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Latest Episode: Jo's Cousin

May 05, 1982 Season 3 Episode 23 watch on (Paid)

Jo's 14?year?old cousin Terry, on the verge of womanhood, asks Jo to help battle her overprotective father and brothers, who refuse to recognize her femininity.

The Academy

Apr 14, 1982 Season 3 Episode 22

Jo coerces Blair into a date with a "well?connected" military cadet who turns out to be a delinquent from New York City streets, intent on playing taps over her noble reputation.
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Mind Your Own Business

Mar 31, 1982 Season 3 Episode 21

Blair starts a battle over individual rights of privacy when she "innocently" sneaks a peek into Natalie's personal diary.
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Kids Can Be Cruel

Mar 24, 1982 Season 3 Episode 20

Natalie's determination to get even with Blair entangles an innocent victim in her scheme - an "ugly duckling" boy.
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New York, New York

Mar 17, 1982 Season 3 Episode 19

A feud between Jo and Blair is hoped to be calmed by their individual visits home, but instead the trip has all the makings of disaster.
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The Runaway

Mar 03, 1982 Season 3 Episode 18

Tootie goes off to New York City unescorted to meet with friends at a theatre, only to get mixed up with the "cast" of an ugly Broadway "scene."
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The Affair

Feb 24, 1982 Season 3 Episode 17

Natalie is crushed when she catches her father romancing a strange woman.
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Four Musketeers

Feb 17, 1982 Season 3 Episode 16

The decision to continue to live together perplexes the girls when the end of their probation period gives them an opportunity to go their separate ways.
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Feb 10, 1982 Season 3 Episode 15

Tootie can't believe her ears when she's "personally" invited to the concert of her biggest idol, rock star Jermaine Jackson, for being his "number one fan."
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Marriage Brokers

Feb 03, 1982 Season 3 Episode 14

Mrs. Garrett and her handsome visitor are more than just friends - and Blair intends to uncover exactly how "meaningful" their relationship really is.
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The Americanization Of Miko

Jan 27, 1982 Season 3 Episode 13

Jo finds herself caught in the middle of an international "conflict" when she befriends a new Japanese student who's eager to become Americanized.
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Green Eyed Monster

Jan 20, 1982 Season 3 Episode 12

Natalie wants the lead role in the school play and she's not about to let anything or anyone stand in her way - including best friend Tootie.
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Jan 19, 2001 Season 3 Episode 11

Blair's decision to donate part of an inheritance from her "noble" grandfather's estate to build a school library uncovers family news she doesn't know how to deal with.
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Cousin Geri Returns

Dec 30, 1981 Season 3 Episode 10

Blair fears that her "inexperienced" cousin Geri is being set up for a crushing romantic fall when she lands the catch of the year, Eastland's attractive French teacher.
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Dear Me

Dec 23, 1981 Season 3 Episode 9

Wild plans for the girls to go on a weekend camp?out with the boys from Bates Academy have young Tootie apprehensive about going along.
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