode of the season on Wednesday, drawing 2.1 million viewers. The series is up 28 percent versus Season 2.... The enthusiasm is officially curbed. Larry David's wife of 14 years, Laurie, has filed for divorce. The pair separated in June.... Spike TV is offering a free online video-game companion piece to the drama Kill Point, which premieres this Sunday. Go to for more.... Onetime Surreal Lifer Brigitte Nielsen has checked into rehab for treatment of an undisclosed condition. Her manager tells the AP, "All I know is it's something she did on her own free will".... I, Matt, make my debut this week as the TV Guide Talk podcast moderator. Check back around 6 pm/ET for our rehash of the Emmy noms, Isaiah, Mandy and more. read more

Saw's Tobin Bell Goes In for a Spectacular Kill

The Kill Point's Tobin Bell

Horror-film buffs know him best as the Saw films' John "Jigsaw" Cramer, but Tobin Bell is the one facing a nightmare this time around in The Kill Point, an eight-hour miniseries premiering Sunday at 9 pm/ET on Spike TV. spoke with the actor about his role in this bank-heist thriller and raised a big question about Saw IV, due out just before Halloween. (Sorry, Michael Myers.) The Kill Point has John Leguizamo as the mastermind behind a bank heist gone awry, Donnie Wahlberg as the chief police negotiator.... Where do you read more

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Premise: Military veterans commit a bank robbery that goes awry, resulting in a hostage situation, in this dramatic miniseries.



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