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Shocking Pet Headlines
05:04 — Veterinarian Dr. Arvid Edward, star of Amazon’s “Pet Doctors of Atlanta,” joins The Doctors to share some recent shocking stories involving our furry (more…)
Bad Haircut Lawsuit?
02:59 — The Doctors discuss the recent case of a woman who claims to have gotten a bad haircut while working as a model for celebrity stylist Martino Cartier. (more…)
Woman with Beard Gets Diagnosis
05:09 — OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry gives Diamond the results of her tests which show that she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and Diamond can start (more…)
Could Another Baby Kill Kim Kardashian?
03:13 — The Doctors discuss Kim Kardashian’s chances of having a third baby and the potentially fatal complication called “retained placenta.”
Rare Disease Affects Siblings!
05:09 — Parents Kelly and Ryan join The Doctors to spread awareness about their sons' rare diagnosis. Check out the surprises that The Doctors have in store f (more…)
First Date Vacation?
03:59 — The Doctors discuss “travel dating,” the latest trend in looking for love. Instead of the typical dinner, people are going on vacation for their first (more…)
Can Woman Suffering from Endometriosis Get her Life Back?
03:16 — Janessa joins her family and The Doctors to open up about her chronic endometriosis pain, her addiction to pain killers, and how to get back her life.
What You Should Know Before Taking Kratom
06:34 — Should this supplement be regulated? Or taken off the market? The Doctors discuss what you should know before taking Kratom.
Is Kratom Safe?
02:02 — The Doctors discuss the supplement Kratom with people from the FDA and drug specialists from both sides of the debate. Would you take it?
Drunk Driving While Topless Snapchatting?!
01:21 — The Doctors discuss the very real dangers of drinking and driving…and topless snapchatting all at once!
Shocking Naked Driver Arrest!
02:06 — One Florida community was shocked by the recent arrest of a man driving around naked and flashing pedestrians!
Drs. Rx: How to Curb the Calories You’re Consuming This Holiday Season!
02:01 — The Doctors share a simple trick for keeping down your calorie count as you celebrate the holidays.
A New Way to Pancake?
02:26 — The Doctors review an invention that promises to make breakfast the most entertaining meal of the day with the Pancake Bot!
Ouch Face or “O” Face?
04:13 — The Doctors discuss new research that suggests that the face you make when you’re in pain is the SAME one you make when you’re having an orgasm.
Drs. Rx: Lose as Much as 30 Pounds a Year!?
01:33 — The Doctors reveal a simple trick to consume lower calorie meals!
Lifetime Hoarder Seeks Help
03:51 — Jessica has been hoarding her entire life. After meeting with Dorothy the Organizer her space is now transformed. Check out the surprises The Doctors (more…)
Kendall Jenner’s DIY Acne Mask
04:55 — The 20-year-old model revealed an easy and cheap way to make an acne-fighting face mask…but is it health or hype? Also, Lady Gaga uses glue WHERE?! Th (more…)
Shocking Weight Loss Reveal!
04:08 — Michelle recently lost 180 lbs. Michelle sits down with psychotherapist and addiction specialist Dr. Mike Dow to discuss her unhealthy weight loss, he (more…)
Help for Woman Suffering from Bulimia
05:10 — Michelle and Internist Dr. Jorge Rodriguez join The Doctors to discuss how Michelle’s addiction has affected her health.
Fries with a Side of Weed?
05:10 — The Doctors discuss a recent story about a mom who purchased fries for her daughter at a fast food drive-thru and ended up with an unwelcomed surprise (more…)
Drs. Exclusive: Taboo’s New Campaign for Change
03:42 — After overcoming a challenging health diagnosis, Taboo used his talent to help others going through the same struggle in a new exclusive song.
Drs. Exclusive: Taboo’s Health Struggle
04:17 — Taboo of The Black Eyed Peas joins The Doctors to reveal his struggle with a serious life-threatening disease and the current state of his diagnosis.
Drs. Rx: Keep Your Home Warm as the Temperatures Drop!
01:17 — The Doctors reveal a simple trick to keep your home insulated during these chilly winter months.
Woman Nearly Eaten Alive By Dogs Meets a Phobia Expert
03:21 — Pennelope was attacked by two dogs that left her nearly eaten alive. She meets with life strategist Gary Coxe to help her overcome her crippling fear (more…)
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