A stark and moody Emmy-winning drama about an innocent man sentenced to die for his wife's murder who eludes the obsessed Lt. Gerard to chase down the one-armed man who's the real killer. Superbly written, performed and paced, the episodes track Richard Kimble through a series of gripping near-captures, often set in a hauntingly realized small-town America where sympathetic strangers (frequently beautiful women) risk themselves to save his life. The final episode drew a then-record audience.

Guest Stars

Ballinger, Joshua, Mallet, Russ, Sgt. Burden
Anne, Cora, Ellen, Irene, Laurel
Bruce Dern
Charley, Cody, Hank, Hutch
Ella, Penny, Stella
Capt. Ralph Lee, Deputy, Jesse, Spencer
Lawrence, Maddox, Malleson, Taft
George Forster, Lawrence, Len Taft, Vilattic
Jackson, Sheriff, Tyson
Ammory, Braydon, Unger
Dabney Coleman
Floyd, Keith, Steve
Bantam, Malinek, Sheriff
Angstrom, Kovaks, Savano
Sister Veronica
Louanne, Ruth, Sharon
Adrienne, Caroline, Lucia
Helen, Mrs. Mitchell, Ruth
Fielding, John, McCallister
Lucey, Marcia, Susan
Don, Mooney, Vinnie
Art Howe, Ernie, Wyckliff
Amy, Lucille, Norma
Bradley, Sheriff, Tully
Shirley Knight
Jane, Janice, Mona
Keller, Polichek, Vic Leonetti
Davis, Joe Hallop, Lund
Keefer, Macklin, Passenger
Bellows, Larry, Tommy
Andresen, Harlan
Andrea, Coralee
Jacobs, Sheriff
Jean Carlisle
Carnival Worker, Sandy
Brady, Lazer
Clements, Steve
Corman, Wynn
Charney, Thorpe
Gus Priamos, Jose
Towne, Unawa
Jack Klugman
Gus Hendrick, Harmon
Brame, Mike
Barbara, Barbara Wells
George, Sheriff
Frank, Pryor
Carla, Carole
Ruth, Sharon
Dr. Brooks, Dr. Ray Brooks
Leslie Nielsen
Harold Cheyney, Rowland
Johnny, Steel
Cartwright, Willoughby
Starling, Steelman
Congresswoman Snell, Paula
Cermak, Green
Pat Hingle
Marshal, Mike Decker
Burmas, Howe
Pinkerton, Slade
Edith, Grams
Marianne, Willy
Art, Hasboro
Karen Christian
Suzanne Pleshette
Ellie Burnett, Peggy
Mooney, Rains
Kulik, Ross
Herbie, McClure
Fletcher, Jensen
Bailey, Milt
Malachi Throne
Jones, Santelli
Cathy, Joanne
Collison, Lloyd Chandler
Angie Dickinson
Norma Sessions
Mrs. Barlow
Hallie Martin
Tina Andresen
Sal Mitchell
Betsy Chandler
Mattie Braydon
Monica Welles
Miss Edmonds
Mrs. Daniels