The Jewel in the Crown

1984, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Pandora's Box

Mar 27, 1984 Season 1 Episode 13 watch on (Paid)

In August 1947 Guy Perron returns to India on the eve of independence to observe the last days of British rule. He discovers that Merrick had married Susan but has subsequently been killed in a riding accident.

The Moghul Room

Mar 20, 1984 Season 1 Episode 12

News of the end of the war reaches Pankot. Merrick who has blackmailed an orderly to gain access to Susan's records, is recalled to Delhi.
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The Travelling Companions

Mar 13, 1984 Season 1 Episode 11

Sarah and Guy have met in Bombay and on August 6 1945, Barbie lies in hospital in Ranpur as Sarah and her Father travel to Pankot for his home-coming.
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An Evening At The Maharanee's

Mar 06, 1984 Season 1 Episode 10

It is 1945. Colonel Layton has been released from prison camp and after visiting Barbie in hospital, Sarah goes to Bombay to welcome him home.
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The Towers Of Silence

Feb 28, 1984 Season 1 Episode 9

Susan's baby has been rescued from the ring of fire that nearly engulfed him, but how did that awful moment leave Susan? Barbie embarks on a generous mission but is turned back by an appalling discovery.
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The Day Of The Scorpion

Feb 21, 1984 Season 1 Episode 8

Sara returns from Calcutta, finding Barbie moving out of Rose Cottage, and Susan is very tense with her new baby - Susan puts the baby in a ring of fire from which he is saved by his nurse. Captain Merrick returns to Pancot.
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Daughters Of The Regiment

Feb 14, 1984 Season 1 Episode 7

While visiting the wounded Ronald Merrick in Calcutta, Sarah meets Jimmy Clark who later challenges many of the values by which she lives. In Pankot another daughter of the regiment confesses her own act of rebellion long ago.
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Ordeal By Fire

Feb 07, 1984 Season 1 Episode 6

In Pankot, Sarah had to break the news of Teddie's death to Susan and later they learn together of the great bravery shown in an attempt to save his life.
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The Regimental Silver

Jan 31, 1984 Season 1 Episode 5

Susan and Teddie's wedding day is a happy one, except perhaps for the strange attack on the car taking Ronald Merrick and Teddie to the church.
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Incidents at a Wedding

Jan 24, 1984 Season 1 Episode 4

The hasty arrangements for Susan and Teddie's wedding are threatened, but Ronald Merrick provides a solution. The Layton family gathers in the princely state of Mirat as guests of its ruler, the Nawab, who may even attend the wedding.
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Questions Of Loyalty

Jan 17, 1984 Season 1 Episode 3

Hari, still keeping his promise of silence, remains in prison and Daphne has been prevented from seeing him, regardless of the scandal and the risks.
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The Bibighar Gardens

Jan 10, 1984 Season 1 Episode 2

It is now August 1942. In Mayapore, Daphne and Hari have been drawn closer together despite warnings from Ronald Merrick.
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Crossing The River

Jan 09, 1984 Season 1 Episode 1

The story begins in 1942. The Japanese, having conquered Burma, are threatening to invade and Gandhi is calling on the British to quit India.
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