Sun Aug 2 7:00am
Operation Dinkleberg; Spellementary School NIK

Timmy's dad tries to prove that Dinkleberg is malicious; Foop runs for class president against Poof.

Sun Aug 2 7:30am
Operation Fun; Smart Attack NIK

Timmy gets himself, Chester and A.J. sent to a military school with a strict “no pets” policy. Later, Timmy's dad is transformed into a genius.

Sat Aug 8 7:00am
When L.O.S.E.R.S. Attack(Season 8, Episode 5) NIK

Timmy's foes team up to overpower him at a time when his fairies are unable to access their magic.

Sat Aug 8 7:30am
Fly Boy; Temporary Fairy NIK

When Timmy isn't allowed to watch a new horror film, he wishes to become a fly; Jorgen becomes Timmy's temporary fairy when Wanda and Cosmo are too busy.

Sun Aug 9 7:00am
Love Triangle(Season 8, Episode 1) NIK

Poof and Foop both like Goldie Goldenglow, a new girl at school, so they fight over her while taking part in a school play.

Sun Aug 9 7:30am
Frenemy Mine; One Man Banned NIK

Vicky becomes generous after Timmy saves her from an accident; Timmy wishes everyone would appreciate his music, but then he gets hooked on fame.

Sun Aug 9 12:30pm
Turner & Pooch; I Dream of Cosmo NIK

Crocker wants Sparky to turn on Timmy; Cosmo loses his memory and mistakenly thinks he's supposed to grant wishes for Timmy's father.

Sun Aug 9 1:00pm
Cosmonopoly; Hero Hound NIK

Timmy, his dad and the fairies get stuck in a board game created by Cosmo; Timmy wishes that his dog would do something heroic.

Sun Aug 9 1:30pm
Anti-Poof(Season 7, Episode 11) NIK

Poof's anti-fairy counterpart, Foop, is born, and Poof must stop him from destroying the fairy world.

Sun Aug 9 2:00pm
A Boy and His Dog-Boy; Crock Blocked NIK

Timmy turns into a dog when he wishes for Sparky to be human; Tommy wants Crocker to vanish, so Crocker becomes invisible.

Sat Aug 15 7:00am
Sooper Poof; Wishing Well NIK

The Turners find Poof and adopt the fairy infant, but Timmy must get him back to Cosmo and Wanda. Later, Timmy is sent to a camp to break him of the habit of wishing too much, but he escapes with the help of other kids sent to the facility.

Sat Aug 15 7:30am
Oh, Brother!; What's the Difference? NIK

After wishing for the perfect older brother, Timmy realizes that being an only child isn't so bad. Later, Timmy misplaces Cosmo and Wanda's magic wands just as Mark Chang's jilted alien bride-to-be threatens to turn the school into a crater.