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Nov 28, 1985 Season 2 Episode 40 watch on (Paid)

Love overcomes selfishness when the Jetsons compete for a prize.

Judy's Elopement

Nov 27, 1985 Season 2 Episode 39

George is frantic when he thinks Judy has eloped with Mr. Spacely's nephew.
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Boy George

Nov 25, 1985 Season 2 Episode 38

George's temporary smallness lands him a large account.
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To Tell the Truth

Nov 22, 1985 Season 2 Episode 37

George learns the hard way that honesty is the best policy.
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Robot's Revenge

Nov 20, 1985 Season 2 Episode 36

George's life is thrown into chaos when all robots refuse his orders.
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Dog Daze Afternoon

Nov 15, 1985 Season 2 Episode 34

A mix-up of computer discs causes George to act like a dog.
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Far-Out Father

Nov 10, 2004 Season 2 Episode 33

For a Father's Day project, Elroy films George, who also uses the camera to follow a lovesick Astro.
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Future Tense

Nov 12, 1985 Season 2 Episode 32

Jane's new designer glasses let her see into the future.
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Team Spirit

Nov 11, 1985 Season 2 Episode 31

Elroy's energized cookies help George save his job during a company spaceball game.
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Rosey Come Home

Nov 07, 1985 Season 2 Episode 30

Rosey runs away from home when she thinks the Jetsons are going to replace her.
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The Wrong Stuff

Nov 05, 1985 Season 2 Episode 29

Elroy and Astro wander onto an unmanned rocket just before it departs on a five-year mission.
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Space Bong (Secret Agent Double O-Oh)

Nov 04, 1985 Season 2 Episode 28

George is kidnapped by a sultry spy who mistakes him for a secret agent.
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Astro's Big Moment

Nov 01, 1985 Season 2 Episode 27

George can't please anyone when he judges a dog contest.
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Haunted Halloween

Oct 31, 1985 Season 2 Episode 26

Elroy is distraught when Orbitty suddenly disappears on Halloween.
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Grandpa and the Galactic Golddigger

Oct 30, 1985 Season 2 Episode 25

A female thief mistakes Grandpa Jetson for rich Mr. Spacely and woos him to steal his "fortune."
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