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The Drs. Best Bloopers!
02:06 — See some of our funniest and best bloopers, blunders and mishaps from over the years.
Must-Know Information for Life & Death Decisions
04:43 — The Doctors are joined by ICU and Palliative Care physician Dr. Jessica Zitter and documentary filmmaker Dan Krauss, from the Netflix documentary “Ext (more…)
Would You Eat Ugly Produce?
03:02 — Nutrition trends expert Max Lugavere joins The Doctors to weigh in on produce that might not look the greatest but is still perfectly fine to eat.
How Long Does the Average Man Last in Bed?
05:06 — The Doctors discuss the British adult film star who recently admitted to only lasting two minutes in the bedroom with his wife.
Drs. Rx: Just How Unhealthy Is Eating Chicken with the Skin?
02:12 — Find out the nutritional information you need to know about eating chicken with the skin.
Hollywood Hope or Hype: Gwyneth Paltrow’s 8-Day Goat Milk Cleanse
02:36 — The Doctors weigh in on a goat milk cleanse featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website that claims to help with stomach parasites.
Bra Bulge Removed in a Flash?
01:19 — Carol wants “bra bulge” gone and meets with plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Davis to find out how she can banish her back bulge once and for all.
Senior STD Rates Skyrocketing
04:17 — Find out why rates of sexually transmitted diseases are rising alarmingly among the senior population.
Summer Foods That May Help Lower Your Blood Pressure
01:39 — The Doctors reveal 3 summer food favorite that might also help to lower your blood pressure.
Chiropractic Adjustments on Babies?!
01:49 — A trip to the chiropractor may not seem like a big deal, but what if the patient is only a few days old? Pediatrician Dr. Dafna Ahdoot and chiropracto (more…)
Strapless Panties: Put to the Test
02:30 — According to fashion stylists, these strapless undies are one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. Breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk put them to the (more…)
Global Black Market Exposed!
04:53 — Fusion’s new show “The Traffickers” exposes the dirty secrets of the Black Market, from illegal sex and pharmaceuticals, to human organs! “The Traffic (more…)
What Causes Gynecomastia
05:14 — After Michael went through puberty, his growing chest caused his life to change drastically. Endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone diagnosed him with gyn (more…)
Teen Suicide Rates Double?!
03:43 — A new federal report released says that suicide rates among U.S. middle school students has DOUBLED from 2007-2014. Psychologist Dr. Lisa Strohman joi (more…)
New Drug Crisis on the Horizon?
01:04 — Learn about ayahuasca, a plant-based drug that supposedly purges the body of toxins by causing violent retching. As OB-GYN Jennifer Ashton notes, just (more…)
Chuck E. Cheese Brawl?
02:07 — The Doctors discuss a viral video showing a brawl among grown adults at a Chuck E. Cheese started by some drunk parents, which begs the question…shoul (more…)
The Best Time to Call in Sick?
03:14 — The Doctors reveal the best time and day to call in sick…and also the best excuse to give.
Drs. Rx: Save Money and Water by Cooking Your Pasta in THIS
01:31 — The Doctors reveal an easy trick to save water and money by cooking your pasta in THIS instead.
Fran Drescher on Aging Well
01:26 — Actress and bestselling author Fran Drescher is celebrating 16 years of being cancer free and she shares her tips for looking 29 at 59.
Breast Reconstruction Transforms Survivor
03:30 — Breast cancer survivor Michelle joins the Doctors with surgeon Dr. Michael Zarrabi. See how Michelle looks post-surgery and check out the great surpri (more…)
Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
02:55 — Breast specialist Dr. Kristi Funk joins The Doctors to share easy tips that you can incorporate into your life to lower your odds of developing breast (more…)
Is it Safe for Babies to Get Chiropractic Adjustments?
05:06 — Is it beneficial for a baby to see a chiropractor? Pediatrician Dr. Dafna Ahdoot and chiropractors Dr. Stuart and Teri Warner join The Doctors to disc (more…)
Baby’s Dramatic White Hair Streak!
01:09 — MilliAnna’s unique family trait has gone viral! Check out the amazing pic of MilliAnna’s daughter who was born with a white streak in her hair just li (more…)
Inside Woman's Surgery to Fix Her Deviated Septum
03:14 — Erika, along with her surgeon Dr. Jivianne Lee, joins The Doctors to share how her life has improved since undergoing surgery to fix her deviated sept (more…)
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