A long-running `Diff'rent Strokes' spin-off set at a girls boarding school, with the Drummond's former housekeeper, Mrs. Garrett, now a housemother. The venues for her charges' escapades moved off-campus in later years when Mrs. Garrett opened a series of eateries in town, but her core group of young women remained largely unchanged.


Former Cast

Pam Segall
Kelly Affinado
218 Episodes (2002-2002)
Cloris Leachman
Beverly Ann Stickle
54 Episodes (1986-1988)
Julie Piekarski
Sue Ann Weaver
17 Episodes (1979-1980)
Sherrie Krenn
Pippa McKenna
17 Episodes (1987-1988)
George Clooney
George Burnett
16 Episodes (1985-1986)
Molly Ringwald
Molly Parker
14 Episodes (1979-1980)
John Lawlor
Steven Bradley
13 Episodes (1979-1980)
Roger Perry
Charles Parker
11 Episodes (1981-1983)
Todd Hollowell
Jeff Williams
8 Episodes (1987-1988)
Paul Provenza
Casey Clark
5 Episodes (1987-1988)
Robert Romanus
`Snake' Robinson
4 Episodes (1987-1988)
Scott Bryce
Rick Bonner
4 Episodes (1988-1988)
Jenny O'Hara
Emily Mahoney
2 Episodes (1979-1979)

Guest Stars

Alex Rocco
Charlie, Charlie Polniaczek, Charlie Polniaszek, Mr. Polniaszek
Marj Dusay
Monica, Monica Warner
Jami Gertz
Boots St. Clair
Nicolas Coster
David Warner, Mr. Warner
Roger Til
Chef Antoine
4 Episodes (2002-2002)
Joel Brooks
Raymond, Raymond Garrett
Orson Bean
Oliver Thompson, Warren Thompson
Kres Mersky
Miss Ames, Mrs. Jenkins
Dick O'Neill
Henry Doublas, Ted Metcalf
Franc Luz
Katt, Professor Hart
Gary Coleman
Arnold Jackson
Ian Wolfe
Mr. Bigley, Mr. Lazeroni
Todd Bridges
Willis Jackson
Bill Dana
Manager, Mr. Mancuso
Susan Davis
Betty, Winifred Morris
Greg Norberg
Sergeant Wells, Sgt. Wells
Jean Sincere
Mrs. Newell, Mrs. Solomon
Larry Wilmore
Officer Ziaukus
Vivian Brown
Miss Southwick
2 Episodes (2002-2002)
Conrad Bain
Philip Drummond
John Ingle
Father Donovan
Mr. Wakamatsu
Todd Susman
Asst. Warden Yeager
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Countess Calvet
Grant Wilson
Harrison Andrews