The First 48

2004, TV Show

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Oct 02, 2014 Season 14 Episode 27 watch on (Paid)

In New Orleans, a woman is executed in broad daylight, and Detective Chuck Ward discovers she may not be the killer's first victim. But can he find a witness willing to step up before more blood is shed?

Double Life

Sep 20, 2007 Season 6 Episode 10

In Miami, Detective Ricardo John discovers a man stabbed to death behind an abandoned church. With no identification, the investigation hinges on identifying the victim through his fingerprints. When John finally gets a name for his victim, he is running out of time. In the final hours of the first 48, John finds out that the victim has a surprise up his sleeve that throws the investigation into a tailspin.
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Last Birthday

Aug 02, 2007 Season 6 Episode 4

In Cincinnati, a well-loved 58 year-old man is found shot dead in a hallway, still clutching a five-dollar bill. Detectives Matt Thompson and Doug Lindle visit the grief-stricken wife and learn the victim was murdered a day before his birthday. Thompson and Lindle rely on the help of the community to track down the suspects last seen with the victim moments before he was murdered.
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Jul 12, 2007 Season 6 Episode 1

In Dallas, Detective Eddie Ibarra discovers a woman shot dead in the lobby of her workplace. When he uncovers video surveillance of the murder he is given an unusual piece of evidence: an image of the killer. Ibarra takes on the difficult job of putting a name to the face.
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