The Haunted Hathaways Episodes

2013, TV Show

The Haunted Hathaways Season 1 episodes

Haunted Voodoo Season 1, Episode 26

Frankie seeks revenge on Louie after he pranks her, so she crafts a Louie voodoo doll. Before long, Louie retaliates by making a Frankie voodoo doll. read more

Haunted Viking Season 1, Episode 25

Taylor seeks help from Louie for her report on Vikings, but he summons a destructive ghost Viking instead of a famous one. read more

Haunted Duel Season 1, Episode 24

Louie prepares for a duel against his school's top ghost after Ray builds up his confidence. read more

Haunted Boo Crew Season 1, Episode 23

Frankie disguises herself as a ghost boy to attend one of Louie's club meetings, but problems arise when the other members invite her to join the club. read more

Haunted Bowling Season 1, Episode 22

Miles' pal may have to move in order to escape a ghost allegedly haunting his family's business, so Miles and Taylor set out to prove that the place is free from paranormal activity. read more

Haunted Secret Agent Season 1, Episode 21

Louie lies about his dad's profession during career day at school, because he's disappointed that Ray's no longer a frightening ghost. read more

Haunted Visitor Season 1, Episode 20

Ray's conservative father visits, and Ray struggles to tell him about his family's unconventional living arrangement with the Hathaways. read more

Haunted Crushing Season 1, Episode 19

Taylor gets too busy to spend a special day with Frankie, so Frankie devises a scheme involving a beloved teen heartthrob. read more

Haunted Prank Season 1, Episode 18

Louie and Frankie go too far with their latest prank, so Michelle and Ray separate them, but soon the adults realize that may not be the best idea. read more

Haunted Brothers Season 1, Episode 17

Frankie puts a spell on Miles and makes him a bad ghost by mistake, so she needs to correct things quickly before Miles causes trouble during Taylor's talent show. read more

Haunted Bakery Season 1, Episode 16

The kids try to retrieve Michelle's recipe book from the underhanded operators of a rival bakery. read more

Haunted Boat Season 1, Episode 15

Frankie jeopardizes her friendship with Louie when she seeks help for a school project from Miles instead of him. read more

Haunted Camping Season 1, Episode 14

Ray and Louie swap bodies by mistake as they embark on a camping trip. Before long, Louie's in over his head, while Ray attempts to outfox a clever babysitter. read more

Haunted Cookie Jar Season 1, Episode 13

A new cookie jar is sought by Frankie and Miles, because they need to replace the one they broke. read more

Haunted Principal Season 1, Episode 12

Taylor and Frankie inadvertently find out that their mother is dating their school's principal, so they plot to ruin their next night out with help from Miles, who breaks his current vow to not scare anyone. read more

Haunted Halloween Season 1, Episode 11

Taylor hosts a Halloween party and the Prestons help her by performing some ghostly tricks. However, Louie takes things too far when he gets haunting assistance from a very powerful ghost. read more

Haunted Interview Season 1, Episode 10

Frankie writes an essay about Louie, and it earns her an interview at a posh school. However, Louie causes chaos after he reads it. read more

Haunted Play Season 1, Episode 9

Frankie pretends to be hurt so she can drop out of a school play, and Louie fills in for her. However, the high praise he earns incites jealousy in Frankie, prompting her to have a change of heart about not participating. read more

Haunted Dog Season 1, Episode 8

Miles gives Taylor a ghost dog for her birthday, but her new pet winds up causing a lot of trouble. read more

Haunted Doll Season 1, Episode 7

Louie tries to possess a stuffed toy, but he misfires and lands in Taylor's nurse doll instead. read more

Haunted Babysitter Season 1, Episode 6

Louie and Frankie prank Miles while he's babysitting them. read more

Haunted Volleyball Season 1, Episode 5

Frankie struggles to shine on her volleyball team until Ray assists her. However, when Louie tries to repeat the favor, it does not go smoothly, and Frankie's forced to rely on her own skills. read more

Haunted Kids Season 1, Episode 4

Ray and Michelle attempt to parent each other's kids, which proves to be more difficult than they thought. read more

Haunted Science Fair Season 1, Episode 3

Taylor plans to win the science fair with Miles' help, but her mom forbids using ghost shortcuts, putting Taylor in a difficult situation with her teammates. read more

Haunted Sleepover Season 1, Episode 2

Taylor hosts a sleepover for her gymnastics team, and Frankie and Louie try to frighten her guests. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

A mother and her two daughters relocate to New Orleans and discover that their new home is already occupied by a family of ghosts in the series premiere of this comedy about two families learning to coexist in the same house. read more

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Premiered: July 13, 2013, on Nickelodeon
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: A family relocate and learn to coexist with the family of ghosts already occupying their new home.


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