The Edge of Night 1975 | TV Show Watchlist


This soap set in Monticello was a serial anomaly in that it had a widely male fan base and survived a mid-run network jump. Perhaps it was the continuing---and complex---mysteries that often centered on a single plot. One such stunt saw a lawyer delivering his closing argument for a half hour, uninterrupted. Low ratings and an influx of more brash sudsers sealed its fate, but many still consider `Night' one of daytime's best.

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Former Cast

Dr. Juliana Stanhower
Angela Talbot
Susan Forbes
John `Preacher' Emerson
Dixie Carter
Brandy Henderson
Holland Taylor
Denise Cavanaugh
Kate Capshaw
Jinx Avery Malory
Kim Hunter
Nola Madison
Margaret Colin
Paige Madison
Brain Murdock
Dr. Hugh Campbell
Nancy Karr
Schuyler Whitney
Jinx Avery Malory
Sara Lane Karr
Robbie Hamlin