Premise only seems like Benny's beloved sketch series ran 39 years. Actually, it ran for 15, debuting in October 1950 on CBS and running until September 1965 (the last season was on NBC). Before TV, of course, the legendary Benny had been a radio fixture for almost 20 years and had made some movies. His secret? Magnificent timing. That's probably why, as Carol Burnett once put it, `he was a timeless kind of funny.'

Guest Stars

Benny Rubin
Barber, Bus Driver, Carpenter, Manager, Policemen, Produce Man, Workman
Charles Cantor
Cabdriver, Carpenter, Painter, Radio Actor
Dale White
Harlow, Harlow Wilson
Howard McNear
Attorney, Howard, Sponsor
Barbara Nichols
Mildred, Telephone operator
Iris Adrian
Guire Sister, Waitress
Ned Miller
Man on Tour, Stagehand
Ben Blue
Chandu the Magician