Sat May 2 8:00am
Out of Bounds(Season 1, Episode 15) BET

Melanie gets jealous when Derwin agrees to appear in a video with singer Drew Sidora. Meanwhile, Malik is crushed when he learns that his former flame, Eva Marcille, is getting married.

Sat May 2 8:30am
The List Episode(Season 2, Episode 13) BET

Malik is set up on a date with a mean tennis pro (Serena Williams). While Malik tries to control her, Tasha attempts to sign her as a client.

Sat May 2 9:00am
The Lord Givens...and the Lord Taketh Away(Season 2, Episode 18) BET

Malik goes out with Robin Givens and enjoys her freewheeling approach to life. Meanwhile, Jason sees a therapist when post-championship blues set in. The NFL's Marion Barber and Roy Williams appear as themselves.

Sat May 2 9:30am
I Got 99 Problems and My Chick Is One(Season 2, Episode 19) BET

Melanie plans a romantic weekend with Jerome, but their intimate time is interrupted when Derwin and the Sabers party at the same hotel. Meanwhile, Malik sulks over breaking up with Robin Givens; Jason fires his manager; and the professional relationship b (more…)

Sat May 2 10:00am
Baby Come Back(Season 2, Episode 20) BET

The second season ends with Derwin and Jerome getting into a fight over Melanie. Elsewhere, Malik tells Robin Givens he loves her and wants the two of them to commit to a relationship; and the team's new owner shows more interest in Kelly than in re-signin (more…)

Sat May 2 10:30am
Parachutes...(Season 4, Episode 1) BET

In the Season 4 premiere, Melanie tries to wedge herself between Derwin and his son; Jason takes a guest-correspondent gig; and Kelly stars in a reality show.

Sat May 2 11:00am
...Beach Chairs(Season 4, Episode 2) BET

Melanie struggles with the fallout from her news for Derwin; Tasha's romance hits a snag; Kelly's show irks Jason; and Malik and Tee Tee are at odds.

Sat May 2 11:30am
Move Trick, Get Out the Way(Season 5, Episode 21) BET

Melanie and Derwin clash during the week of the championship game; Malik gets mixed up in a fiery dispute when picking Jenna up from rehab; Jason makes a decision about his relationship; and Pookie offers a helping hand to Tasha.

Sat May 9 8:00am
The Jersey Episode BET

Jason's jersey is retired in the Season 7 opener. Also: Keira tries to reconnect with Blue; Malik becomes bitter following his release; information surfaces about Jason's past; Blue tries to be a hero; and Malik attempts to settle a score.

Sat May 9 8:30am
The Jersey Episode Part 2(Season 7, Episode 2) BET

Conclusion. Information surfaces about Jason's past steroid use. Meanwhile, Blue tries to be a hero, and Malik attempts to settle a score.

Sat May 9 9:00am
He's a No-Good, Lyin', Cheatin, Honky-Tonk Man!(Season 7, Episode 6) BET

Jason attempts to earn Chardonnay's forgiveness after an encounter with Kelly. Malik adjusts to news about Tasha's baby. Keira moves in with Blue after a fire.

Sat May 9 9:30am
This Is Happening(Season 7, Episode 9) BET

Kelly throws Tasha a surprise baby shower. Keira and Blue fight when she gets a job in San Diego. Malik realizes he's in love with Yana. Jason smoothes things over between Kelly and Chardonnay as the couple prepares for their vow renewal. Tee Tee tries to (more…)

Sat May 9 10:00am
The Wedding Night Episode BET

Chardonnay's life upends after getting jilted at the altar in the Season 8 opener. Also: Kelly tries to make amends with Chardonnay.

Sat May 9 10:30am
The After the Wedding Night Episode BET

Dramas continue after Chardonnay gets jilted at the altar. Also: Malik connives to arrange football tryouts; and Keira and Blue's elopement plans hit a snag.

Sat May 9 11:00am
The Saber's Story(Season 8, Episode 4) BET

Acting on orders from the Sunbeams, Tasha tries to stop Chardonnay from suing Jason; Blue helps Keira organize her life; and Malik comes to terms with being on the third string.

Sat May 9 11:30am
Switch!(Season 8, Episode 7) BET

In the Season 8 finale, Blue suspects that something is up with Keira and Malik; Jason is asked to step in as head coach after Coach Sparks has a heart attack; and Chardonnay vows revenge after Kelly and Jason rekindle their relationship.