The First 48

2004, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Broad Daylight [HD]

Oct 02, 2014 Season 14 Episode 27 watch on (Paid)

In New Orleans, a woman is executed in broad daylight, and Detective Chuck Ward discovers she may not be the killer's first victim. But can he find a witness willing to step up before more blood is shed?

The First 48 10th Anniversary Special [HD]

Aug 21, 2014 Season 14 Episode 24

This special, two hour program features several well known First 48 detectives retelling the most haunting cases from their careers.
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Bad Medicine [HD]

Aug 14, 2014 Season 14 Episode 23

New Orleans Detective Ryan Vaught investigates a gruesome and horrific murder: a grandmother and her four-year-old grandson shot in her bedroom, leaving the grandmother dead and the four-year-old struggling to survive.
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Red Brick / Last Kiss [HD]

Oct 23, 2014 Season 14 Episode 21

After a number of women are murdered in East Cleveland, residents fear there may be a serial killer on the loose.
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Murder in Treme [HD]

Oct 16, 2014 Season 14 Episode 20

In New Orleans, when a woman is slashed to death, the investigation into her murder leads Detectives Chuck Ward and Rob Barrere to a house of horrors, and they discover the killer may be someone they least expected.
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Family Ties/ A Good Neighbor [HD]

Oct 09, 2014 Season 14 Episode 19

In Dallas, when a husband is shot in his bed after an Easter party, Detective Michael Yeric suspects that the victim's wife may be hiding a dark secret.
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Shattered Glass [HD]

Sep 25, 2014 Season 14 Episode 17

In New Orleans, when a young mother is found beaten to death in her home, Detective Greg Johnson must fight to prove he has enough evidence against her killer, before he walks free.
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Senior Year [HD]

Sep 18, 2014 Season 14 Episode 16

Detectives Mike McCleery and Bob Bachelder investigate the murder of a promising high-school senior, shot to death the week before Christmas, and stuffed in the trunk of his car, 25 miles from home.
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Cold Betrayal [HD]

Jul 10, 2014 Season 14 Episode 11

In Cleveland, a man is gunned down at home in front of his family just a few days before Christmas. Detectives Tom Armelli and Bob Ford must delve into the dangerous business of drug dealing to hunt down the killers.
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Cold Embrace [HD]

Jul 03, 2014 Season 14 Episode 10

In Cleveland, after a man is found dead in his car, the autopsy reveals he was strangled to death. Detectives Nate Sowa and Ray Diaz take the case and uncover a secret relationship that could lead them to their killer.
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Deadly Secret/Behind Closed Doors [HD]

Jun 26, 2014 Season 14 Episode 9

In Dallas, when a young father is gunned down in front of his house, Detective Steve David discovers that the victim had a secret that may have led to his murder.
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Safe House [HD]

Jun 19, 2014 Season 14 Episode 8

In Dallas, a man is found shot dead on his front porch, and the homicide team finds almost a million dollars in his home. Detective Rick Duggan must track down two suspects with a history of violence--before they strike again.
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Trust No One/Risky Business [HD]

May 08, 2014 Season 14 Episode 7

In Cleveland, after a beloved neighbor is murdered in his own home, Detective Art Echols is on the hunt for a killer who may be closer than he thinks. Then in Dallas, after a robbery that left one man dead and another severely wounded,
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Killer Connection / Bloody Birthday [HD]

May 01, 2014 Season 14 Episode 6

In Dallas, a young father is shot dead outside a bar, and the killer is caught is caught on video. But can detectives find someone to ID him? Then, in Cleveland, a mother of six is gunned down on her birthday, leaving her family devastated.
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Abandoned By The Bayou [HD]

Apr 24, 2014 Season 14 Episode 5

In New Orleans, when a mother of five is found bound and executed in a vacant lot, Detectives Mike McCleery and Bob Bachelder race to piece together the final hours of her life to catch her vicious killer--before he strikes again.
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