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In New Orleans, a woman is executed in broad daylight, and Detective Chuck Ward discovers she may not be the killer's first victim. But can he find a witness willing to step up before more blood is shed?

At Close Range / Murder In Motor City

Sep 16, 2004 Season 1 Episode 12

In the first case, "At Close Range", Phoenix Detective Tom Kulesa, is in charge of investigating a shocking double homicide. A young couple was shot execution style while driving through a quiet rural suburb. With news that a young female bystander is missing from the scene Kulesa is in a race against time before another vicious killing takes place. In the second case, "Murder in Motor City", Sergeant Jo Ann Kinney investigates a homicide on the crime ridden eastside of Detroit. An unidentified male has been left for dead in the back of a brand new Cadillac Escalade. With neighbors afraid to talk Kinney must work with what's she's got to solve this puzzling murder.
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Stripper's Revenge / Dead On Arrival

Sep 02, 2004 Season 1 Episode 11

Hours after a jealous stripper vows revenge, her two-timing boyfriend is shot and killed. But the girlfriend is not the shooter, and it's up to Detective Tom Kulesa of Phoenix PD to unravel the mystery. And when a young father is dragged screaming from his bed in the middle of the night and gunned down in his doorway, Detective Mike Polk must figure out fact from fiction in witnesses' stories before the killers' trail grows cold.
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At Death's Door / Wrong Side of the Tracks

Aug 26, 2004 Season 1 Episode 10

In the first case, At Death's Door, Miami homicide detective Mayree Morin and her team of investigators are on their way to work on a sunny morning when they are called to a brutal murder scene. A man, shot at least a dozen times assassination-style, straddles a doorway in one of Miami's roughest areas. No one in the vicinity saw anything, but detectives quickly learn that an ongoing war over drug turf has recently paralyzed the neighborhood. With just hours to work with, Morin's team must move fast to land a suspect before the killer slips away. In the second case, Wrong Side of the Tracks, the son of a celebrated neurosurgeon is discovered near dawn, shot to death along the railroad tracks in Miami's desolate Overtown neighborhood. The investigation leads straight-talking veteran detective Ervens Ford and his rookie partner Kevin Ruggiero down a shady path of halfway houses, strip clubs, and misguided wealth. The pressure is on as the detectives meticulously backtrack the victim's last steps...trying to nail down a solid lead before their trail runs cold.
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Fire In the Rain / Family Feud

Aug 12, 2004 Season 1 Episode 8

In the first case, Fire In the Rain a partially torched body of a female prostitute is discovered in a remote industrial area of Detroit. With no witnesses and little physical evidence, homicide detective P.O. Moises Jimenez must work quickly to determine the identity of this Jane Doe, his only lead to a brutal killer. In the second case, Family Feud, 28-year veteran of the force Sgt. Jo Ann Kinney takes a disturbing report from a terrified witness who claims that a cousin has shot two family members in a car. With only an unconfirmed story to work with, Kinney's team has very little time to apprehend a dangrous criminal and locate the two possible victims, whom they believe might still be alive.
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On Ice / Body In the Canal

Aug 05, 2004 Season 1 Episode 7

The brutal murder of a young worker at an all-night ice rink in Phoenix turns into a cat-and-mouse game as Detectives Steve Orona and Alex Femenia track a cunning killer. And when a body is found floating in the Arizona canal, detectives Det. Tommy Kulesa and Det. Paul Dalton must solve a double mystery -- who is their victim and who is their killer? First 48's cameras were with the detectives of Phoenix's expert homicide team from the first moments of their investigations to their dramatic and stunning resolutions.
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Killing Spree

Jul 29, 2004 Season 1 Episode 6

Shortly after midnight on a Saturday morning a man is shot to death in the crime-ridden Miami projects known as the "Pork and Beans." It is the third murder in a month in the projects and no one even calls 911. A nearby patrolman hears the shots and finds the body, but nobody knows who the victim is, who shot him or why. Sergeant Joe Schillaci heads the homicide team that must crack the mystery. During the course of their investigation they realize their suspect has been terrorizing the projects - he's responsible for all three murders. They work the streets, hoping to convince the frightened residents to come forward with information that will help them catch the predator, before he kills again.
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The Good Student, Left in Danger, Lady On A Bridge

Jun 03, 2004 Season 1 Episode 1

Detectives Selles Morris, Laura Skrip and Jim Corcoran team up to search for a straight "A" college student. They uncover surveillance footage that shows the 19-year-old sophomore walking toward the lakefront, then disappearing.
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