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The Hills Season 3 episodes

The Next Move Is Yours Season 3, Episode 28

Season 3 concludes. read more

No Place Like Home Season 3, Episode 27

Lauren is in the middle when Lo and Audrina clash; Heidi decides she's through with Spencer and takes a job in Las Vegas; Stephanie makes Spencer move out of her place, so he tries to go back to Heidi---though he knows it may be too late. read more

A Date With the Past Season 3, Episode 26

Lauren, Lo and Audrina move into their new place together and throw a big housewarming party. Later, Lauren and Lo get a blast from the past when Stephen Colletti visits. read more

A New Roommate Season 3, Episode 25

Heidi tries to make up with Lauren one more time, but to no avail. read more

Girls Night Out Season 3, Episode 24

Kelly Cutrone offers Lauren a job, and Lauren happily accepts it. Meanwhile, Audrina, Heidi and Stephanie have a girls' night out. read more

Just Be Careful... Season 3, Episode 23

Lauren is jealous of Whitney's new job at People's Revolution. When she visits Whitney at work and gets invited to help out during fashion week, she jumps at the chance. read more

When Spencer Finds Out... Season 3, Episode 22

Stephanie comes to Lauren's birthday party, and Brody warns Lauren about her. read more

An Unexpected Friend Season 3, Episode 21

Spencer's sister Stephanie joins Lauren's fashion class, and the two form an unlikely bond. Meanwhile, Whitney loves her new job, but a hectic trip to New York causes her to have second thoughts. read more

Back to L.A. Season 3, Episode 20

Whitney has a choice to make between the security of Teen Vogue and the risk of switching careers. Meanwhile, Lauren and Brody argue. read more

"Paris Changes Everything" Season 3, Episode 19

Last time we left The Hills many things were left hanging in the balance Would Lauren return from Paris with Brody waiting for her Would Spencer and Heidi make it through another rough patch Would Lauren and Heidi ever make up Welcome to the start of a new season where hopefully all those questions will eventually be answered Lauren and Whitney arrive in Paris with their driver for the week waiting He hands them their itinerary and the work begins They must pick up shoes for the debutantes and then pick up their ball gowns Too excited to wait they go get their gorgeous dresses and by the time they get to the next stop the store is closed Already we can see this trip to Paris is not going to be a smooth one Back in the US Heidi has returned home to Colorado trying to figure out if her relationship with Spencer is worth repairing In LA Spencer is a mess and his sister makes him realize he has no choice but to go after her He arrives in Crested Butte to be greeted by read more

"When One Door Closes..." Season 3, Episode 18

What a roller coaster ride this season turned out to be. And what a great ending. All this upheaval — both good and bad — is aching to be discussed. Whitney and Lauren’s boss Lisa is a very interesting woman. Mostly I think she comes off as a hardass but we got a little peek behind the curtain tonight. She told Lauren she ran away from home at fifteen to go to Paris. It seems like she’s not the kind of person to share that information with just anyone and I’m glad she confided in Lauren. I’m sure she and Whitney will prove to be their usual helpful selves at the fashion show there. I think Lauren took too many shoes to Paris but that’s just me. Some of you probably thought she didn’t take enough. I kind of wanted to see her clothes but I guess I’ll have to wait for the next season to find out what she took. And I think this trip can only be good for Lauren and Whitney's friendship.One relationship I hope is over for good is Heidi and Spen... read more

"Once a Player..." Season 3, Episode 17

I don’t understand why Lauren couldn’t just come out and tell Brody she wanted to be exclusive. It seemed to me he was waiting for her to say something more than “I’m not telling you what to do” or whatever she said. Maybe he wanted her to tell him what to do. Maybe he wanted her to put herself out there so he could do the same. Maybe I’m projecting but he did seem disappointed that Lauren didn’t want something more serious. Maybe she shouldn’t have to make the first move but some guys like that. But considering how much time he spent checking out other girls at the beginning of the episode maybe she’s smart to keep him at arm’s length.In other non-coupling news, how happy are we that Audrina is moving on from JB? Corey seems nice (or at least courteous and clean) and he’s actually making an effort. I enjoyed Lauren giving him an “upgrade” (very nice corporate synergy, MTV. For those of you who don’t know what I&#... read more

"A Night at the Opera" Season 3, Episode 16

Was I the only one shocked to see Justin Bobby making an effort at the end? I can’t believe he actually took a shower and washed his hair before he went to see Audrina. He must have known how much trouble he was in and he finally cared enough to make an effort. But it was way too little and way too late. I’m just glad he was stupid enough to kiss another girl in front of Audrina. It sounds like Audrina had been hearing rumors of Justin Bobby’s behavior and I’m glad she got to see it first hand. It sucks that he pulled something like that in front of Lauren, Brody, and the gang (as well as new enemy Stephanie) but if it gets him out of her life forever, I’m glad. And what was that business about him trying to talk Audrina out of what she saw? Did he think she didn't see him? It seemed like Justin Bobby thought only Audrina's friends saw the kiss and he was trying to convince her it didn't happen. And he was slick enough to try to pull the "your friends don't ... read more

"With This Ring..." Season 3, Episode 15

Thanks to Robyn for stepping in for me while I was on vacation last week. (The Caribbean. Yes, it was awesome. No, there weren’t any pirates). Let’s get down to it.Was I the only one who got insanely happy when Heidi took her ring off? I felt like she was finally standing up for herself and calling Spencer out on everything that had been bothering her from the inception of their relationship. I don’t think we’ve heard Heidi talk too much about the kind of wedding she wants before tonight, but even I knew Heidi wouldn’t be up for eloping. If I know this about Heidi, what does that say about Spencer? I do have a question and I hope it’s not too spiteful: Other than their families, just how many friends do they think will attend their wedding? Granted there seems to be a lot of creative editing and storytelling going on with this show, but Heidi and Spencer don’t seem to spend any time with anyone but Heidi and Spencer. We’ll see how that develop... read more

"Forgive and Forget" Season 3, Episode 14

Robyn Ross here, subbing in for Kara this week…Well folks, this was the episode of The Hills that we’ve all been waiting for. Lauren and Heidi sit down and re-hash everything that’s happened to their friendship this past year. Of course, there were many things in this episode that lead up to this moment. Lisa Love finally lets Lauren and Whitney attend an event just for fun. The girls immediately look up who’s going to be attending and notice that Brent Bolthouse is a member of the advisory board. Could this mean that Lauren and Heidi would be attending the same event? Oh MTV how you set up these run-ins perfectly. Lauren and Whitney walk in followed a few minutes later by Heidi and her co-worker Kimberly. But Audrina is nowhere to be found. Cut to her on date with the gentlemanly Justin Bobby. Did anyone else wonder why Audrina didn’t even seem to notice JB taking shots alone and incessantly burping? At least we learned that Audrina finally got promoted fro... read more

"Young Hollywood" Season 3, Episode 13

Hmm. I don’t consider myself one of those people who find it necessary to label things, especially if it's early in the relationship. But if you’re hanging out with one person a lot and seeing only that person, I think it’s safe to term what you’re doing as dating. I think it’s OK if you want to call that person your boyfriend of girlfriend. However, it looks like Justin Bobby isn’t comfortable with those labels. I’m so ready for Audrina to be done with him, especially after the way he was talking to one of the members of the band — was it Mark? — about her. He kept calling her "good." She’s a "good girl." She’s "good." I feel it would be naive of me not to ask this, but was he rating her in some way? Gross. The band seemed cool though. I’m not that into music so I don’t have much to say about their talent. Did you like The Ruse? I like their name, at least.In other dysfunctional-couple news, Heidi and Spencer celebrat... read more

"Stress and the City" Season 3, Episode 12

I’m not sure I ever think of Frankie as the voice of reason but I’m glad he tries to talk some sense into Spencer. I don’t necessarily think Brody’s missing out on anything by being estranged from his ex-best friend but I think it important for those two to attempt a reconciliation. It’s hard when you lose a best friend — as evidenced by what Lauren went through last year with Heidi.And where was Heidi tonight? She’s usually causing some sort of drama — be it at work or at home. It was kind of nice to see a little less of her. I still like her more than I like Spencer though. He’s acting like a spoiled little brat about Brody. I think it’s juvenile that he made Brody pick between him and Lauren. He might be all "bros before hos" but I’m glad Brody didn’t let his friendship with Spencer cloud his judgment about Lauren. Since when is it OK for your best friend — let alone any friend — to tell you who to hang out wit... read more

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" Season 3, Episode 11

We're introduced to a few new people in tonight’s episode and only one of them will be sticking around. Lauren runs into Gavin, a model she tried to set Heidi up with in the very early stages of her relationship with Spencer. And the “New Elodie” Kimberly makes her first appearance at a NASCAR staff meeting.Let’s talk about Gavin for a minute — and by “talk” I mean “talk s--t.” He seems like a very nice guy but I’ve got to agree with Brody on this: He was trying to come across as "Mr. Perfect." To me that translates into nice to the point of being boring. I’m not knocking nice guys in general. It’s always nice to meet one of them. But in addition to that, it’s good to have a few things in common. I just don’t think that's happening for Gavin and Lauren. And can we talk about his hair for a moment? I don’t want some perfectly coiffed, slicked-back, manscaped guy, but what was up with that hair? It looked like... read more

"What Goes Around... " Season 3, Episode 10

And we’re back to the sex tape. I think Spencer is the one who started the rumor. Given everything we know about him and how he operates I just don’t think it’s a stretch to think he’d be capable of something like this. We know how much he dislikes Lauren. Is it really that hard to believe he’s the culprit? Of course, I have no firsthand knowledge of anything so I can’t say with complete certainty that he did it. But come on. Does anyone really think it wasn’t him? Except Heidi? Was it just me or did she seem just the tiniest bit unsure in the last few seconds of the episode? I just don’t understand that relationship.It’s good that Audrina and Lauren seem to have their friendship back on track. I’m not sure I would have apologized to Audrina for being so overprotective of her. Yes, Lauren went through a lot last year. And yes, she’s trying to be a good friend by warning her friends away from guys who don’t seem to appreciat... read more

What Happens in Vegas... Season 3, Episode 9

Lauren, Audrina, Lo and Justin go to Las Vegas for Brody's 24th birthday party. Meanwhile, Elodie gets a chance for some payback on Heidi, and Heidi's job intrudes on her anniversary dinner with Spencer. read more

For Better or Worse Season 3, Episode 8

Whitney's in charge of a photo shoot for Teen Vogue with the band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Lauren meets Jason's new girlfriend, Katja, the night before he announces their engagement. read more

They Meet Again Season 3, Episode 7

Audrina and Justin reunite; Lauren and Jason run into Heidi and Spencer at a West Hollywood eatery. read more

Second Chances Season 3, Episode 6

Jason gets out of rehab and back into Lauren's life; Heidi gets promoted to events director at Bolthouse. read more

Rolling With the Enemy Season 3, Episode 5

Heidi and Lauren's feud spreads to their guys when Spencer ends his friendship with Brody, who is dating Lauren again. read more

Meet the Parents Season 3, Episode 4

Spencer goes to Colorado with Heidi to meet her parents. read more

Truth and Time Tells All Season 3, Episode 3

Audrina makes up her mind about Justin; Heidi sees the downside of being engaged. read more

Big Girls Don't Cry Season 3, Episode 2

Spencer proposes to Heidi, driving Lauren and Heidi even further apart. Elsewhere, Audrina gets serious with an old boyfriend, and Lauren visits Laguna Beach seeking advice. read more

I Know What You Did Season 3, Episode 1

Season 3 premieres with Whitney at her first real job after graduating college; Lauren and Heidi still not speaking; Heidi playing house with Spencer; and Lauren juggling new responsibilities at Teen Vogue. read more

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