The Emperor's New School

2006, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Graduation Groove

Nov 20, 2008 Season 2 Episode 31 watch on (Paid)

Graduation is finally approaching and no one could be happier than Kuzco, who finally gets to rid himself of his student status and become a real Emperor. But when he begins to learn about everything being the emperor entails, he realizes being a carefree student isn't so bad.


Nov 06, 2008 Season 2 Episode 30

It's time for the annual Potato Festival and Kuzco wants no part of it. He skips town and ends up on a road trip adventure with an old lonely cab driver. Meanwhile Yzma disguises herself as Pacha's aunt and infiltrates their holiday feast in order to poison Kuzco.
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Kuzcokazooza / Kuzco's Little Secret

Oct 23, 2008 Season 2 Episode 29

Kuzco's Little Secret: When Kuzco befriends an adorable little chinchilla, he doesn't want anyone to know for fear of looking soft. Kuzco Kazooza: When Kuzco sees how much Malina loves Dirk Brock, he decides to start a band.
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Faking the Grade / Eco Kuzco

Oct 02, 2008 Season 2 Episode 28

Faking the Grade: Kuzco discovers Guaka switched his grades with Chaca's and now it's up to Kuzco to make things right. Eco Kuzco: Kronk tries to be a responsible citizen by recycling Yzma's old potions.
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Emperor's New Show / Too Many Malinas

Sep 18, 2008 Season 2 Episode 27

Emperor's New Show: Kuzco's getting tired of making the same show every week, so he decides it's time to try something new. Too Many Malinas: Kuzco is tired of Malina when she's nagging him so he uses one of Yzma's potions to extract all her annoying parts and just keep the part that's attracted to Kuzco!
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Groove Remover / Overachiever's Club

Sep 11, 2008 Season 2 Episode 26

Groove Remover: When Yzma turns Kuzco into a nerd he has to figure out a way to overcome his new awkwardness. Overachiever's Club: When Kuzco gets yet another detention, Mr. Moleguaco decides to lay some real punishment on Kuzco.
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Kronk the Magnificent / Kamp Kuzco

Aug 21, 2008 Season 2 Episode 25

Kronk the Magnificient: When the RRK and village leader propose that Kronk be made the new emperor, Yzma and Kuzco have to team up! Kamp Kuzco: Kuzco and Malina are camp counselors and end up competing in a cross country race - boys against girls!
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Yzbot / The Puma Whisperer

Jul 31, 2008 Season 2 Episode 24

Yzbot : Yzma's decided it's time for her to pursue her dream of pop stardom in Hollywood, so she takes off and leaves a robot version of herself. Puma Whisper: Kuzco discovers he is an awesome puma tamer.
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Puff Piece / Take My Advice

Jul 10, 2008 Season 2 Episode 23

Puff Piece: Kronk and Kuzco pair up for a school project where they have to start a business. Their business is a spinach puff restaurant featuring Kronk's famous spinach puffs. But as business starts booming, they discover they have very different philosophies – Kuzco's out to make a fast buck while Kronk wants to ensure a quality product and maintain the "purity of the puff." Take My Advise: It's time for Yzma's annual review as the royal advisor, and she doesn't exactly pass with flying colors. Kuzco gets a new advisor – a sweet little old lady who turns out to be a little too sweet and overbearing for Kuzco's taste. He actually wishes Yzma were back. Meanwhile Yzma tries out some other jobs that she's not very good at either.
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Father O'Mine / Everyone Loves Kuzco

Jun 12, 2008 Season 2 Episode 22

Father O'Mine: When a strange man shows up and claims to be Kuzco’s father, everyone is suspicious – especially Pacha. Kuzco, on the other hand, is more than happy to start spending quality father-son time with him. That is, until the mystery man assumes the role of emperor and starts taking over the kingdom. Everyone Loves Kuzco: Yzma decides a new way to distract Kuzco is by making him irresistible to women and therefore completely occupied by their attention. So she creates a love potion that makes all the girls in school fall in love with Kuzco – even Malina. But Kuzco realizes he doesn’t want Malina’s false love – he wants her to like him for who he is.
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Malina's Big Break Down / Hotel Kuzco

May 22, 2008 Season 2 Episode 21

Malina's Big Break Down: Malina is totally stressed out about her interview for her internship at the hottest teen Incan magazine around. She's driving herself and everyone around her crazy, so Kuzco decides it's time to show Malina how to relax and have a good time. She ends up having a great fun time right up until the moment when she realizes at a party the man she was just dancing with was the man who's interviewing her for the internship. Hotel Kuzco: When Pacha's hut is infected with termites, Kuzco finds a clause that says he can move back into the palace. And he wants it all to himself. But when termites start infecting the rest of the village, everyone wants to move into the palace and now Kuzco is playing host to the whole village.
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Guaka Rules

May 05, 2008 Season 2 Episode 20

When the class takes a field trip to the museum, they learn that the real heir to the throne isn't Kuzco -- it's Guaka. Since Guaka does everything Kuzco wants, Kuzco assumes Guaka will still let him still act as emperor, but instead Guaka starts ruling with an iron fist (just as he's seen Kuzco do). Malina thinks this is all a bit fishy, so she and Kuzco take it upon themselves to go on a Da Vinci Code-like excursion and find out who the true heir is. Meanwhile Yzma is delighted to have a new emperor for her to destroy.
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Auction Action / The Astonishing Kuzco-Man

Apr 21, 2008 Season 2 Episode 19

Auction Action: At the Kuzco Academy charity bachelor auction, Kuzco and Kronk are both up for the taking and Kuzco assumes Malina will bet the farm on him. But when she picks Kronk instead, Kuzco gets Yata to bid on him in order to make Malina jealous. The jealousy game continues as Malina, Kronk, Kuzco and Yata end up at the same restaurant together. The Astonishing Kuzco-Man: When an Yzma plan goes awry, Kuzco accidentally gets turned into a super hero. But he's not using his super powers for good; he's using them to annoy everyone and they're sick of it. But once Yzma works out the tweaks, SHE becomes a super hero and Kuzco is left with nothing. Now when he needs his friends the most, will they come through for him.
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The Good, the Bad, and the Kronk / Mudka's #13

Apr 07, 2008 Season 2 Episode 18

The Good, The Bad, and the Kronk: When Kronk’s shoulder angel and devil decide to go on vacation, Kronk all of a sudden can’t make a decision. Now his friends are worried about him and Yzma thinks he’s gone insane. But when Yzma gets wind of what’s happening, she seeks out his shoulder devil so she can get Kronk to finally destroy Kuzco once and for all. Mudka's #13: Kuzco, Kronk, Malina, and Guaka are all lost…thanks to Kuzco. They wander into a strange diner where things don’t seem quite right, and suddenly they realize they’ve been sucked into a weird twilight zone-version of a Mudka’s diner. Now they just have to find a way out.
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Yzma Be Gone / Last Ditch Effort

Mar 24, 2008 Season 2 Episode 17

Yzma Be Gone: Kuzco’s decided he’s finally had it with Yzma trying to destroy him, so he’s going destroy her! Last Ditch Effort: Kuzco is ditching school again, but this is the tenth time he’s been absent which is cause for automatic expulsion.
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