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The Game Season 3 episodes

The Wedding Episode Season 3, Episode 22

Melanie tries to marry Derwin before Janay gives birth to his baby, even if it requires sacrificing her dream wedding. read more

I Want It All and I Want It Now Season 3, Episode 21

Melanie attempts to marry Derwin before Janay gives birth to Derwin's baby, even if it requires sacrificing her dream wedding. read more

The Fall of the Roman Season 3, Episode 20

Jason wants to introduce his daughter to his new girlfriend (Stacey Dash), but Kelly isn't sure it is a good idea. Meanwhile, Melanie stumbles upon the perfect wedding dress, but she's reluctant to buy it. read more

Put a Ring on It Season 3, Episode 19

An engagement party for Melanie and Derwin doesn't go quite as planned, and it's especially difficult for host Kelly when Jason brings his new girlfriend, Camille, to the affair. read more

The Third Legacy Season 3, Episode 18

Malik meets his half-sister and worries that he may have slept with her before they knew they were related; Tasha meets her former husband's wife and is shocked to see that the woman is surprisingly similar to herself. read more

Hill Street Blues Season 3, Episode 17

Janay's ex-boyfriend Hill Harper (appearing as himself) visits while on a book tour and it makes Derwin jealous; Melanie feels blue and seeks comfort in the arms of her cable guy (Cory Hardrict). read more

Truth and Consequences Season 3, Episode 16

After Kelly betrays Tasha at work, Tasha gets her revenge by introducing Jason to a gorgeous TV personality (Stacey Dash). read more

Take a Bow Season 3, Episode 15

Tasha tries to prevent Rick from losing his job; Malik becomes obsessed with learning everything he can about his father and why they were apart for years; Melanie questions why Derwin is back together with Janay. read more

Punk Ass Chauncey Season 3, Episode 14

Malik meets his father (Michael Boatman) for the first time. Meanwhile, Derwin and Janay rethink their relationship just as they are about to become parents, which isn't good news to Melanie. read more

Do the Wright Thing Season 3, Episode 13

Malik is invited to appear on a children's TV show, but the offer is suddenly withdrawn when team officials determine that his outing of a fellow player is bad publicity for the organization. read more

Stay Fierce, Malik Season 3, Episode 12

Robin Givens implies that Malik is gay on national TV and that it's the reason for their breakup. Malik is then teased by his teammates and discovers one player is actually gay, but is afraid to come out. Meanwhile, Derwin accuses Melanie of seeing a doctor at the hospital where she works. read more

Insert Car Here Season 3, Episode 11

Jason gets jealous when he sees Kelly with a date; Tasha faces her insecurities in her relationship with Rick Fox; Melanie searches for ways to connect with Derwin that don't involve physical intimacy. read more

The Negotiation Episode Season 3, Episode 10

Jason tries to win Kelly back and put an end to her divorce talk; Malik grows tired of keeping up the charade of his fake marriage to Robin Givens when she tells him to stop seeing other women. read more

Oh, What a Night Season 3, Episode 9

Tasha starts dating other men because she believes her relationship with Rick Fox has no future; Jason tries to mend his relationship with his daughter, who blames him for the separation from her mom. read more

The Side Part, Under Episode Season 3, Episode 8

After a heated argument with Derwin, Melanie concentrates on her work at the hospital, where she becomes attracted to a handsome man. read more

White Coats and White Lies Season 3, Episode 7

Melanie is placed on academic probation and her grant money is revoked; Tasha and Malik are shocked to learn that her boyfriend and Malik's wife, Robin Givens, were once in a relationship; and Kelly goes on her first date since separating from Jason. read more

The Platski Thickens Season 3, Episode 6

Kelly tries to put her marital problems behind her by going on a fun night out with some former high-school friends; Jason attends a wild party thrown by Malik but regrets it the next morning. read more

A Delectable Basket of Treats Season 3, Episode 5

Robin plans a belated wedding reception to gain more publicity for her marriage to Malik, but Tasha refuses to attend; Rick's overprotective mother (Penny Marshall) clashes with Tasha when they meet for the first time. read more

Just the Three of Us Season 3, Episode 4

Melanie gets jealous when Derwin goes with Janay to the doctor for a pregnancy exam; Kelly and Jason disagree over whether to tell Brittany about their separation. read more

Just When I Thought I Was Out...She Pulls Me Back In Season 3, Episode 3

Tasha tries to keep her romance with Rick Fox a secret, but he wants to go public with it. Meanwhile, Malik becomes frustrated with new bride Robin Givens, who spends more time acquiring publicity for their marriage than with him; and Derwin is stressed about becoming a dad, which adversely affects his intimate time with Melanie. read more

Mel-odrama Season 3, Episode 2

Melanie confronts Janay to discover if she is actually pregnant with Derwin's baby; Kelly plans a girls' night out in an attempt to deal with her separation from Jason; and Malik tells his mom about his marriage. read more

Baby on Board Season 3, Episode 1

The third season begins with Derwin telling Melanie that Janay is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Kelly gets her parents' help to keep Jason out of her life, and Malik tries to hide his marriage to Robin Givens from his mom. read more

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Premise: A pro football player's girlfriend adjusts to life in the NFL, which is sometimes glamorous but often stressful.


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