The Flintstones

  • 1960
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

Rock-solid animated sitcom about a Stone Age family in the prehistoric town of Bedrock that played out like a cartoon version of `The Honeymooners.' The series, originally titled `The Flagstones,' was TV's first prime-time cartoon. It later thrived in syndication and spawned many incarnations, including `The Flintstone Kids' (which cast Fred, Wilma, Bar (more…)

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Rock-solid animated sitcom about a Stone Age family in the prehistoric town of Bedrock that played out like a cartoon version of `The Honeymooners.' The series, originally titled `The Flagstones,' was TV's first prime-time cartoon. It later thrived in syndication and spawned many incarnations, including `The Flintstone Kids' (which cast Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty as 10-year-olds), specials (such as a 1993 one in which Pebbles married Bamm Bamm) and theatrical films (in 1994 and 2000).


Guest Stars

Announcer/Charlie/Chairman, Blowhard Sandstone/Cop No. 1, Boss Rockhead/Cop/Announcer, Charlie/General/1st Sergeant/Announcer, Charlie/King/Mr. Slate/Third Man, Charlie/Sergeant/Old Man/Radio Announcer, Conrad Hailstone/Mailman/Ringmaster, Director/Announcer, Doctor, Doctor/Announcer, Driver/Maitre d'/Indian, Emery/Sludge/Announcer, Fingers/Sarge/Attendant/Announcer, German Doctor/Intern, Grand Poobah/Doc/Driver/Mailman, Harvey Millrocks/Editor/Mailman, Joe Rockhead, Joe Rockhead/Andre/Barker, Joe Rockhead/Emcee, Joe Rockhead/Mailman, Larry Lava/C.W. Crater/ Goldrock/Joe, Mike/Captain/Announcer, Mr. Granite/Third Photographer/Kid, Mr. Nate Slate, Mr. Slate, Mr. Slate/Announcer, Mr. Slate/Arnold's Father/Coach, Mr. Slate/Catcher/Umpire/Casey, Mr. Slate/Chaarlie/Announcer/Guy No. 1, Mr. Slate/Charlie/Sarge/Ticket Taker/Fan No. 2, Mr. Slate/Cowboy/Professor, Mr. Slate/Doc/Hammerslag, Mr. Slate/Dr. Ben Cavity/Sponsor/Turtle, Mr. Slate/Fireman, Mr. Slate/First Card Player, Mr. Slate/Hat Bird, Mr. Slate/Mailman No. 1/ Mailman No. 2, Mr. Slate/Mediator/Butler/Pierre, Mr. Slate/Mr. Vanderock, Mr. Slate/Pelican, Mr. Slate/Rocky/TV Announcer/Flagman, Mr. Slate/Sarge/Dr. Firma, Mr. Slate/Scoutmaster, Mr. Slate/Shystone/Fish, Perry Gunite/Jeweler, Rock Quarry/Gus Schultz, Rockbound/Chef/Agent, Rockhead/O'Shale, Sam, Sam/Announcer, Scat/Rockwell, Spike/Butler/Third Cop, Stan/Sam/Mac, Stonehead/F.M./Owner/Narrator/Boss, Tiberius/Nero/Arthur/Astronomer/Cop, TV Announcer/Butler/Cop Reporter, Wrathrock/Wig Man/Mr. Slate
65 Episodes (2002-2007)
A.A. Carborundum/Second Photographer/Kid, Announcer, Announcer/Butcher/Real Estate Agent/Patron, Announcer/Cop No. 2, Bird/General/Pinecone, Creepers/Horace/Giggles, Doris/Boy/Fiendish/Father/2nd Cop/1st Announcer, Guy No. 2, Hold-up Guy/Sonny/Harvey/Chief/Third Guy, Joe Rockhead/Bird/Guy/Cat/Phonograph Bird, Lawn Mower/Rocky/Rover/Kid/Gummo, Melville J. Muchrocks, Mr. Hardrock/Ambassador/Fireman, Neighbor, P.A. Announcer/Dan/Boxx/Colonel/Seller/Dinosaur, Peddler/Emcee/Guard, Radio Announcer, Rock Roll, Rocky Genial/Shelly/Baseball Fan/Bird No. 2, Scout/Pa/Red, Second Chimp/Whale/Captain Blah, Soda Jerk/Referee/Announcer, Sportscaster, Tex, Tumble/Manager/Attendant/Bronk/Chet, Uncle Tex/Carmen/Dinosaur/Pilot/Cow, Uncle Tex/Orville/Boy/Clerk, Will/Cop
28 Episodes (2002-2004)
Al, Baggage Monkey/Reggie/Actor/Dragon/Alligator, Bird/Second Kid/Second Monkey/Elmo/Elephant/Lucy, Bobby/Announcer/Parrot, Clerk/Kid/Porcupine, Dr. Corset/Brick/Bird, Dr. Smiley Molar/Boy/Pilot/Sergeant/Cop/Bird, Eddie/Clam/Turtle/Manager/Customer, Guard/Announcer/Pilot/Cop/Black Lamb, Hippo/Bird/Duck/Lionosaurus/Sailor/Squire, Jethro Hatrock/Weirdly Gruesome/Slab/Waiter/Percy, Jimmy/Quartz/Ticket Taker/Reporter, Mr. Slate/Boy/Monkey/Bird, Mr. Slate/Charlie/Principal/Announcer, Ollie/Turtle/Ranger/Cop, Percy/Pa/Slab/Possum/Attendant, Peter/Al/Cop/Mop Animal/Announcer, Rockhead/Slag/Bird/Second Card Player, Rockoff/Bird/Official/Proprietor/Joe, Rodney Whetstone/Dr. Pilldown/Monkey/Turtle, Ted Stonevan/Tex Bricker/Filbert, The Kissing Bandit/Henry/Cop, Tortoise/Alligator/Mammoth/Hotrock/Oyster, Treasurer/Turtle/Bird/Scotchman/Timid Man, TV Announcer/Monkey/Cat/Emcee/Bird No. 1, Weirdly Gruesome/Spider/Flower/Head/TV Announcer
26 Episodes (2002-2007)
Alex/Chester/Cop/First Man, Capulet/Poobah/Gravel/Muscles/Jack, Charlie/Control Tower/Poobah, Chip Marble/Photographer/Reporter/Clerk, Chopping Bird/Announcer/Cop, Cop/Laundry Man, Crab/Elephant, Egg Monkey/Linko/Man, Foreman/Dealer, Grand Poobah/Beaver/Cop, Grand Poobah/Doorman, Guy/Bunkly/1st Cop/1st Ape/Sergeant, Horn/Bird/Grand Poobah/First Chimp/Fish, Jay Bondrock/Guard/Strong Guy/Bird, Jerry/Mauler/Announcer, Joe/Clock Bird, Minister/Airmail Bird, Mowersaurus/Elevator Monkey/Cop/Bird/Auto Horn/Joe, O'Rockly/Fight Announcer, Percy/Egbert, Police Chief Rockschnozzle, Poobah/Tortoise/Cop, Poobah/TV Announcer/Cop/Clerk
23 Episodes (2002-2005)
Baron Von Rickenrock, Ben Cartrock/E.B./Rockeye/Digger, Big Ed, Big Sparkle/Stoolie Pigeon/Charlie, Dick/Attendant/Barker/Sheriff/Herculo, Guard/Columbus/Knight/Clerk, Maitre d'/Gus/Ingomar, Monte/Shale/Manny/Doctor/First Guest, The Mangler
14 Episodes (2002-2004)
88 Fingers Louie/Mailman/Cops, Baffles/Hen/Pterodactyl/Clerk/Elephant, Barney Rubble/Dino/Joe Rockhead, Barney Rubble/Joe Rockhead, Cop, Defense Attorney/Det. Shale/Bailiff, Elephant/Photographer/Bus Driver/Mr. Goldbrick, Lulu Belle/Harry/Bird/Porcupine, Yogi Bear
12 Episodes (2002-2005)
Aaron Boulder/Thug/Pig, Mailman/Tom/Thin Man/Prospector, Mr. Nate Slate, Mr. Nate Slate/Hoss Cartrock/Sheriff Craig, Quartz/Jane/Cop/Cat/Bird/Doc, Quartz/Owner/Sportscaster/Sleuth/Doorman, Stony/Sergeant/Elephant, Superstone/Bugsy/Bartender/Sergeant
10 Episodes (2002-2005)
Harvey Korman
The Great Gazoo, The Great Gazoo/Cop/Maitre d'/Don
9 Episodes (2003-2004)
Janet Waldo
Helda/Girl, Linda, Mrs. Sitstone/Second Woman/Third Woman, Mrs. Slaghoople/Doris/Pamela, Mrs. Slaghoople/Mildred/Hostess, Stuntwoman/Fran
8 Episodes (2002-2003)
Clerk, Mr. Boulder/Rocky Stone, Rockbind
6 Episodes (2002-2003)
Pearl Slaghoople
5 Episodes (2003-2006)
Agent, Doctor No. 1, Silky, Store Detective
4 Episodes (2003-2007)
Emmy/Miss Shadrock/Dame, Greta Gravel, Mrs. Slate/Saleslady, Nurse
4 Episodes (2002-2004)
3 Episodes (2002-2004)
3 Episodes (2003-2007)
Grandma Dynamite/Peaches/Bank Customer, Ma/Granny/Old Woman/Secretary/Monkey
2 Episodes (2002-2006)
Creepella, Creepella Gruesome
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
Gary/Charlie, Sandstone/Gary Granite
2 Episodes (2002-2003)
1 Episode (2005)
Eppy Brianstone
1 Episode (2003)
Darrin Stephens
1 Episode (2003)
The Great Mesmo
1 Episode (2002)
Samantha Stephens
1 Episode (2003)
Jimmy Darrock
1 Episode (2003)
Go-Go Ravine/Trainer/Chauffeur
1 Episode (2003)
Mr. Rockenschpeel/Mr. Bedrock/TV Announcer
1 Episode (2003)
1 Episode (2003)
Tony Curtis
Stony Curtis
1 Episode (2003)
J. Monague Gypsum
1 Episode (2003)
Mrs. Gypsum/Bruce/Kid
1 Episode (2002)
John/Charles/Lucky/Lodge Member/First Man
1 Episode (2002)
1 Episode (2003)
1 Episode (2003)
Jimmy O'Neillstone
1 Episode (2003)
Charlie/Police Announcer
1 Episode (2003)
1 Episode (2002)

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