The First 48: Missing Persons

2011, TV Show

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Latest Episode: The Good Mother [HD]

Feb 07, 2013 Season 2 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

Missing persons detectives Pam Childs and John Smith catch the case of Nellie Litvinova, who disappeared a few hours after her daughter brought her home from a doctor s appointment.

3:10 To Yuma/Harm's Way [HD]

Jan 31, 2013 Season 2 Episode 7

Detective Pam Childs responds to the disappearance of Maria Miranda reported by Hector, the missing woman s boyfriend and the father of her infant child. Hector explains he received a phone call from Maria in which she complained of being tired.
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Family Matters [HD]

Jan 24, 2013 Season 2 Episode 6

Jeff Coleman and Bill Joyner tackle the curious case of Maurice "JacJac" Blandin. Before it s over, the investigation will immerse the detectives in a unique subculture of Chicago's black gay males.
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Lost Anniversary / Checked Out [HD]

Jan 17, 2013 Season 2 Episode 5

For Detectives Ayanna Corbin and Mike Cochran, this case starts off on the wrong foot. Barbara Naklicki holds off a full two days before reporting the disappearance of her husband, Ed.
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Deleted/Cruel Streets

Apr 05, 2012 Season 2 Episode 4

Detective Joe Gentile jumps on the case of 21-year-old Kierra, a college student and aspiring model. Her family says Kierra got into a blue car in front of their house just before she vanished. They also tell Gentile that she recently met a man online named "Alonzo," who claimed he could help her modeling career. Gentile fears Alonzo may be an online predator, and has kidnapped Kierra.
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In the Wind

Mar 29, 2012 Season 2 Episode 3

Sgt. Jeffrey Coleman has seen a lot of missing persons cases in his career, but something about Latashia's disappearance makes his heart sink. On her way to a convenience store, Latashia simply vanished. On the surface, the dental student had everything going for her:
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Desperate Measures/The Big City

Mar 22, 2012 Season 2 Episode 2

Detectives Ayanna Corbin and Michael Cochran rush to save a missing mother of four children who's left behind a suicide note. And Detective Bob Berent goes looking for a disoriented and confused woman who's wandering the streets of Chicago--an easy target in the big city.
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A History of Violence [HD]

Mar 15, 2012 Season 2 Episode 1

When a young woman and her babies vanish, detectives discover that a second woman and her baby are missing, too, and one man may be responsible for both disappearances. Detectives Lorna Conley, Nannette Ansley, and Pam Childs must use all their skills to solve the double kidnapping.
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