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2010, TV Show

The Good Guys Season 1 episodes

Partners Season 1, Episode 20

Jack and Dan respond to a dine-and-dash theft at a restaurant, and learn that a dirty cop may have murdered an informant against a Mafia kingpin in the Season 1 finale. Chris Klein and Gary Cole appear. read more

Cop Killer Season 1, Episode 19

An Internal Affairs investigator reopens a case in a bid to rein in Dan's unorthodox methods, and causes the release of a vengeful gang that sets out to get even with those who imprisoned them. read more

Supercops Season 1, Episode 18

A stolen truck investigation leads Jack and Dan to a diamond heist, and Dan learns that Jack is pursuing a spot in an elite police unit. read more

The Getaway Season 1, Episode 17

Liz and Jack's romantic getaway goes awry when Jack becomes suspicious of a bed-and-breakfast owner (Michael Weston) and Dan comes out to join the investigation. read more

Silence of the Dan Season 1, Episode 16

A fainting spell confines Dan to his desk at the onset of a case involving a painting that was stolen from a doctor's house. read more

The Whistleblower Season 1, Episode 15

Jack and Dan expose a deadly criminal conspiracy while investigating a corrupt oil company, and the case could become problematic for Liz's boyfriend. read more

Old Dogs Season 1, Episode 14

Jack and Dan must work with Jack's con artist uncle (Ed Begley Jr.), who claims he has witnessed an arson. read more

Dan on the Run Season 1, Episode 13

Dan goes into hiding after he is framed for kidnapping the ex-governor's son, leaving it up to Jack to clear his partner's name while Dan reconnects with his old partner, the legendary Frank Savage (Gary Cole). read more

Little Things Season 1, Episode 12

Jack and Dan receive a tip about a person who's stealing mail, and the investigation exposes two identity thieves who are forging documents for a murderous duo of Mexican drug-runners. read more

Common Enemies Season 1, Episode 11

An important burglary investigation teams Dan and Jack with a pompous forensic specialist, whose attitude prompts them to solve the case on their own. Elsewhere, Liz goes undercover for a high-profile prostitution sting. read more

Vacation Season 1, Episode 10

Dan funds an off-the-books sting operation with money he "borrowed" from the Narcotics Division, which inadvertently finances a jailbreak that Dan and Jack must stop. read more

Don't Tase Me, Bro Season 1, Episode 9

A crime family dispatches an assassin to kill a man in the Witness Protection Program after Dan accidentally exposes the man's identity, and it's up to Dan, Jack and a beautiful U.S. Marshal to keep the witness alive. read more

Silvio's Way Season 1, Episode 8

Dan goes undercover in a bid to nab mobsters who slipped through his fingers years ago, and inadvertently inspires two new outfits of criminals who are far more dangerous. read more

Hunches and Heists Season 1, Episode 7

Rumors of a bank heist put the department on high alert, but Jack and Dan determine it is a ruse to cover up a much larger robbery. read more

Small Rooms Season 1, Episode 6

Dan plants evidence from a cold-case file in a routine auto theft investigation, which lands him and his partner in the middle of a massive gun-running ring. read more

$3.52 Season 1, Episode 5

A drug smuggler is set free after a court disapproves of Dan's interrogation methods. After coming up short in department resources, Dan vows to bring down the whole smuggling ring with just the money in his pocket. read more

The Dim Knight Season 1, Episode 4

Jack and Dan investigate dog poisonings in the suburbs, and pick up the trail of a vigilante whose vendetta against neighborhood meth labs brings a dangerous visitor to town. read more

Broken Door Theory Season 1, Episode 3

Dan and Jack uncover a high-class prostitution ring and a grisly murder while investigating a damaged vending machine at an upscale hotel. read more

Bait & Switch Season 1, Episode 2

A vandalism case puts Dan and Jack on the trail of thieves who stole vintage cars. read more

Pilot Season 1, Episode 1

A humidifier theft thrusts two cops into a case involving hired assassins, drug smugglers and a green golf bag in the opener of the comedic action series about a tact-challenged detective (Colin Hanks) and his older, washed-up partner (Bradley Whitford). read more

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Premiered: May 19, 2010, on FOX
Rating: TV-14
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Premise: A promising but tact-challenged detective is partnered with a washed-up, often drunken cop to solve seemingly small crimes in this comedic action series.


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