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"With This Ring..."

Thanks to Robyn for stepping in for me while I was on vacation last week. (The Caribbean. Yes, it was awesome. No, there weren’t any pirates). Let’s get down to it.Was I the only one who got insanely happy when Heidi took her ring off? I felt like she was finally standing up for herself and calling Spencer out on everything that had been bothering her from the inception of their relationship. I don’t think we’ve heard Heidi talk too much about the kind of wedding she wants before tonight, but even I knew Heidi wouldn’t be up for eloping. If I know this about Heidi, what does that say about Spencer? I do have a question and I hope it’s not too spiteful: Other than their families, just how many friends do they think will attend their wedding? Granted there seems to be a lot of creative editing and storytelling going on with this show, but Heidi and Spencer don’t seem to spend any time with anyone but Heidi and Spencer. We’ll see how that develop... read more

"Forgive and Forget"

Robyn Ross here, subbing in for Kara this week…Well folks, this was the episode of The Hills that we’ve all been waiting for. Lauren and Heidi sit down and re-hash everything that’s happened to their friendship this past year. Of course, there were many things in this episode that lead up to this moment. Lisa Love finally lets Lauren and Whitney attend an event just for fun. The girls immediately look up who’s going to be attending and notice that Brent Bolthouse is a member of the advisory board. Could this mean that Lauren and Heidi would be attending the same event? Oh MTV how you set up these run-ins perfectly. Lauren and Whitney walk in followed a few minutes later by Heidi and her co-worker Kimberly. But Audrina is nowhere to be found. Cut to her on date with the gentlemanly Justin Bobby. Did anyone else wonder why Audrina didn’t even seem to notice JB taking shots alone and incessantly burping? At least we learned that Audrina finally got promoted fro... read more

The Hills' Brody and Lauren Get His Folks' Blessing

Eat your hearts out, Spencer and Heidi — costars Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad are stealing the spotlight, and they haven't even rehooked up yet. The playboy's dad, Olympian Bruce Jenner, tells People he thinks "Lauren would be very good" for his son. And the celebubrat's mom, Linda Thompson, agrees. "When I kissed [Brody] on his birthday," Conrad shares, "[his mom] gave him the double thumbs [up]. I almost died!" And they say microcalculated publicity-stunt romance is dead. — Ben Katner read more

"Young Hollywood"

Hmm. I don’t consider myself one of those people who find it necessary to label things, especially if it's early in the relationship. But if you’re hanging out with one person a lot and seeing only that person, I think it’s safe to term what you’re doing as dating. I think it’s OK if you want to call that person your boyfriend of girlfriend. However, it looks like Justin Bobby isn’t comfortable with those labels. I’m so ready for Audrina to be done with him, especially after the way he was talking to one of the members of the band — was it Mark? — about her. He kept calling her "good." She’s a "good girl." She’s "good." I feel it would be naive of me not to ask this, but was he rating her in some way? Gross. The band seemed cool though. I’m not that into music so I don’t have much to say about their talent. Did you like The Ruse? I like their name, at least.In other dysfunctional-couple news, Heidi and Spencer celebrat... read more

Hills Hookup Is a Hoax? And J.Lo Is Pregnant?!

TMZ reports that The Hills are alive with the sound of screaming. While Spencer and Heidi remain nauseatingly tight, Audrina Patridge and her squeeze, Justin Bobby, had a major blowup outside L.A.'s Opera the other night. In Justin's defense, not everybody likes Carmen.... Designer Roberto Cavalli, of all people, has let the cat out of the bag, telling People, "Jennifer Lopez, at this moment, requests something very special because she is waiting for the baby. It is so complicated because every week she is getting bigger." Who knew?! (Besides everybody.)Thursday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner. read more

Jeers: The Hills Hits a Valley

Lauren and Whitney by Jeff Lipsky/MTV

Jeers to The Hills for a lackluster episode. MTV's "unscripted" soap is the addictive TV equivalent of crack when it focuses on the deliciously bitter feud between Lauren and Heidi or Audrina's masochistic relationship with the tragically pseudo-hip Justin Bobby. But this week's Hills devoted way too much time to Lauren's and Whitney's boring jobs at Teen Vogue and the tepid tiff between Heidi's sketchy fiancé, Spencer, and Lauren's allegedly platonic pal Brody. What good is a guilty pleasure if you don't feel bad about yourself after consuming it?• Read and react to Bruce's opinions on Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock and more!• Share your own raves and rants about other shows on the brand-new Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board• Your take could wind up in TV Guide magazine's Cheers & Jeers column! read more

"Stress and the City"

I’m not sure I ever think of Frankie as the voice of reason but I’m glad he tries to talk some sense into Spencer. I don’t necessarily think Brody’s missing out on anything by being estranged from his ex-best friend but I think it important for those two to attempt a reconciliation. It’s hard when you lose a best friend — as evidenced by what Lauren went through last year with Heidi.And where was Heidi tonight? She’s usually causing some sort of drama — be it at work or at home. It was kind of nice to see a little less of her. I still like her more than I like Spencer though. He’s acting like a spoiled little brat about Brody. I think it’s juvenile that he made Brody pick between him and Lauren. He might be all "bros before hos" but I’m glad Brody didn’t let his friendship with Spencer cloud his judgment about Lauren. Since when is it OK for your best friend — let alone any friend — to tell you who to hang out wit... read more

"No More Mr. Nice Guy"

We're introduced to a few new people in tonight’s episode and only one of them will be sticking around. Lauren runs into Gavin, a model she tried to set Heidi up with in the very early stages of her relationship with Spencer. And the “New Elodie” Kimberly makes her first appearance at a NASCAR staff meeting.Let’s talk about Gavin for a minute — and by “talk” I mean “talk s--t.” He seems like a very nice guy but I’ve got to agree with Brody on this: He was trying to come across as "Mr. Perfect." To me that translates into nice to the point of being boring. I’m not knocking nice guys in general. It’s always nice to meet one of them. But in addition to that, it’s good to have a few things in common. I just don’t think that's happening for Gavin and Lauren. And can we talk about his hair for a moment? I don’t want some perfectly coiffed, slicked-back, manscaped guy, but what was up with that hair? It looked like... read more

"What Goes Around... "

And we’re back to the sex tape. I think Spencer is the one who started the rumor. Given everything we know about him and how he operates I just don’t think it’s a stretch to think he’d be capable of something like this. We know how much he dislikes Lauren. Is it really that hard to believe he’s the culprit? Of course, I have no firsthand knowledge of anything so I can’t say with complete certainty that he did it. But come on. Does anyone really think it wasn’t him? Except Heidi? Was it just me or did she seem just the tiniest bit unsure in the last few seconds of the episode? I just don’t understand that relationship.It’s good that Audrina and Lauren seem to have their friendship back on track. I’m not sure I would have apologized to Audrina for being so overprotective of her. Yes, Lauren went through a lot last year. And yes, she’s trying to be a good friend by warning her friends away from guys who don’t seem to appreciat... read more

"Cram Session"

Hi, all. Remember how last week I thought my DVR didn't record the show even though I was sure I set it? Turns out I'm a big dork and forgot to record the show. Tonight's episode isn't available online yet so I don't think I'll be able to watch it until tomorrow. Many apologies. Please feel free to weigh in now. I'll add my thoughts tomorrow. In the meantime, check out this Q&A.Update:Sorry it took me so long to check in again. I don't really enjoy clip shows so I kind of procrastinated on watching the episode. And it's a good thing I did. Only one new never-before seen scene? Not that exciting. I am excited for the rest of the season though. And I guess it's nice to provide those who haven't been watching regularly the chance to catch up. read more

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