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The Event Season 1 episodes

Arrival Season 1, Episode 22

In the Season 1 finale, Martinez and Peel are immersed in a power struggle with Jarvis and, unbeknownst to them, Sophia; Sean, Vicky, Sterling and Simon race to stop the dispersion of the virus; Leila battles for her life; the portal begins to open. read more

The Beginning of the End Season 1, Episode 21

Martinez returns to the White House intent on punishing the traitors who betrayed him; Sophia battles guilt while moving forward with her plan; Sean and Vicky team with Sterling and Simon in an attempt to locate Sophia's headquarters. read more

One Will Live, One Will Die Season 1, Episode 20

Sterling discovers an unlikely ally in Simon, who risks everything to return with an antidote; Jarvis orders an air strike over the objections of Peel; Sophia's plot to wipe out the human race has an unwitting accomplice in Leila; Sean and Vicky try to prevent thousands of deaths. read more

Us or Them Season 1, Episode 19

While the White House deals with the unfolding tragedy, Sterling investigates his primary suspect; and Sophia manipulates the traitor. In other events, Leila and Michael try to rescue Simon; and Sean and Vicky set out to identify Sophia's secret courier. read more

Strain Season 1, Episode 18

Peel and Sterling investigate a sudden illness in the White House; Michael helps Leila; Sean and Vicky try to prevent Sophia's weapon from being loaded onto a plane in Russia that's bound for the U.S. read more

Cut Off the Head Season 1, Episode 17

Jarvis questions Martinez's leadership and agrees to meet an adversary; Sen. Lewis reports the results of her blood tests of the White House staff; Sophia continues her search for a super weapon; Leila questions where she belongs; Sean and Vicky find the object of their search. read more

You Bury Other Things Too Season 1, Episode 16

Sophia and the other Sleepers mourn their losses after negotiations break down; Sterling tests Simon's loyalties; Martinez assigns Sen. Lewis to root out White House moles; Sean and Vicky close in on Dempsey, but it may be what he wants. read more

Face Off Season 1, Episode 15

Martinez and Sterling have the Sleepers surrounded, but a national disaster triggered by Sophia forces them to the negotiating table. In other events, Sean and Vicky continue on their mission. read more

A Message Back Season 1, Episode 14

Thomas shares the message he received with Sophia, Diane Geller and other Sleepers; Martinez confronts Jarvis about his betrayal; Sean blackmails Vicky into helping him; Dempsey hunts for experimental subjects. read more

Turnabout Season 1, Episode 13

Martinez reasserts control following the attack in Alaska; Sophia learns about Thomas' rampage; Michael leaves Leila with a friend (Gabrielle Carteris) while he hunts Thomas; the NSA continues to decrypt the satellite transmission. read more

Inostranka Season 1, Episode 12

A new Alaskan senator threatens to reveal information about the Mt. Inostranka detention facility on "Hardball With Chris Matthews"; Sean and Leila discover new information about Samantha's whereabouts. read more

And Then There Were More Season 1, Episode 11

The president and his chief of staff order the intelligence community to decrypt Thomas' satellite message and also figure out to whom it was sent; and a surprise attack by Thomas is handled by Blake in a heroic standoff. read more

Everything Will Change Season 1, Episode 10

Martinez confronts the traitor; Sophia sends Simon on a mission to determine if her suspicions about Thomas and Isabel (Necar Zadegan) are justified; Sean and Leila battle Dempsey's mercenaries. read more

Your World to Take Season 1, Episode 9

Martinez reacts to the knowledge of who betrayed him; Sophia learns of dissension among her people after revealing her plan for the sleepers; Sean and Leila seek to solve the mystery of Samantha's kidnapping while avoiding Dempsey. read more

For the Good of Our Country Season 1, Episode 8

Martinez interrogates Buchanan about the assassination attempt himself, and learns something about someone on his staff; Dempsey sends Vicky on a new mission; Sean and Leila try to stay one step ahead of the covert operatives who are seeking to silence them. read more

I Know Who You Are Season 1, Episode 7

Martinez orders Sterling to find the mole; Sophia reinforces her control of Thomas and the other detainees, and prepares them for the next portion of their mission; Sean's search for answers is aided by new face Madeline (Paula Malcomson). read more

Loyalty Season 1, Episode 6

President Martinez and Sterling suspect a mole is in their midst; Sean searches for answers at Leila's home, where he meets a mysterious conspiracy theorist (Paula Malcomson); Simon's allegiances are tested. read more

The Event Episode Recap: "Casualties of War" Season 1, Episode 5

On Monday's episode of The Event, doctors work to pinpoint the cause of the mystery illness afflicting the survivors of Avias 514, as the White House attempts to negotiate with the increasingly erratic Thomas. Simon asks Sophia to reconsider her loyalty to Thomas. Sean and Collier make headway in the search for Leila — and Vicky and Carter — in Texas.

read more

The Event Episode Recap: "A Matter of Life and Death" Season 1, Episode 4

On Monday's episode of The Event, Sean and Collier learned more about Vicky's complicated identity. Leila escaped, but she's not safe yet. The White House's interrogation of Sophia was made more urgent when a biological threat to the confused, agitated — and recently reanimated — passengers of Avian 514 surfaced. It also became clear that Carter and Vicky have a boss, who is quite possibly played by Hal Holbrook. Menacing!

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The Event Episode Recap: "Protect Them from the Truth" Season 1, Episode 3

On the third episode of The Event, Sean gained an ally in FBI Agent Claire Collier (Heather McComb). Sterling wants to use unscrupulous means to get Sophia to talk, but the president and vice president have a different plan. We learn confusing new information about the victims of the "crash" of Avias Flight 514.

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The Event Episode Recap: "To Keep Us Safe" Season 1, Episode 2

The producers of The Event, perhaps having learned a lesson from the demise of FlashForward, promised that the second episode would provide lots of answers for the fans. And they weren't lying! In this hour, we learn where the plane went, who made it disappear, why Michael was flying that plane, how the detainees of Inastranka came to be here and who among their ranks is free and living in our world. But were they enough to keep viewers coming back? Here's a look at the answers we got:

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The Event Episode Recap: "I Haven't Told You Everything" Season 1, Episode 1

What is the event of The Event? That's the question posed by this intriguing NBC pilot, and obviously no easy answer is forthcoming. What's clear is that, much like Lost and 24 and the serialized dramas that came before it, The Event will be about the journey and not the destination. The show heads out to each commercial break with a head-scratching cliffhanger. It's an intricate, scrambled narrative with lots of "eleven days earlier"-type title cards, but for the purpose of this recap, I'm going to (try to) keep things relatively simple and sequential. Let's dive in, shall we?

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Premise: An ordinary man's probe into his girlfriend's disappearance leads him to uncover a conspiracy of untold dimensions, inadvertently affecting the newly elected U.S. president, the leader of a group of mysterious detainees and the detainee leader's father.



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