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The Good Wife Episode: "Double Jeopardy"

Season 2, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: In military court, Alicia defends an Army reservist accused of murdering his wife after the man was found not guilty in regular court. Meanwhile, an Internet reporter tries to ruin Peter's campaign, and Diane tries to get Lou Dobbs dropped as a client.
Original Air Date: Oct 5, 2010
Guest Cast Kim Shaw: Amber Madison Michael Ealy: Derrick Bond Christine Evangelista: Madeleine Dreama Walker: Becca Robert Kya-Hill: Thomas Simmons Ken Cheeseman: Jury Foreman Joe Trippi: Himself Titus Welliver: Glenn Childs Linda Emond: Judge Leora Kuhn Lou Dobbs: Himself Lizan Mitchell: Judith's Mother Teyonah Parris: Melinda Gossett Jordan Gelber: Freddy Wright Victor Verhaeghe: Det. Tommy Rezik Patrick Breen: Terrence Hicks Scott Porter: Blake Chris Butler: Matan Brody
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Season 2, Episode 2
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Aired: 10/5/2010
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The Good Wife Episode Recap: "Double Jeopardy" Season 2, Episode 2

"I just thought I was done visiting men in prison" — Alicia

On this week's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia and Will are defending a client in military court against the same murder charge that a civilian court acquitted him of.

Diane and Derrick find themselves at odds over the two well-known clients with opposing political views. On the campaign front, two familiar faces come back into Eli Gold's life and threaten to throw Peter's bid for office upside down.

Turning the Tables
After Cary lost the junior associate bake-off last season and went to the dark side to work for Childs, I was worried we weren't going to be able to see his life outside of the courtroom anymore. Although we didn't get a second appearance of Cary on 'shrooms (we can only hope), we did get a look at his more desperate side. After losing the murder case in civilian court, Cary meets up with an old Peace Corps pal. BTW: Where did Cary go for Peace Corps anyway? What did he do? I feel like that would be some interesting insight into the man known best for his sharp suits and, these days, his sharp tongue with Alicia.

Anyways, Cary convinces his friend, Melinda, to try to the case again in military court. He clumsily leaves his handwriting all over the case notes, which Blake helps Alicia find and soon this "brilliant" idea comes to kick Cary in the butt. Watching Alicia call Cary to the stand is a great scene and an excellent way to turn their rivalry on its head a little bit. On the stand, she makes Cary reveal that he had evidence of the victim's extramarital affair in his possession all along. He's been confident, if not cocky, the last few times he's seen Alicia, but he is reserved and avoids eye contact when on the stand.

After the client is found not guilty of the murder again, Cary reveals that now he's free to be deployed overseas, the very thing he had been trying to avoid when his wife was murdered.

She's Baaaack
Producers had hinted for some time that we had not seen the last of Becca and she came back with quite a vengeance tonight. The look on Eli's face when he saw "dear Becca" in the middle of the call center was priceless. He obviously tells her to leave campaign headquarters, but not before she begs to stay and insists that Zach wanted her to volunteer. Zach, have you really been going behind your mother's back this whole time?!

Luckily, the answer is no, but that means Becca has a bigger trick up her sleeve. Zach tries to get her to leave his family alone (despite Eli telling him to stay away from her), but she weasels her way back in once she tells him she knows Glenn Childs Jr. It looks like he's is the same kid who approached Grace last week at her grandma's function (or are my eyes tricking me?). Grace didn't say too much, but the Childs are probably resourceful and my feeling is this is only the beginning of Becca's destruction.

Unfortunately, Becca's not the only thorn back in Eli's side. Seconds after kicking Becca to the curb the first time, a College Humor video hits the web with Peter's old call girl, Amber Madison. She appears in rooms surrounded by Peter Florrick campaign posters, in skimpy lingerie and yes — donning a police hat at one point — crooning lyrics such as "You're always good at coming from behind," referring to the polls, and "the stiffer the better" when it comes to harsh sentencing. I love the way this show has embraced modern technology such as Twitter and Facebook, and this episode was no different. The long-term repercussions of this video, however, have yet to be seen.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Just last week, Will was professing his undying love for Alicia. "My plan is, I love you. I've loved you ever since Georgetown." But then sneaky Eli deleted the voicemail, Alicia didn't get the message and here we are. After making such progress in his personal life last year (like keeping his distance from the many women lining up for a meaningless night in the sac with him), Will goes right back to where he started, with a slutty journalist who only cares about whether he prefers boxers or briefs. Alicia is obviously hurt/confused about why he suddenly stopped his flirting with her cold turkey (his feet were still pointing at her!), and it only gets worse when she hears the other woman in the background during a midnight phone call. (However, I'm sure those fans who like seeing "casual Will" really enjoyed "shirtless Will.")

Producers last year hinted that Will wasn't such a perfect guy and had demons in his own closet, likening it to a case of Alicia possibly always going for the bad boy. That possibility came full circle with one of my favorite lines of the night. "I just thought I was done visiting men in prison," Alicia says to Will after he gets himself removed during the case. They share a nice moment.

Three's a Crowd
Democratic strategist Joe Trippi and former CNN anchor (and hard-nosed conservative) Lou Dobbs cross paths in the halls of Lockhart, Gardner & Bond, and so is born the first major conflict of the new firm. Diane and Will were willing to give Derrick a few softballs (a mentorship program, an office with windows, etc.), but it won't be so easy getting Diane to surrender.

Once she realizes they must drop one or the other client, she goes to Will to make sure she has his vote. This is exactly why they did the merger, so they would have a 2-1 majority. However, Will quickly changes his tune when he sees Dobbs billable hours and he and Diane duke it out. It's clear this is just the beginning of difficult times for the two of them. After her argument with Will, and her spying ways on the two last week, Diane is officially suspicious and asks Kalinda to look into their connection to each other.

In the end, Diane is the winner. After dropping Trippi, she is able to talk Dobbs into staying with the firm, and he opts to hire her instead of Derrick as his lawyer exactly because of her honesty and her strong convictions. Somewhere, Diane's Sarah Palin-loving Marlboro Man is proud of her for holding her own with Dobbs.

The episode ends with Diane telling Kalinda to stop looking into Will and Derrick's links. "So you don't know want to know what I found?" Kalinda asks before the credits start rolling. Good cliffhanger!

So what did you think of the episode? What was like to see Will in handcuffs and Cary on the stand? What is Becca's ultimate plan? Is she actually working with Glenn Childs Jr.? And what is the connection between Will and Derrick?

Sound off in the comments below plus watch a video interview with Matt Czuchry below.

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"I just thought I was done visiting men in prison" — Alicia

On this week's episode of The Good Wife, Alicia and Will are defending a client in military court against the same murder charge that a civilian court acquitted him of.

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