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Episode 32 Season 0, Episode 32 Free

Tae Wook makes a visit to Hyun Woo and apologizes for what his brother had done.

Episode 8 Season 0, Episode 8 Free

Ji Hye has to leave her father and Hyun Woo. Left alone at the farm, Hyun Woo gets acquainted with Ji Hye’s father, who of course doesn’t know who Hyun Woo is.

Episode 6 Season 0, Episode 6 Free

Eun Hee sees for her own eyes when her husband Seung Soo and Cynthia goes into the same room in the Busan Hotel.

Episode 4 Season 0, Episode 4 Free

Fate brings Ji Hye and Hyun Woo back together when they meet at a bookstore by chance.