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The Hills Episode Recap: "The Boys of Summer" Season 5, Episode 20

Summer is over, and it's time for Kristin to up and leave her Malibu pad. But will Justin Bobby be joining her on the next venture? Let's find out.

Everything was perfect in Vegas, but Kristin tells Stacie that vacation is never the way it's going to be. She's still worried that she'll get hurt by Justin, but Stacie urges her to give him a chance. But when Justin comes over, Kristin suggests that they cool off for a bit and throws the old "I don't want a boyfriend" excuse at him again.

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Mr. Right Now Season 5, Episode 19

Justin follows Kristin to Las Vegas, hoping to make amends for his past behavior. Back in L.A., Spencer knows Heidi's up to something and tries to find out what it is. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "Can't Always Get What You Want" Season 5, Episode 18

Okay, I have to preface this recap with the fact that I've always loved Laguna Beach and The Hills but even I'm getting bored this season. Can we please move on from the never-ending love triangles/quadrangles, or whatever they are now?

This week is all about the K-Cav/Brody/Jayde saga. First, the newly shagtastic Brody (and by that I mean facial hair, people) and Kristin meet for lunch. They talk about some of the "crazy times" they had while dating, and Kristin mentions that Jayde had asked her to sit down and chat. Brody is not a fan of the idea, but Kristin claims Jayde just wants Brody to be happy so she has to respect his ex for wanting to set things straight.

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The Hills Episode Recap: "On to the Next" Season 5, Episode 17

Kristin and Brody
With Jayde out of the picture, Kristin is moving in on her former beau Brody. The two go to dinner and Kristin coyly asks Brody what he "can and can't do" on his break with Jayde. The date must have gone well because soon Brody is taking Kristin by his mom's house where the two ladies gush over how things used to be, and how cute K. and B. are together.

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The Hills Episode Recap: "I'm Done With You" Season 5, Episode 16

The time has come for Justin Bobby to get the old heave-ho — especially now that Kristin and Brody are becoming more cozy. The two go for a little catch-up stroll on the beach and Brody says that he and his Playmate girlfriend Jayde are on a break because although he loves the girl, he doesn't want to fight anymore.

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The Hills Episode Recap: "Sorry Boo, Strike Two" Season 5, Episode 15

There must be a party every week on The Hills, and this time it's Kristin's turn. So what drama transpired and how awful were Holly Montag's drunken dance moves? Keep reading to find out.

Kristin hosts a Malibu beach party that creates even more of a rift in Brody and Jayde's relationships. After fighting at his birthday, Brody and his g.f. make up over lunch but disagree about attending his ex's bash. Jayde doesn't want to go, but Brody is adamant. "You have an amazing time," Jayde says sarcastically.

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The Hills Episode Recap: "Old Habits Die Hard" Season 5, Episode 14

After being stood up by Justin Bobby, Kristin decides to take a little break from L.A. So where does she go? Home to Laguna Beach, of course. Kristin arrives and shares some wine with her dad, who asks if she's seen Steven or Lauren lately. Um, have you not seen the last four seasons of The Hills, mister? Daddy Cav also hilariously asks if Brody (Kristin's ex) is still in love with himself. Kristin then tells her dad and stepmom about the new guy she's dating —Justin Bobby— and that she took a ride on his motorcycle. I think Dennis knows what she really means here. He's cool but a flake, she says, and not someone you'd necessarily take home to pops. Good thing it's "nothing serious."

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The Hills Episode Recap: "Strike One" Season 5, Episode 13

It's the Brode-ster's birthday and his girlfriend Jayde is throwing a surprise party. Is there drama? But of course. This is The Hills, people.

Kristin takes her new BFF Stacie to the Hustler store to buy some birthday "fun" for Brody and Jayde. Kristin is a little bummed that she didn't get to have a spicy relationship with Brody as she tells Stacie their love-life was "very vanilla, if you will."

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The Hills Episode Recap: "Mess With Me, I Mess With You" Season 5, Episode 12

On Tuesday's episode of The Hills, the Kristin-Justin Bobby-Audrina love saga continues. Kristin attempts to make peace with Audrina by texting an invite to lunch, but Audrina never shows. Instead, Lo swings by and Kristin tells her about how she met Justin Bobby for a drink, just to tell him they should remain friends. Lo knows there had to have been more to the meeting. "Justin never asked me out to drinks to get to know me better," she observes. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "It's On Bitch" Season 5, Episode 11

Season 5 of The Hills returned with a bang... or shall I say bitch? Spencer and Heidi's "welcome home" party (that they threw for themselves) served as the introduction to the second half of the season and the new members joining the cast. So what drama went down with K-Cav and the crew? Read on for the recap.

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The Hills Episode Recap: "Something Old, Something New..." Season 5, Episode 10

After five seasons, over 100 episodes, and a multitude of meaningful words of wisdom, the Lauren Conrad era on The Hills has come to an end. The girls are moving out of their house and when Lo asks Lauren what's next, she responds, "For the first time in a long time, I really don't know." read more

Hi Lauren, It's Spencer Season 5, Episode 9

At Heidi's request, Spencer tries to make amends with Lauren in hopes that she'll come to their wedding. Elsewhere, the recently fired Stephanie has a run-in with former boss Kelly Cutrone. read more

Father of the Bride Season 5, Episode 8

Heidi's father visits, and Spencer has an important question to ask him. Meanwhile, Lauren must fire Stephanie from People's Revolution. read more

Keep Your Enemies Closer Season 5, Episode 7

Stephanie messes up at work, putting Lauren in an awkward situation. Also: Justin calls Audrina out for hooking up with Brody. read more

Playmates Bring the Drama Season 5, Episode 6

The gang returns to L.A., and Brody and Audrina deal with the fallout from their Hawaiian hookup. Elsewhere, Heidi confronts Stacie yet again after intercepting a text message she sent to Spencer. read more

I Always Had a Little Crush Season 5, Episode 5

The ladies decide to crash the guys' Hawaiian vacation, and sparks fly between Audrina and Brody. Back in L.A., Heidi's ex, Colby, comes to town, much to Spencer's chagrin. read more

Crazy in Love Season 5, Episode 4

Heidi and a reluctant Spencer begin couples therapy; Stephanie starts working at People's Revolution. read more

I'm Done With You Season 5, Episode 3

Heidi blows up at Spencer when she catches him hanging out with Stacie the bartender. Meanwhile, Lauren puts her reputation on the line when she gets Stephanie an interview with Kelly Cutrone. read more

Everything Happens for a Reason Season 5, Episode 2

Heidi heads home to Colorado to cope with Spencer's flirtatious ways. Meanwhile, Spencer and Brody put an end to their feud. read more

Don't Cry on Your Birthday Season 5, Episode 1

Lauren is thrown a surprise birthday party in the Season 5 opener, and she's none-too-pleased when Stephanie brings Heidi along. read more

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Premise: A hit reality series following a privileged pack of pretty people living in Los Angeles as they navigate the ups and downs of their friendships, careers and romances. The first five seasons were centered around "Laguna Beach" alum Lauren Conrad. She moved on in Season 5 with Kristin Cavallari, her "Laguna Beach" rival, poised to take her place as series star.


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