An often copied, rarely duplicated classic about TV writer Rob Petrie at home and work is as close as it gets to sitcom perfection. Sharply written, warmly acted by a brilliant ensemble cast and often sublimely funny, this brainchild of sitcom veteran Carl Reiner (who honed his comic skills working nine years with Sid Caesar) won many Emmys and, though it ran for only five seasons, has remained one of the medium's most enduring series.

Guest Stars

Frank Adamo
Art Student, Dr. Adamo, Edward, Messenger, Veterinarian's Assistant, Witness
Isabel Randolph
Clara, Martha, Mrs. Given, Sam
Herbie Faye
Harry, Lou, Sam, Willie
Johnny Silver
Delivery Man, Nick, Photographer, Waiter
Jerry Van Dyke
Stacey, Stacy
3 Episodes (2003-2003)
Peter Hobbs
Bill, Captain, Dr. Gormsley
Ray Kellogg
Doctor, Medic, Officer
Dabbs Greer
Chaplain, Mr. Berger, Writer
Sandy Kenyon
Army Doctor, Dr. Julian, Lionel
Geraldine Wall
Miss Glasser, Mrs. Meehan
Ross Elliott
Dr. Nevins, Dr. Ridley
Jane Dulo
Margaret, Miss Singleton
Alan Dexter
Hoodlum, Immigration Officer
Jamie Farr
Delivery Boy