When Mark Whitacre discovers that his company is involved in price-fixing, he becomes an informant for the FBI. Convinced he'll be hailed as a hero for his efforts, he agrees to wear a wire and gathers evidence to convict his bosses. Unfortunately, both the case and Whitacre's integrity are compromised when the FBI agents discover that he isn't the saintly figure he made himself out to be.


Matt Damon Mark Whitacre
Scott Bakula FBI Special Gent Brian Shepard
Joel McHale FBI Special Agent Bob Herndon
Melanie Lynskey Ginger Whitacre
Tom Wilson Mark Cheviron
Tony Hale James Epstein
Scott Adsit Sid Hulse
Lucas Carroll Alexander Whitacre
Eddie Jemison Kirk Schmidt
Tom Papa Mick Andreas
Ann Dowd FBI Special Agent Kate Medford
Allan Havey FBI Special Agent Dean Paisley
Rome Kanda Hirokazu Ikeda
Yoshio Be Kazutoshi Yamada
Jayden Lund James Mutchnik
William Marsh FBI Special Agent Ken Temples
Clancy Brown Aubrey Daniel
Patton Oswalt Ed Herbst
Jimmy Brogan Dr. Derek Miller
Paul F. Tompkins FBI Special Agent Anthony D'Angelo
Adam Paul FBI Special Agent Michael Bassett
Joshua Funk FBI Special Agent Robert Grant
Candy Clark Mark Whitacre's Mother
Frank Welker Mark Whitacre's Father
Larry Clarke Whitacre's Second Attorney
Dick Smothers Judge Harold Baker
Chic Daniel FBI Agent at Raid