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The Hills Season 4 episodes

I Heidi Take Thee Spencer... Season 4, Episode 20

In the Season 4 finale, Lauren and Heidi run into each other and are reminded of why they used to be friends. Meanwhile, Spencer and Heidi must face reality when her mom pays the newlyweds a visit; and Justin surprises Audrina with a romantic getaway to Palm Springs. read more

Mr. and Mrs. Pratt Season 4, Episode 19

Heidi and Spencer consider eloping during a Mexican vacation. Meanwhile, Whitney says her good-byes in Los Angeles before starting her new job in New York City. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "Dream Boy, Dream Job" Season 4, Episode 18

Finally we were treated to a Whitney-centric episode on this week's The Hills. Looks like Kelly Cutrone of People's Revolution is a bit nicer than she's come off in the past. After hearing that DVF (Diane von Furstenberg) was looking for someone to do in-house PR, Kelly thoughtfully recommended Whitney for the job. (Is Whitney more brunette than usual btw?). Kelly tells Whit that although she doesn't want to lose her, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity that she believes she'd excel at. Whitney agrees and decides to take the interview, even if it means relocating to a new coast. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "It's All About Trust" Season 4, Episode 17

After last week's drama-tastic episode we were all left wondering what the outcome would be with Lauren and Audrina's friendship. Their attempt at reconciliation turned into a fight with no resolve and even though Lauren stood her ground, she was pretty bummed about the situation. "It felt like she cared more about him than about you in this situation," Lo said and Lauren was pretty sure that the way Justin had treated Audrina all this time is the reason for why she believed it. "What would it take for you to forgive her?" Lo asked. "For her to actually be sorry," Lauren responded. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "You Did This" Season 4, Episode 16

Looks like Lauren is down another friend. On this week's episode of The Hills, Audrina heard a nasty rumor about Lauren and Justin hooking up and instead of brushing it off as Hollywood gossip, she did the unthinkable. She believed it. Okay so it's not crazy to think your boyfriend and your best friend have hooked up when you hear about it from multiple accounts, but in this case I have to side with Lauren. So here's how it all went down. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "One Last Chance" Season 4, Episode 15

This week's episode of The Hills was a bit of a snoozer and another reminder of why Spencer sucks big time. At this point Heidi doesn’t even seem to like him let alone want to marry him, so I'm not quite sure what's going on in that little Barbie head of hers. Trying to keep herself occupied, Heidi decides to clean out her closet. Hmm I can think of another way to keep occupied, perhaps looking for a new job? Spencer suggests they go to the movies but Heidi doesn't want to and is clearly bitter that he got her fired. She even tells him that and all he has to say is that she should take responsibility for what happened. To make matters worse, Heidi doesn’t even know where her sister Holly is, since the two haven’t spoken since she was literally put out on the street. Spencer takes this opportunity to mock Heidi, sarcastically telling her that's he bummed she's not around more often. "Maybe you're the one causing all the problems," Heidi tells him. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "Back to New York" Season 4, Episode 14

It's back to the Big Apple for Whitney and Lauren and you know these girls can't visit a city without bringing new boys into the mix. Unfortunately for Whitney, she's already got one waiting in the wings that she isn't too into. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "It's Her Move" Season 4, Episode 13

Why is it that the girls on The Hills constantly up and move without any notice? Last time it was Heidi leaving Lauren for Spencer. This time when Audrina informed Lauren she would be moving out soon, she meant that weekend. But Lauren isn't the only one out of the loop; Audrina hasn't shared the news with Justin Bobby yet either. "I'm not going to plan on anything, we'll just see what happens," she says. Yeah right. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "I Want You To Be With Me" Season 4, Episode 12

Once again, this week's episode of The Hills was all about Justin Bobby. Coming off of a disappointing Cabo trip, Audrina discusses her current woes with co-worker Chiara. Justin is being a jerk and knows how to push her buttons but Audrina is tired of jumping from one relationship to the next with Justin always on the forefront of her mind. As Chiara points out, she's finally starting to figure it all out. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "You'll Never Have This…" Season 4, Episode 11

Cabo! Every season it seems that our kids in The Hills head over to Cabo or some other vacation destination. This time there was no shortage of drama as Audrina and Justin had to face what they really are to each other. And back in LA, Spencer was at his finest. When he and Heidi have dinner with Stephanie and new boyfriend Cameron, the charm is so overwhelming that it looks like there will be no family fun time in the near future. read more

The Hills Episode Recap: "Who To Choose?" Season 4, Episode 10

Looks like Audrina has a new boy but will she ever be able to settle down with anyone but Justin Bobby? Her new flavor of the week is Cory. He's a very cute Australian from her past that she recently bumped into and rekindled the romance with. Audrina admits to Lauren that they've been hanging out a lot but she hasn't told JB. But he like totes can't get mad because they're not together. Lauren laments that she's done the same thing that Justin is doing, where she took someone for granted but once he got a girlfriend she was like, wait a minute. Hmm, could she be talking about Brody perhaps? read more

Episode Recap: "If She Never Met Spencer..." Season 4, Episode 9

With each episode of The Hills this season, we seem one step closer to a reunion between Heidi and Lauren and one step closer to Heidi realizing she needs Spencer out of her life. This week Holly, perhaps the new Stephanie, made her attempts at bringing together a reconciliation. But what’s holding Lauren back and what will it take for Heidi to fully realize that her boyfriend sucks at life? read more

Don't Act Innocent... Season 4, Episode 8

Lauren and Stephanie clash over Doug, and Spencer is rude to Heidi's mother when she visits for her daughter's birthday. read more

When Lauren's Away Season 4, Episode 7

Lauren vacations in Italy and a lot transpires while she's away. read more

You Always Miss a Best Friend Season 4, Episode 6

Lauren and Heidi reconsider their friendship when Holly reaches out to Lauren. Meanwhile, Audrina works at an event for Epic Records, and it strains her relationship with Justin. read more

Something Has to Change Season 4, Episode 5

Lauren and Audrina try to save their friendship; Spencer tells Holly that Heidi wants her to move out; Brody and Doug come back from jail with a story to tell. read more

Boys Make Girls Cry Season 4, Episode 4

Frankie, Doug, Brody, Lauren, Stephanie and Lo fly to Las Vegas in a chartered plane to celebrate Frankie's birthday, and Audrina and Justin join them later. Holly moves into Casa Speidi. read more

Better Off As Friends Season 4, Episode 3

Whitney gets a big promotion at People's Revolution and travels to New York to meet with owner Kelly Cutrone. In the Big Apple, Whitney meets a hot model named Alex, and Kelly sets her up on a date with him. Meanwhile, Spencer disowns Stephanie for inviting Lauren to her birthday party. read more

Drama Follows Them Season 4, Episode 2

Heidi and Spencer make a surprise appearance at Stephanie's birthday party; Lauren starts dating Doug, an old boyfriend from Laguna Beach; and Whitney is offered a bicoastal opportunity. read more

We'll Never Be Friends Season 4, Episode 1

Lauren throws a birthday bash for Audrina in the fourth-season opener, but Lo doesn't feel like celebrating with Audrina's friends. Spencer refuses to throw out the welcome mat for Heidi's sister, Holly. read more

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Premise: A hit reality series following a privileged pack of pretty people living in Los Angeles as they navigate the ups and downs of their friendships, careers and romances. The first five seasons were centered around "Laguna Beach" alum Lauren Conrad. She moved on in Season 5 with Kristin Cavallari, her "Laguna Beach" rival, poised to take her place as series star.


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