The deadpan Rat Packer played an unmarried showbiz publicist in this sitcom's first season. But an overhaul of the show in the second year (with a title change to `The New Joey Bishop Show') turned the character into a married talk-show host and stand-up comedian. Celebrities appeared as themselves---guests on the fictional talk show. In its final season, the series moved to CBS, where it was broadcast in black and white (after being in color on NBC for three seasons).

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Guest Stars

Mel Bishop
Clown, Doctor, Jack, Policeman
Rusty Hamer
Rusty, Rusty Williams
Herbie Faye
Krupnik, Milford, Sherman
Jonathan Hole
Doyle, Harlow, Jennings
Patrick Waltz
Roger, Stage Manager, Tucker
Henry Gibson
Poet, Schultz
Peter Leeds
Colonel Rodgers, Montgomery
Maxine Semon
Mrs. Bradbury, Mrs. Sherman