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The Good Wife Episode: "Breaking Fast"

Season 2, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Alicia tries to clear the name of an alleged sniper who died in prison and bring to justice the person responsible. Meanwhile, Alicia's gay brother (Dallas Roberts) visits and publicly claims that Peter is homophobic. The comments appear on the Internet and threaten to damage Peter's campaign.
Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2010
Guest Cast Michael Ealy: Derrick Bond Anika Noni Rose: Wendy Scott-Carr Jessica Stone: Meg Malden David Pittu: Spencer Roth Scott Porter: Blake Dallas Roberts: Owen Cavanaugh Titus Welliver: Glenn Childs Glenn Fleshler: Carol Landers Priscilla Lopez: Judge Christina de la Piedra
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Season 2, Episode 3
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Aired: 10/12/2010
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The Good Wife Episode Recap: "Breaking Fast" Season 2, Episode 3

"You're like that person on the Titanic who won't leave their room because they're afraid of being rude." — Alicia's brother, Owen, on her marriage

On this week's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia's brother puts Peter in hot water with an incriminating Internet video. In court, a malicious prosecution suit pits Alicia against Glenn Childs in the middle of his re-election campaign against Peter.

It's Not What It Looks Like — or Is It?

After Blake discovers Kalinda's former name, Leila, he obviously thinks he has the upper hand in the "competition" between them. At the very beginning of the episode, he casually asks Alicia if she's friends with Leila, er, Kalinda. "It doesn't seem like she has many friends ," Blake says. Alicia shuts down the inquisition immediately and says whatever "thing" is going on between them should stay between them because she doesn't have time. Apparently, Blake has underestimated many of the women at the firm.

After Blake's discovery, it's Kalinda's turn to do some digging. It turns out the connection she found between Derrick and Will is Blake, as evidenced by old pictures of Will and Blake playing some basketball (seemingly in the D.C. area since Will is wearing Georgetown gear). It's not clear how old the pictures are (or how old Blake is supposed to be), but the photos point to something. This prompts Kalinda to follow Blake, where she finds him in a bad part of town appearing to talk to a prostitute and his pimp. Kalinda later drops hints of her discovery in the office, telling Blake not to overpay and to wear a condom. Blake (at least pretends) to look confused and warns her that whatever she think she knows, she doesn't. I wish there had been more Alicia-Kalinda scenes, but this competition and sexual tension between Blake and Kalinda have quickly become my favorite scenes.

Political Complications

Alicia's ties to Peter have served her well so many times in the past, but it seems now that those days are gone. While working on a malicious prosecution suit, Derrick and Diane go to the state's attorney's office to negotiate a plea deal with Glenn Childs. It doesn't go so well. Childs accuses the firm of pushing the Florrick campaign agenda (embarrassing his opponent, Childs) and refuses to talk with them until Alicia is out of the picture. Despite the fact that she's made the case her life, Will asks her to step back until negotiations move further along.

The case takes another interesting turn when the sniper in question kills a fourth victim, after the man found guilty of the other killings dies. Rather than admit there is a possibility the wrong man was convicted the first time around, Childs tells the media that it's Alicia's lawsuit that provoked this copycat killer and blames their firm for the last death. The accusation angers Derrick and he deposes Childs to testify about the case. Derrick gets Alicia to come in and question Childs and the scene is explosive. Alicia shows him that she will not be pushed out of a case again. No conflict of interest here!

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

More than a year after meeting Alicia Florrick, fans really got to know the good wife thanks to a visit by her brother, Owen. We learned about her childhood, her own issues with marriage and divorce, and some hints about her real investment in Peter's success and campaign.

Owen Cavanaugh is a brilliant, blunt, flip-flop-wearing professor from Oregon, who's in town doing a stint at DePaul University as a guest lecturer. One student (with a video recorder in hand, natch) asks if he is, in fact, the famed Alicia Florrick's brother and then asks if he sees her often. Owen says no, despite the fact that "you will not find a finer human being on the face of the earth" than his sister. The problem, Owen says, is that "her husband is uncomfortable that I'm gay." The video instantly makes a splash and Eli is forced to do quick damage control to win back the gay community's support.

Soon enough, Owen is waiting at Alicia's doorstep wearing black leather short-shorts and bearing gifts: white wine for her and gay men's magazines for Peter — hilarious. Once the wine starts flowing, we get a true peek into Alicia's backstory. Owen mentions that their mother has dumped husband No. 3. Alicia laughs it off as if her mother may find No. 4 by the end of the week and their parents' divorce comes to the surface. Owen remembers the speech Alicia gave their parents about rethinking divorce to protect Owen. Her brother connects this a-ha moment to Alicia's continued loyalty to Peter. Owen tries to convince Alicia that he's two-faced (everyone is two-faced, she says), and Owen seems determined to convince her to divorce Peter by the time he leaves.

As part of Eli's brilliant plan to convince the powerful LGBT community that Peter is not homophobic (and not against Israel, a whole other story), he invites a prominent local lobbyist and his partner over to Yom Kippur dinner at the Florrick household, which leads to the most interesting scene of the night, between Owen and Peter. After Owen confesses to Alicia that he made the video to hurt Peter, Owen threatens to kill Peter if he ever hurts her again and calls him a "whoremonger," but Peter fires back, bringing up Owen's lack of communication with Alicia during Peter's time behind bars. Even if you don't like me, Peter says, she needed you and I would have given you the money to fly out. "Don't ever abandon her like that again," Peter threatens. Touché, Peter.  Before he leaves, Owen confesses that he's always used to Alicia being the strong older sister and promises to stay in touch more.

The night's final revelation, perhaps foreshadowing what's to come, involves an old speech of Peter's. Owen is certain that Alicia wrote it. At first, she denies it, but then simply states that she and Peter have the same beliefs. So you're a Hillary, Owen asks. Just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not happening, and the implication of Alicia's heavy involvement is interesting. But if Alicia is as invested as Owen thinks she is, what the heck is going to happen if Peter wins and she's forced to work against his office? Wouldn't she automatically be excluded from all cases where there's a possible conflict of interest? And what if he loses? Yes, she hates the press, but would she ever consider running herself (à la Hillary) to work on what matters to her? It also shows Alicia isn't as forthcoming with everyone as she seems, since earlier in the episode, she told Will she was staying out of the campaign to survive. It's also interesting considering the lobbyist, Spencer Roth, asked Eli if he plans to take Peter national, and Eli did not shoot him down.

So what do you think of tonight's episode? Does Alicia Florrick make more sense now? What's next in the battle between Blake and Kalinda? What is Blake and Will's connection? And who else is dying to meet Alicia Florrick's mom? Share your comments, theories and questions below.


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"You're like that person on the Titanic who won't leave their room because they're afraid of being rude." — Alicia's brother, Owen, on her marriage

On this week's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia's brother puts Peter in hot water with an incriminating Internet video. In court, a malicious prosecution suit pits Alicia against Glenn Childs in the middle of his re-election campaign against Peter.

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