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The Game Season 5 episodes

The Championship Game Episode Season 5, Episode 22

Season 5 closes with Derwin and Melanie trying to resolve the issue of a potential long-distance relationship in the wake of the championship game. Elsewhere, Malik must make a big decision about Jenna; Tasha goes ahead with her plans to be a surrogate; and Chardonnay experiences up-and-down dramas thanks to Jason. read more

Move Trick, Get Out the Way Season 5, Episode 21

Melanie and Derwin clash during the week of the championship game; Malik gets mixed up in a fiery dispute when picking Jenna up from rehab; Jason makes a decision about his relationship; and Pookie offers a helping hand to Tasha. read more

Cold Swine Sucks...And So Does Falling in Love! Season 5, Episode 20

Tasha makes a disheartening discovery about Pookie courtesy of a text message. Elsewhere, Derwin urges Irv to seek a new contract offer. read more

Let Them Eat (Cup) Cake! Season 5, Episode 19

Melanie leaves town for a job interview, leaving Derwin in a lonely state. Meanwhile, Tasha tries to avoid destroying her new romance with Pookie by becoming devoted to celibacy. read more

Breakthrough. Breakdown? Break-through Season 5, Episode 18

A disenchanted Melanie mulls over her future; Malik falls into old habits. read more

A Woman's Right to Choose Herself Season 5, Episode 17

Tasha's blossoming romance with Pookie complicates her choice to carry Melanie and Derwin's baby. Elsewhere, Chardonnay gets financial help from Jason; Melanie discloses her dissatisfaction with a life with Derwin. read more

Fits and Starts Season 5, Episode 16

Tasha and Pookie clumsily consider taking their friendship to the next level. Meanwhile, DJ keeps Melanie and Derwin busy. read more

Party in a Box Season 5, Episode 15

Chardonnay grumbles that her relationship with Jason is purely physical, so Jason tries to make amends by introducing her to his friends. Meanwhile, Derwin faces the reality of Kwan's season-ending injury. read more

Derwin's About to Go H.A.M. Season 5, Episode 14

Derwin misses a basic block during a game, causing a season-ending injury to the starting quarterback. Conversely, it's Malik who then shines on the field. Elsewhere, infertility and surrogate issues plague Melanie. read more

There's No Place Like Home Season 5, Episode 13

Malik mulls over an endorsement offer; an unexpected arrival tests Melanie and Derwin. read more

Higher Ground Season 5, Episode 12

Melanie reveals her infertility to Tasha, who then agrees to be a surrogate for Melanie and Derwin. Meanwhile, it's in the cards that Derwin will host a poker night, but the quiet evening transforms into a wild bash. read more

A Punch in the Gut...Full of Human Season 5, Episode 11

Jason's relationship with Chardonnay is tested by a third party; Melanie and Derwin receive troubling fertility news; Chardonnay reaches out to Tasha for relationship help. read more

Catfight on the Catwalk Season 5, Episode 10

Melanie tries to deliver a successful fashion show, but model Derwin falls victim to a wardrobe malfunction, emcee Jason behaves like a prima donna and Tasha clashes with her escort. read more

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Prostitutes Closer Season 5, Episode 9

Melanie tries to connect with Janay by pushing Derwin closer to her fiancé. Elsewhere, Tasha forges ahead in her newfound relationship with a male escort. read more

Matchmaker, Matchmaker...Mind Your Business! Season 5, Episode 8

Tasha develops romantic feelings for a new man—but he turns out to be a male escort. Elsewhere, Melanie plays matchmaker at her dinner party, only to stir up tension with Derwin. read more

The Tricks Episode Season 5, Episode 7

Malik hopes a viral video of him performing football tricks will help advance his gridiron career. Elsewhere, Melanie fumes when she discovers Derwin has been associating with Malik. read more

Drink. Pray. Love. Season 5, Episode 6

Melanie clashes with Tasha; Malik is forced to sell his dream home; Chardonnay isn't pleased when a sexy new coanchor is hired for "The Pitts Stop." read more

Grand Opening, Grand Closing Season 5, Episode 5

Chardonnay rejects Jason's proposal; Derwin is stunned when Melanie gets the diva treatment at church. read more

The Black People Episode Season 5, Episode 4

Hostility between Melanie and Tasha goes public at a fashion show. Elsewhere, Chardonnay's friends open Jason's eyes to racism; and Derwin takes Kwan under his wings. read more

No Money, Mo Problems Season 5, Episode 3

Melanie seeks a purpose in life while Tasha looks to collect a debt. Elsewhere, Malik reconsiders his flashy lifestyle. read more

The Truth Pact Season 5, Episode 2

Derwin and Melanie grapple with an abortion issue; Tasha corners Malik about his relationship with Jenna; and a wild night comes back to haunt Jason. read more

Skeletons Season 5, Episode 1

Melanie grapples with Derwin's accusations that she had an abortion. Meanwhile, Malik and Tasha deal with a drunken Jenna. read more

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Premise: A pro football player's girlfriend adjusts to life in the NFL, which is sometimes glamorous but often stressful.


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