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May 12, 1982 Season 5 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

After traveling to a strange town for a job interview at a chemical plant, David Banner finds the plant empty and the town deserted. He eventually encounters a young woman scientist, a group of looters and a dying puppy. The woman tells him of the powerful bacterial contamination and they race against time to the plant for an antidote and evidence of the plant's illegal experiments.


May 05, 1982 Season 5 Episode 6

While hitchhiking in the desert, David Banner is given a ride by a gold-hungry ex-convict who keeps him prisoner in a ghost town and forces him to work in his mine alongside two other "slaves". The trio plot their escape but are trapped in the mine by an explosion and the Hulk has to save their lives.
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Nov 13, 1981 Season 5 Episode 5

While working at a lumber camp, David Banner's romance with a local girl arouses the wrath of his powerful employer. Banner is run out of town, but he returns to find his girl being held prisoner by the lumberman. He and the Hulk manage to release her and find the situation not what it appears to be.
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Nov 06, 1981 Season 5 Episode 4

A young man is shot while escaping from smugglers and makes it to a nearby mission, where he is taken in by the sisters. They protect him from the pursuing gang with David Banner, who is working at the mission, masquerading as a visiting priest. The Hulk also helps when it appears that he is a miracle sent to save the boy and the oppressed townspeople.
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Oct 16, 1981 Season 5 Episode 3

David Banner helps a discharged veteran and learns he is about to kill a local politician for atrocities he was responsible for as a Marine officer. Banner puts his own well-being on the line by warning the intended victim, who suspects Banner of being in on the plot, so Banner then has to further expose himself by going to the police.
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Two Godmothers

Oct 09, 1981 Season 5 Episode 2

While delivering laundry to a prison, David Banner is forced to help three women escape in his truck. The truck breaks down and the trio force David to hike with them over the mountain, but their trek is interrupted when the expectant mother goes into labor. When the authorities arrive on the scene, they take into custody a mother, two godmothers and new-born twins.
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The Phenom

Oct 02, 1981 Season 5 Episode 1

On the road to a job in Miami, David Banner is given a ride by a naive young pitcher going to try out for his first professional baseball team. Banner stays with him for the tryouts and with the help of a drunken sports writer saves him from being used by an unscrupulous agent. But it takes the Hulk to void a crooked contract with the agent and his hoods.
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