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Latest Episode: The Drew Carey Show: Buzz Beer

May 08, 1996 Season 1 Episode 22 watch on VUDU (Paid)

When it seems like Drew and his friends will lose their jobs, they develop an idea for a business of their own--making "Buzz Beer."

The Front

Feb 07, 1996 Season 1 Episode 17

Because office dating is prohibited, Drew and Lisa ask Kate and Jay to go with them on their date so that no one will think that they are together.
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The Drew Carey Show: Drew and Mr. Bell's Nephew

Jan 10, 1996 Season 1 Episode 14

Mr. Bell's nephew shows his true personality while training with Drew.
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Drew and the Unstable Element

Jan 03, 1996 Season 1 Episode 13

Drew accidentally hires a criminally-insane applicant and now has to find a way to fire him.
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Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics

Dec 20, 1995 Season 1 Episode 12

Drew, Mimi and Oswald are forced into duty on the sales floor when the department store employees go on strike at the height of the holiday shopping season.
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Drew and Mrs. Louder

Nov 29, 1995 Season 1 Episode 9

Drew's new position as assistant to the store's founder soon turns compromising.
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Drew in Court

Nov 08, 1995 Season 1 Episode 7

Drew defends himself against charges that his cartoon created a hostile workplace.
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The Drew Carey Show: Drew Meets Lawyers

Nov 01, 1995 Season 1 Episode 6

Drew resorts to representing himself in a lawsuit pending against him.
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Miss Right

Sep 20, 1995 Season 1 Episode 2

The best candidate for an available position at the store is an attractive female whom Drew likes, but if he hires her, company policy prohibits him from dating her.
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