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The Good Wife Episode: "Taking Control"

Season 2, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: The second season begins with Lockhart and Gardner merging with a Washington, D.C., firm. In court, Alicia counsels a man on trial for murder who insists on serving as his own lawyer. The man claims a government conspiracy is behind the killing.
Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2010
Guest Cast Titus Welliver: Glenn Childs Michael Ealy: Derrick Bond Rebecca Schull: Ruth Cristin Milioti: Onya Eggertsson Scott Porter: Blake Calamar Jacob Pitts: Vance Salle Chris Sarandon: Judge Howard Matchick Montego Glover: Jeanine Derbeken Chris Butler: Matan Brody Rebecca Luker: Carleen Loren Brian Hutchison: Congressman Timmerman Tammy Blanchard: Petra Long Pedro Pascal: Nathan Landry
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Season 2, Episode 1
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Aired: 9/28/2010
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The Good Wife Episode Recap: "Taking Control" Season 2, Episode 1

In the Season 2 premiere of The Good Wife, Alicia finally makes a decision between Peter and Will. Will she choose to support her husband during his bid to return to the state's attorney office? Will she risk it all to take a chance with Will (and he will be able to show her the plan)?

Meanwhile, Diane and Will welcome a third partner after Lockhart & Gardner merges with another firm.

We pick up, obviously, right where the series left off in May. Alicia is at her husband's press conference looking on in support just like before, except this time Will calls her to tell her his true feelings. "Show me the plan," she says. "Poetry is easy; it's the parent-teacher conferences that are hard." Eli Gold pushes her off the phone so she can have a great Kodak moment with her husband for the press. Just when you think she's going to take a chance and answer another call from Will, Eli grabs the phone out of her hand. We all saw how ruthless Eli was last season. Did we really think he was going to let Alicia ruin Peter's big moment? Plus, now that his business is at Lockhart & Gardner, there would have been serious repercussions for everyone involved had she answered the call.

Will gets her voicemail while watching her with Peter at his press conference on TV. He admits he doesn't have a plan and because he's her boss, suggests they drop the whole thing (yeah, right). He pauses and calls her back again. "I'm not dropping this. You know what my plan is? I love you." (Commence cheering, Team Will fans.) Drunk on an $8,000 bottle of wine from Giada (sucker), he says he's probably loved her since Georgetown and offers to meet her anywhere to make their big plan. In closing, he says that if his message doesn't make sense, just ignore it to avoid embarrassment.

Unfortunately, Eli is the one holding the phone when the two voicemails pop up from Will. He listens to the second one and — shudder — deletes the message. No more "I love you." No more "let's make a plan." Obviously, Alicia will find out about this at some time, but my gut says it won't be for a while.

One week later and the attention is on yet another political sex scandal as Alicia watches from her bedroom. She's finally not the good wife in the hot seat. She assures Peter that this Colorado couple is "not us." Interestingly enough, she gives him advice on a campaign speech. Maybe she didn't choose Peter over Will, but she's not shying away from supporting him.

In court, a testy judge forces Alicia to represent an outspoken conspiracy theorist accused of murder. She arrives late for a meeting at the firm, where Diane is introducing the new partner, Derrick Bond, who comes from a small boutique firm in D.C. Derrick says a few brief words before calling up Bachelor #16, aka Will, to speak. After the meeting, Alicia tries calling out to Will to talk to him about her new client, but he ignores her since he thinks she blew off his big message. Will tells Diane he'll be playing this as the disgruntled, excluded partner, probably so as to make Derrick think he has equal say in the firm when it's really his word against Diane and Will.

Eli is waiting for Alicia in her office to warn her about trackers, people from opposing political campaigns hoping to catch someone off guard and get a good quote. Now that there's a new scandal, Alicia and Peter are also back in the news and Eli warns her that Glenn Childs has trackers on her. He says they will try to follow her, but to smile and make no comment whatsoever. Will is her next visitor and plays it very reserved and detached. His ego is obviously still bruised and he has no interest in making any personal conversation with Alicia.

In the state's attorney's office, we find Cary still adjusting to his new gig. Tom Brody tells Childs the conspiracy theorist has been forced onto Alicia, and Childs' ears perk up. He insists Cary come on as second chair to the case, despite Brody's appeal, and there's definitely tension between Cary and Brody. It seems it hasn't been so easy for Cary to find a place for himself in his new job — maybe because the things that made him a great asset to a private firm (billable hours, glad-handing) don't count as much in public practice. Hopefully, we'll see more of this.

In court, Mr. Salle, the conspiracy theorist, refuses to let Alicia help in court and continues to argue for himself. Alicia doesn't believe he did it, but she also doesn't think the government killed his business partner. Derrick overhears her talking about the case with Diane and suggests Kalinda do some digging to break the prosecutor's case. As Alicia and Kalinda exit Diane's office, Alicia and Will cross paths in the doorway and it's clearly very awkward. Kalinda asks if Alicia saw Will's swimsuit spread in Chicago magazine for being the 16th most eligible bachelor, and Alicia gives herself away by saying he wasn't in a swimsuit. Despite Will's initial voicemail on the night of the conference, that he wants to drop everything, Kalinda tells Alicia to talk to him.

In a brief moment, Alicia opens her computer to see a body-language specialist giving her two cents on political scandals. According to her, it's all about the direction of the feet and points to Alicia as the ambivalent or torn wife, with one foot directed toward Peter and the other away.

In the trenches of the campaign, Eli wants Peter to start playing dirty with opponent Glenn Childs, namely to bring up Childs' divorce. But Peter has no interest in getting Childs' family involved, since that means Childs will drag Alicia and the kids into the mud as well. If anything, Peter urges Eli to get him in front of women's groups to remind them of the "mutual respect."

Kalinda begins her investigation into Salle's case and tries to track down the whereabouts of his friend. Outside the potential witness' apartment, she runs into a man carrying a black trash bag. He's insistent that this girl, Anya, left nothing behind, but lets Kalinda in (for her "extra key") after some heavy flirting. She finds a cell phone, but no SIM card, until the man from the apartment suddenly turns up at the firm with the SIM card. Diane introduces him as Derrick's in-house investigator, Blake, and Kalinda looks peeved. Blake says he just wanted to see how Kalinda would play it, but warns her there won't be competition between the two. "It's your backyard, Leila," he tells her before correcting her name.

In search of a women's group with an award, Eli finds himself asking Jackie for help, since she's a member of a botanical gardens group. She says she'll put in a good word for Peter, and inquires about the campaign. Jackie tells Eli she wants to help the campaign and suggests they keep in contact so she can answer any questions and give him advice on Peter. After Jackie helped get Pastor Isaiah out of the way in the season finale, Eli knows Jackie is a good woman to have around and seems grateful (if not a little surprised) by her offer.

Kalinda and Blake work together to decrypt the SIM card, and he asks her what she found out about him after she called his friends in D.C. Kalinda is cryptic, only saying she knows he has enemies. He talks down to her a little when they find a number to reach this Anya and she walks out of the room to follow the lead on her own. Blake really gets under her skin when he tells they should work together and she shoves him and tells him to stop it. Kalinda is hardly ever one to show her emotions, so it will be interesting to see how far Blake will push her.

At a stuffy botanical gardens event, a young kid sits next to Grace and immediately starts asking her about her parents' marriage and whether they're sleeping together. She gets suspicious when she sees the kid's friend taking a cell-phone picture of her. He's obviously a tracker, since Eli warned they're usually young and work in pairs.

In court, Alicia finally get Salle to her help in his defense and Childs pushes Cary to take the lead on the case, much to the chagrin of his more senior colleague, Brody. Cary may have only gone unemployed for a matter of weeks, but it's clear in court by his tone of voice and the way he refers to Alicia that he's still out for blood for his former firm and especially his former competition.

Kalinda is able to track down the big witness, but she's afraid the government will go after her if she testifies. Will (with his feet clearly pointed toward Alicia) tells her to use her anyway in trial, to throw off the prosecution, even if the witness does plead the Fifth Amendment.

Will and Peter cross paths in court as Peter stops by to watch Alicia work. Fireworks start when the judge pushes Anya to clarify why she is pleading the Fifth. Alicia tries to get the judge to stop and he tells her to shut up. Alicia refuses and says as long as he is trying to pierce the witness' rights, she won't shut up. The judge threatens to hold her in contempt and she threatens action right back, forcing the judge to adjourn the case until the following morning. The look on Peter's face after seeing his wife hold her own in court is priceless.

Peter lets Alicia know how he feels later in the bathroom at their apartment, telling her she was "amazing" in court before kissing her. She looks very confused about where he's going with this. She tells him she has to study, but not before he unties her robe. "Let me," he says as he crouches in front of her. Alicia leans her head against the wall, his breathing hard all the while and you can guess what's going on. Talk about Alicia having the power in the relationship.

Back in court, Blake actually helps Kalinda when he warns the police have found the murder weapon with their client's prints all over it. She tells Alicia, who is able to rest the case in time to make the gun inadmissible as evidence. The prosecutors offer Salle five years and Alicia convinces him to take it, since a new trial would allow the gun as evidence.

In the office, Derrick is still trying to acclimate to the firm, and gets a mentorship program from his old office approved by Diane and Will as a one-year pilot program. Will notices the basketball in his office and invites him to join an afternoon league of judges and lawyers. The two seem to hit it off surprisingly well, as Diane sees from across the office. It seems all three partners will be doing some sort of dance until the line of power is established.

The episode ends with Derrick telling Alicia he's her new mentor. He quickly walks away without explaining himself, but I'm curious to see how this will play out. Derrick is from D.C. and obviously has a lot of experience in the political spectrum, so will that help Alicia now that she has Eli's business? Or will this all become a huge conflict of interest because of Peter's career and campaign? Maybe Derrick was assigned to mentor Alicia because Will wants to avoid her? Or maybe the more simple answer is he just wants to be her mentor because he sees her promise and potential.

What else did you think of the episode? When will Alicia find out about the deleted voicemail (if ever) and will it be too late when she does? Do you see a chance for her and Peter to become a loving married couple like they were before the scandal? And what are the new guys, Derrick and Blake, all about?

Sound off in the comments below! 

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In the Season 2 premiere of The Good Wife, Alicia finally makes a decision between Peter and Will. Will she choose to support her husband during his bid to return to the state's attorney office? Will she risk it all to take a chance with Will (and he will be able to show her the plan)?

Meanwhile, Diane and Will welcome a third partner after Lockhart & Gardner merges with another firm... read more

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