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Golden Girl Estelle Getty Dead at 84

Estelle Getty by Jim Smeal/

Legendary actress Estelle Getty died early Tuesday morning in her Hollywood Boulevard home at the age of 84, according to the AP. Getty, best known as the smart-mouthed Sicilian character Sophia Petrillo on the hit series The Golden Girls, had been suffering for years with dementia. The talented comedic actress struggled to achieve fame for 40 years, but her Golden role, which came in 1985, made Getty and her three co-stars (Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan and Betty White) household names across the globe.The Lifetime Network, on Friday starting at noon, will air 10 Golden Girls episodes showcasing Getty's Sophia. Until then, watch the montage below for some of Getty's most memorable moments. — Gina DiNunno read more

Hallmark Channel Books Bob Newhart for Movie

Bob Newhart by Kevin Parry/

Bob Newhart will be returning to the tube this summer in Herb's Murders, a two-hour original movie for the Hallmark Channel. Newhart will play a detective who, with the help of his police-officer daughter, investigates the killing of a publisher.Murders is but one of Hallmark's 30 original movies planned for release this year. Among the other projects are The Ride of Her Life, feauturing 7th Heaven's Stephen Collins, and Ladies of the House , which finds Pam Grier, Florence Henderson and Donna Mills working on a church-sponsored home-renovation project.For those who just can't get enough of funny old ladies, Hallmark also announced that it will begin airing The Golden Girls in March 2009. I've already begun counting the days! — Adam Bryant read more

Class of '87, This One's For You!

OK, first off, how fun was last week’s interview with Joss Whedon? You guys went to town on that one. Honestly, I haven’t taken that many hits since high school, if y’all know what I mean.Which brings me to this week’s bidness. Being November, the month of Thanksgiving, I’ve decided to devote each of the next four columns to shows I am grateful to have on DVD. And since high school is on my mind these days—just had my 20th class reunion last weekend (and let me tell ya, we still look good!)—the first batch are all shows from back when the Bonner boys were wearing our Capezio jazz shoes, thin leather ties and trying to understand why all the Prendie girls thought their massive Aquanetted walls of hair and liquid eyeliner looked good. So for Jerry Leyden, Chuck Wurzbach, Art Hoath and the rest of the crew, I offer you the best of the Class of 1987!The Cosby Show By its third season, Denise was just about to show off her Angel Heart (and more), Rudy ... read more

November 28, 2006: Reefer

So right away I was thinking Its not even December why are we getting a Christmas episode already Then I remembered that we only have two more episodes left for this season the season finale airs as early as December 12 and December begins this Friday Happy holidays Actually this episode was more like Halloween meets Christmas Id like to officially place Jacqueline Bissets James character in the category of TVs all-time creepiest characters As soon as Sean asked Reefer the homeless man Charles Haid to stay the night at McNamaraTroy after Sean stitched up his face I knew that James would make Reefer her next victim But I didnt expect her to kill him by removing just about all of his organs how refreshing Then I thought about it of course she had to kill him and strategically remove his body from the premises without the knowledge of the FBI surveillance guards If she kept him alive with just an organ or two removed it wouldve been too obvious read more

October 11, 2006: Johnny Likes the Ladies

So, I have to admit right off the bat that I'm not sure why I chose to write about Twenty Good Years. I'm really not familiar with Jeffrey Tambor's work and I never really liked John Lithgow. However, Golden Girls was a really funny show. So I like old people in sitcoms. Maybe I'm just hoping for a male version of Bea Arthur. Whatever the reason, I've been looking forward to this premiere for quite a while. Now that it's happened, I will reserve judgment until the second episode. You have to hope that a show comes out firing right out of the box, which isn't always that easy to do when you need the entire show to set up the premise for the rest of the series. The Class did it well and so did Studio 60 this year — aw heck — I think I've just disproved my own theory. But what I'm trying to say is that this didn't come out guns-a-blazin'. The debut seemed to be almost straight setup with hopes that mayhem will ensue down the road. Either way, the show is about two retirement-... read more

Where do you think Everwood ...

Question: Where do you think Everwood ranks as far as TV's greatest dramas ever? I am an older viewer and I can honestly say that it is No. 1 for me. Compared with most "great" shows, it had a relatively short run, but it never lost its magic. Every episode gave the viewers something to think about, something to cherish, a quote to remember. I can't think of any other drama that has touched me and gotten inside of my head and heart the way Everwood has these last four years. Answer: I'm glad you feel that way, and I hope you won't take it as a sign of disrespect when I do a little reality check here. I enjoyed Everwood as much, probably more, than the next person, but it's a show limited by its genre (young-adult soap), even if Everwood often transcended that genre. Much as I loved the characters, enjoyed the writing and acting, and was satisfied by the happy ending, it's still a show that was built around the contrivances and reversals of soap opera, where even characters I liked, such ... read more

It seems a given, in the many ...

Question: It seems a given, in the many questions about network scheduling that you receive, that Saturday night is where TV shows go to die, so no one schedules a potential keeper on Saturday. Yet within living memory (mine, at least), CBS had a killer Saturday lineup that would put any recent "must-see" night to shame (All in the Family, M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, Carol Burnett). I know we went out on Saturday night in the '70s (and with no TiVo, or even VCRs). It can't just be due to the fracturing of cable — if the audience is really too small on Saturday, then it's too small whether your share is 15 percent or 35 percent. I've been looking back trying to find the tipping point, but I can't see when the landscape changed. What in the business has caused this change in perception? On a completely unrelated note: I have fallen in love with Slings & Arrows. Has there been, or is there going to be, a third season? I need more of New Burbage! Answer: First off, I'm thrilled ... read more

I have two unrelated ...

Danielle and Dani, The Amazing Race

Question: I have two unrelated questions, so I'll (try to) be brief: Seeing the promos for The Amazing Race 9 (are you as excited as I am?), I wonder if they have ever considered trying it with teams who don't know each other beforehand. I realize they're probably a little gun-shy about experimenting with format after the last race, but I think it might be fun to see strangers working together. My other question is about Scrubs: I read that there has never really been a truly successful sitcom set in a hospital. Leaving aside M*A*S*H (which is kind of a special case), I can't think of any. Can you? Could it be that Scrubs is a historical first? Answer: Wow, those are unrelated. But I'm leading with this because (drumroll) I've just seen this week's two-hour opener of The Amazing Race 9, and I'm happy to say: The show we loved is back, as good if not better than ever. Put thoughts of Rob & Amber and the misbegotten family edition out of your mind. The teams are colorful and well chosen. ... read more

Time to Go?
Preparing for that final curtain

Knowing when to leave, and then executing that exit strategy with dignity and creative energy intact, is possibly the toughest task in all of TV. (Everybody Loves Raymond pulled it off better than most.) In the year ahead, quite a few longtime faves are heading toward the finish line, even if some — like the fading West Wing — have yet to make it official. Here's my take on how these swan songs are playing out. While watching them, I also started wondering which ones are most likely to live on in spin-offs and which are best suited for nostalgic reunions somewhere down the road. The West Wing Sundays, 8 pm/ET, NBCSeason: 7Showing its age? By definition, a lame duck is no spring chicken. Moving this once-majestic show to Sund read more

Who sang the theme song for ...

Question: Who sang the theme song for The Golden Girls?

Answer: Cynthia Fee sang an abbreviated version of Andrew Gold's "Thank You for Being a Friend" for the show, which, as you know, ran on NBC from 1985-92 and starred Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty as four seniors living in Miami.

The song was a Top 25 hit from Gold's 1978 album, All This and Heaven Too. The singer-songwriter (a term popularized when you needed to do at least one to have a career in the music business) had a previous Top 5 hit with "Lonely Boy" in 1976 and, putting in time as a producer, studio musician and songwriter for others, has worked with such notable talent as Linda Ronstadt, Karla Bonoff, James Taylor, Ringo Starr, Brian Wilson, Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Dia read more

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Premiered: September 14, 1985, on NBC
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Premise: Four mature single women share a house in Miami in a long-running ensemble sitcom that's enjoyed a resurgent popularity among younger viewers since repeats began airing on Lifetime. A two-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series, the smart Susan Harris-created sitcom dealt wittily (and often movingly) with aspects of friendship and aging, and earned awards for all four of its principal actresses.



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